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  1. Here's my little fella'. His name is Louie and is 6 lbs of terror when he sees a big dog. Otherwise he's a playful little sweetie.
  2. I've done that before only to show that I had built the model but I don't put a whole mess of pictures up. I recently did it at Scale Auto for a bike someone was building. I had built the same bike years ago. But when you do it don't try to take the limelight away from him. In fact I just posted that bike on this forum recently. Anyway, the builder asked me how I did a certain effect on my model and I replied back telling him how I had done it. Some one else also pointed out an error I had made that I was easily able to fix. Then we became pen-pals and exchanged e-mail addresses and correspond
  3. I remember hearing about that too! ROTFL!
  4. Well, you wouldn't believe what kind of imbecile videos I have come across on YouTube. Did you know there seems to be a movement of imbeciles that think the earth is flat? I mean really? Occasionally I would leave a comment on one and the people that reply are dumber than a box of rocks. They think they know it all and they are totally clueless in science and probably can't do any math either. And then there's other nonsense like "rockets don't work in space". AAARRRGGG! If these people are America's future things are going to be pretty sad here. Of course these morons won't go anywhere in lif
  5. I prefer liquid glues. The Testors liquid glue is just fine.
  6. I built this around 2005. It was the first bike model I ever built and it was a fun build.
  7. My Mercedes CLK-GTR which I will have to post up seperately with a bunch of pictures, but here's just one.
  8. That is way cool! Great display. Will you take $1100 for the car?
  9. There's nothing special about the model but it came out clean. It's painted in sub-lime green with a pearlcoat. The roof is just gray primer. I painted the side view mirrors body color because one was broken and just gluing two chrome pieces together wouldn't look good. I think I built this in 2001 or so.
  10. Looks really sharp. I have an old build of the Tamiya kit of that car I'll have to post too.
  11. There should be a forum for motorcycles too. I like to build them and so do others. I guess I'll find a place to show them here anyway. I don't think anyone will get upset about them.
  12. I think I remember you. Did you like to build weathered cars? You should come down for the Southern Nationals in Nov.
  13. Here's a couple: The Two Sides of Peter Banks: And Godbluff: Both from the 70's when I was in college which is where I got turned on to this kind of music.
  14. I have two. Just super stockers, the Sox & Martin '67 Hemi GTX and the Ramcharger '64 Dodge 330.
  15. I built one of those for somebody but I didn't have to repair it. But those wheels came with a built in fixture for holding the spokes in place. It was half built when I got it because two other model builders couldn't finish it and they never built a Pocher before. I have their Bugatti Type 50T that I built in '82 so that got me the job. So I finished it up and got paid $750 to do it too.
  16. Looks like a nice clean build.
  17. Me too. The Untouchable is on there, I was watching that for a while and Highway Patrol too. Right now I'm watching a Brit sci-fi show from the early 80's, Blake's 7.
  18. Here's our little Louie. He's a spunky little guy. Small in size (6 lbs) and big in personality.
  19. I just joined up and I use Photobucket and my pictures are showing up just fine.
  20. I mostly use Testors enamels. I do use some of their water based paints for small hand brushing. But when it comes to spray painting (especially airbrushing) I use the enamels. But I have use Tamiya lacquer a couple of times. My current project will be sprayed that way.
  21. This is an old build but the photos are new. Of course I'll be showing my old builds as I'm new to this forum. I built this around '94 or '95. I remember finding this kit at a Walmart on clearance for $2.00 too. I was just getting into becoming a better model builder and started using an airbrush (Paasche VL) and using PE and wiring the engine. I like to do the spark plugs in the correct firing order too. I had bought some Mopar books for reference photos. I didn't have a PC then so no internet research. There probably was as much information out there to find on the internet anyway back then.
  22. I think I know which car you're talking about. When I was looking for pictures of this car I found one like that which I saved on my PC. I can send it to you if you want or you may be able to find it yourself as I found it within the past few months.
  23. Thanks. It's from a company called Provence Moulage
  24. This is the first time I ever worked in resin and 1/43rd. It's a nice kit. Made in France. It was old so the decals were dried out and you know how they can split when you apply them. Most of them were OK but the NISSAN on the wing split into three pieces. Plus they give you two big silver swatches for the front and rear. But they don't cover all the areas that have to be silver and you have to paint it anyway. So I masked over the green and painted the silver with Testors Alum metallizer. And it would be tough to get those decals to lay flat on the contour. Befor I started the model I also s
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