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  1. Cool build, but did you know that David Bowie's eyes were two different colors?
  2. Cables? You mean the rubber hoses that are used for the brake lines and stuff? Most just stay on. When they don't I use a little super glue.
  3. Great build and one wild ride!
  4. Sure, It's 1/32. The chassis and engine block halves are diecast metal. The spokes are photo etched, an inner and outer dished piece. The wheel rims are plastic as is everything else that isn't metal. It has nice rubber tires too. I stripped the chrome off the wheels and the valve cover. I painted the valve cover in AlClad polished alum. I used Molotow chrome on the strips on the running board and the wheel spinners. I painted the wheels because cars of that era had painted wheels. I didn't see any cars of that time period with nice chrome spoked wheels. I went through the trouble of "painting" the dashboard trim rings in Molotow but the decals covered them all up. I didn't want to individually cut out those tiny little circles. The kit also came with nice wire mesh for the radiator grill and headlights too.
  5. I like the way it's coming along.
  6. It's coming along really well. I found this interesting video on YouTube about Heavy Metal: Remember, nobody messes with Harry Canyon.
  7. That is way cool! Nobody messes with Harry Canyon. "Pretty but dumb. I put it off as a three day ride with one hell of a tip". I don't recall the exact wording. Don't forget the little red button down near the pedals where he gets rid of unwanted passengers. "Take me to the UN building", Yeah, they turned it into low rent housing".
  8. Takin' a ride on Heavy Metal! Cool project! I love that movie.
  9. Here's the box art. That chassis/engine is done. I painted the body in red despite the fact that it is molded in red too.
  10. That's a really interesting build. I like it.
  11. I just did a little search on YouTube and found J-Men Forever (I have it on DVD). If you've never seen it before you might get a good laugh out of it. And you will see that scene you made being used in it. But it has a different soundtrack. It's clips from those old Republic serials pieced together with a new soundtrack making a new story.
  12. Cool build. He's fighting an enraged water heater. That scene was used in a Firesign Theater video called J-Men Forever.
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