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  1. Very nice build and I like the way you did the phantom body over the chassis shot.
  2. That's an interesting build. You don't see any of those around in any scale.
  3. I painted it it with a metallic blue with a solid blue basecoat. The kit includes some PE. The kit box: Some WIP of the interior: Finished: Thanks for looking.
  4. That's different. You don't see any of those around.
  5. Looks good. We seem to have quite a few of them around here.
  6. Looks really nice! I just saw one of those on the road the other day.
  7. The car looks great, really cool!
  8. It sure came out beautiful.
  9. Nice build of that old boat. Great paint!
  10. Instead of using the plastic springs molded into the hood hinges I like to use something that looks more realistic. Sometimes I've had to handwind them with a fine wire strand around a sewing needl in a pin vise. Or you can also get those tiny springs used in model railroding. Here's some pics:
  11. Welcome to the club. There's also hobby shops, do you have any near you? There's also Michael's Art in addition to Hobby Lobby. You can find kits on Amazon too.
  12. Here's another old build. I gave it a new wax coat recently. I saw it on Jay Leno's Garage and decided to look over this build from around '98 or '99:
  13. Mike C

    1969 Torino

    Nice claen build.
  14. Mike C


    Great looking Eldo.
  15. I gave it dents and rust and body rot. I detailed the slant 6 too. I made the hood springs and notice the special AM radio antenna. I was able to hide the defects in the chrome bumpers and where they were attached to the tree with rust. I did use some PE and BMF too. Spark plugs are in the correct firing order. I even won some small contests with it. Non model builders like this model too. There's couple of WIP shots on there too.
  16. Welcome. I used to post at escale too. There's few others here that came from escale. I also do bikes in addition to cars. I'm sure we've viewed/commented each other's models.
  17. Welcome to the club (forum).
  18. What I've done it turn the can upside down, then drill into the side with a pin vise close to the bottom. Then I can pour the paint into an airbrush bottle. Then I seal the hole with a piece of tape over it.
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