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  1. Mike C

    lexus LFA

    Very nice build of a really cool car.
  2. Mike C

    BMW Z4 GT3

    It looks real good to me!
  3. That looks pretty cool.
  4. That looks really cool. I guess you can say it came from the Empire's "Skunk Works".
  5. Nice. I still have one of those unbuilt in my closet. I bought it in the mid 80's when I lived on Long Island, NY. I bought it at a toy store called Child World (like a Toys R Us) for $15.
  6. That looks like quite a project. Looks like you have some great reference photos for it.
  7. Mike C

    67 Chevelle

    Looks really sharp!
  8. AND, it's commanded by Captain James Kirk too!
  9. Yes, I used paint as it was the only thing that was thin enough, besides, I didn't have anything else to use.
  10. Thanks. The heat shielding is that alum. duct tape. The texture is molded into the hood. It was like applying BMF only thicker with a stronger adhesive.
  11. You sure did a nice job on it. I've always liked those Duesy's.
  12. Well, it's finally done after sitting in the closet since around '99. I managed to get PE parts for it too as I was starting this discontinued kit. I got them in four days. Here it is with lots of pix. Thanks for looking.
  13. Mike C

    Ferrari enzo

    Beautiful build! I like the color. I built one of those too.
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