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  1. We saw that movie a couple of weeks ago. It was good. Sully REALLY knows his stuff!
  2. You sure did a great job. I didn't expect to see engine detailing in 1/32.
  3. Great work! That VW Bus looks like it's ready to fall apart from all that rust.
  4. I love it!
  5. Cool. I like it. I watched a show about the Pacer recently on YouTube. GM was going to put the Wankel in car that became the Monza too.
  6. Very nice, clean build. Great color too!
  7. Here's a few WIP shots to start. I used a PE kit and scrap CF decals on it. Check out the construction of the brake rotors that you can't even see.
  8. Looks really nice. I built one of those too I'll have to post.
  9. Very, very nice. Awesomely smooth paint!
  10. Nice builds on those European hot rods.
  11. Looks real nice. I have one of those in the closet. I bought it as a re-release around '95. I want to use it with my AMT gravel trailer which I bought back then too. It, too hasn't been built yet.
  12. Looks great, still a great car too.
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