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  1. That looks really cool!
  2. You did a great job on that Firechicken.
  3. Looks like a nice build.
  4. That's a good clean build.
  5. The most I ever paid was $300 back in in 1982 for a Pocher Bugatti Type 50T. It was a bargain at the price. It had been marked down from $450 at KayBee Toy & Hobby shop at the mall. The next one does include after market stuff on because the aftermarket goodies for this kit cost a lot. The is the Tamiya 1/12 scale Porsche 935 ($75), that was in the early 80's. But in 2005 I bought the Scale Motorsports superkit for it which was $535.
  6. Welcome to the club. I look forward to seeing your builds.
  7. Welcome to the inhabitant from the "land down under".
  8. Welcome to the club Sam. You did a nice clean build but I'm sure you want to build better models (we all do). Looks like you need to learn about BMF (Bare metal foil) and PE (Photo etched parts. With those additions you can really enhance the detail of a model.
  9. I'm 61 and I'm still doing OK. My hands are steady. My eyes haven't changed in decades. I'm nearsighted and take my glasses off to do close work. Of course I do use a magnifier light, but I've been using one since the 90's anyway.
  10. Ready to go sell Fuller brushes door to door.
  11. Well, here's mine. Here's some detail WIP shots to start: The kit box: Some engine shots: Interior shots: The completed model:
  12. Yeah, when I build older cars I usually put on a licence plate from the year of the car. But I like the idea of using a current plate that's marked "antique".
  13. You could blame it on the movie "Capricorn One" that was out in the early 70's. It was a good movie. It was about a faked landing on Mars. I grew up 5 miles down the road from where the LEM was built at Grumman Aerospace. And when I graduated college I went to work there as a tool designer. I did get to do some tooling work on the Shuttle wings because they built them. And in the same place the LEM was built too. They had a mural sized photo on the wall there. (Plant 5). By the way SfanGoch, it looks like you've been watching the Outer Limits too long. Look what it's done to your eyes.
  14. Awesome detail work! I like the "antique" plate touch too. I'll have to post mine. I did the Charger Daytona.
  15. Not to mention this hoax nonsense has been debunked too many times and its as air tight as a screen door. If the Chinese landed near the Apollo sites and broadcast pictures of it in live HD these hoaxter morons would be claiming it was coming from a studio.
  16. I watched it all happen live on TV. Shoot those morons that claim it was a hoax!
  17. Way cool. Too bad they don't make any twin rear engined dragsters.
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