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  1. Looks like a great build!
  2. Looks pretty good. My first car had that same engine in it. It was a '66 Dodge Polara with the 383 2bbl.
  3. Great build! I love the way you did the interior alum. But how could you put a Chevy engine in it? AAARRRGGGG!
  4. That's one wild ride! And the model came out great too!
  5. A couple of weeks ago I saw someone using a 3D scanner at work. The hand held device shooting the lasers looked like something out of Star Wars.
  6. Well, I'm among that 18% then. Having a manual transmission is now the latest technology in an anti theft device for your car.
  7. Nice model but I know what you mean about BMF. It is a skill. You need a polished glossy surface for it to stick well and give a smooth look, it's thinner than a layer of paint. And you need a fresh, sharp blade and a steady hand. There's a new product you might want to try but you still need to be a skillful modeler to apply. It's called Molotow Liquid Chrome. Just google it. Actually you should be able to find it on YouTube as there are a few videos on it.
  8. You did a great job on such an exotic beauty!
  9. You did a nice job. Well I can tell you there's a lot of new fantastic products out there to help you with detailing models now.
  10. That's pretty cool, nicely built too.
  11. Really sharp looking!
  12. Well, I finished it a few days ago. I used that new Molotow liquid chrome on it too. I used real tape over the headlights instead of the decals.
  13. Way cool. I didn't know there was a model kit from any cars from that movie. I'm looking forward to the sequel. I have the director's cut DVD of the original.
  14. I went ahead and fixed it just because it was annoying me. I had missed the hole between the pedals and I didn't glue the chassis into the body anyway. So I just popped it out and fixed it. My kit doesn't have that bottom pan in it (E14).
  15. I mounted the steering wheel as per the kit instructions. I just put the body on it and it does fit, but the steering wheel is right up against the windshield.
  16. Further progress on the Mini. The chassis assembly is now complete although I think I should add seat belts before I install it into the body. By the way I'm using a new product that has become "all the rage" for us model builders, the Molotow chrome paint markers. The stick shift, steering wheel, velocity stacks, interior chrome trim and the chrome on the body:
  17. You did a great job and made something out of junk anyway.
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