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  1. I see some people have some diecasts in their cubicles. I've brought models in to show to some people but don't keep any at work.
  2. Jay Leno's Garage and My Classic car too! Plus I get to stream them on YouTube without the need for cable/satellite TV.
  3. I don't have a smartphone or tattoos either.
  4. Nice build of a classic muscle car.
  5. Thanks! It's something I had lying around that looks fairly close to the photos I found. It's Testors model master US Army/marines sand, a flat color.
  6. Just out of the paint booth. Actually it's the 3rd and final coat that needs a little polishing and then waxing. And I just finished of the spray can. I usually airbrush but I used Tamiya laquer on this one and that comes out beautiful right out of the can.
  7. Looks good and a great idea to build it that way.
  8. Welcome to the club. Nice models there too.
  9. Welcome to the forum. You can learn a lot here. I built one of those 1/8 scale Pocher Bugattis once, the Type 50T. I did it back in '82. Here's a picture:
  10. Welcome to the club. You can get lots of advice and information here. No secrets.
  11. This is an old build from around '95. I did it with the long Galaxy goose-neck trailer too. The photos were taken in 2005.
  12. Mike C

    bentley blower

    Great looking classic. Mr. Steed will love it.
  13. Looks like a nice grocery getter.
  14. Sounds like some real criminal masterminds. LOL.
  15. Mike C

    bugatti type 35

    Very nice! I love those vintage Bugatti's.
  16. Mike C

    1972 Nova

    Looks like a nice clean build.
  17. Looks like it will dart to the finish line really quickly.
  18. There was also a TV cop show in the 80's that had a Daytona in it. It was called Hunter.
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