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  1. Nice build. They were such awesome cars back then.
  2. My PhotoBucket has been working fine. It has had some troubles in the past but lately it's been smooth.
  3. I'll be 62 in December.
  4. Looks pretty good. Just needs some restoration.
  5. They also lose mail too. I once paid a bill and it never got paid. Then the following month I get a bill that's two months charge plus a $20 late fee for the previous month. The lost check was never cashed.
  6. Excellent build! Great detail work!
  7. Wow! That's a great build! I did one of those trucks with the Galaxy trailer.
  8. I don't think I posted this yet. I painted a brass or copper base coat under a pearl orange. Here's a few WIP photos first.
  9. I've seen all the clearance sales there too. Unfortunately there's nothing there I have to have. The best deal I once got from HL was when they had the Testors 1/4 scale visible Dodge Hemi kit. Someone had posted that day about a 50% coupon that HL had. So I printed and went to HL to see what I could find. I grabbed a Hemi which was marked at $70. So I got it for $35. They had 3 of those kits. Two were marked at $80 and one was marked at $70. So I got a good deal. I still haven't built it yet.
  10. Here's a mini box I made myself. It's a 1/25 scale box on a 1/25 scale model. It's on the windshield.
  11. Go to a forum called RCUniverse to get a lot of answers. They cover boats, planes, cars. Pretty much everything RC. I did RC cars for many years.
  12. That's cool. I got his autograph along time ago at a NY auto show.
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