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  1. Here's the box art: Here's the engine, installed in the chassis and the underside:
  2. I liked Mannix too! When I was a kid I saw that Toronado at the NY auto show. But I don't remember it from the TV series. He always had Mopars.
  3. That's pretty unique. It has it's own version of "Mr. Fusion".
  4. I like King Crimson too. Especially "In The Court of The Crimson King", "Red" and "Starless and Bible Black". He was also in "The Two Sides of Peter Banks", another great album. Peter Banks is deceased too.
  5. My first new car out of college was a '77 Datsun 280Z. I lived on Long Island, NY. I managed to keep it pretty rust free compared to most of them but I still got some body rot on the rocker panels. In fact I put those panels on the bottom to cover it up after I repaired it.
  6. Nice build! But with that rust perhaps you should put on plates from snow belt states instead of CA.
  7. I saw the movie. It was great as it was portrayed very accurately.
  8. Very nice builds! I like the weathering too. It looks like all you had to do was dry brush it too.
  9. That is one totally awesome, flawless build!
  10. Beautiful build! That's paint is flawless. Looks 1:1.
  11. That's a really great build of that old oddball car. I didn't know they was such a kit in 1/16th.
  12. Really beautiful build, great photos too!
  13. Looks like a really nice build.
  14. This is a real old build from about 1982 or so. It's the original Protar 1/12 die cast kit. I did a little minor restoration recently. The paint needed to be waxed again, the windscreen had broken off and I was missing the two louvered pieces under the exhaust. I got the replacement parts from Italeri. The windscreen is in this die-cut sheet. It was way too short to fit in the frame so I cut a new piece. I just couldn't get the four little hood clips to work. They are just ridiculous to attach to the frame and the one in the front is exactly over the tie rod. So here's some new photos of it.
  15. That doesn't surprise me. Just look at all the nonsense on YouTube that they believe. Like the earth is flat, rockets don't work in space, it's just endless. There are people out there that are literally too stupid to know that they are stupid. I don't think these morons have made it past the 3rd grade.
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