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  1. Mike C

    '64 Dodge 330

    Really nice build. I built one of those as a beater car.
  2. I used to live on L.I., NY. That's where I'm originally from. I left in '92 when I could no longer find a job there any more. I don't miss it one bit any more either. One thing I remember about it. Any kind of activity that's fun isn't allowed there. They're all lawsuit crazy there. I was a member of a club (in the 80's) that raced 1/8 scale nitro RC cars. It was hard to find a parking lot to get permission to use. We did wind up using Nassau Community College. An outdoor activity I do now is mountain biking. I'm sure there's no place on L.I. that would be any good for that either.
  3. Awesome build. At first I thought I was looking at the 1:1 bike until I saw a photo with your hand in it.
  4. I think we're all kicking the Bucket and moving on to other free photo hosting sites. In time I will eventually delete mt PB account. What PB also did was make it so no one can look at PB. You can view the thumbnails but when you click on a photo it gives you that same 3rd party message. I used it to show my picture to a friend from work. When he clicked on a photo that's what happened.
  5. Mike C

    Pagani Huayra

    Looks great. Loos as good as a Tamiya kit.
  6. Here's a little more work. I painted the fairings. The paint is just Testors guards red with alum. metallizer. _________________ Too many models to build in a lifetime.
  7. Here's a little more I have done. The engine is in the frame now.
  8. I have found some new free photo hosting sites to use. No more Photobucket for me. I kicked the bucket.
  9. Mike C

    '62 Vette

    Very nicely done!
  10. Nice pens. Do people still know how to write? They don't teach cursive any more. How do they sign their names?
  11. Nice build. I used to see those a lot when I was in H.S.
  12. Very nice build! You can't go wrong with Tamiya kits.
  13. You should see the store too. I was in it once. Plus they set up a vendor's table at the local contests where I live.
  14. Looks like you did a really great job reproducing that picture.
  15. Well, this one is a real challenge. I am going to super detail it like I have never done before on any other model. I have the Scale Motorsports CF decals, the Top Studio super-kit and the chain kit (yeah, build this chain one link at a time, about $40 too. I bought an already built chain for my mountain bike for $20). I also have the brass fork kit from Tamiya. I had the super-kit for a good few years, in fact I had it for three years before I bought the bike kit. I had bought it for another bike kit not realizing it wasn't the correct kit number to go with it. Then when I decided to finally
  16. Look really good. When you "restore" it, it can look like this:
  17. Looks really nice, the interior looks real good too.
  18. Nicely built. We don't have theme here in the USA but I do know about them from the model kits. I've seen them on TV too.
  19. Awesome bad-ass build!
  20. Nice build. I built one of those too.
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