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  1. Nothing beats the original Ghost Busters car. That new one in the new film, it just doesn't cut it. (I've only seen it in the preview).
  2. Looks like a nice project on a great super stocker.
  3. I had left over CF decal from the Tamiya Enzo Ferrari. Because on the kit I used the Scale Motorsports CF and PE.
  4. Yeah, it's hot today. But I did a morning mountain bike ride for 12 miles. The trail was crowded today too.
  5. Actually they build up pretty easy. It's the only one I have. It has nice rubber tires like the Tamiya kits. But you don't have to do any real engine detailing.
  6. This is a Heller kit. It looks pretty good for such a small scale: Box art: The model:
  7. I have no idea who the artist is.
  8. I like it and it's a very nice clean build.
  9. What kind of bike is that you're riding one?
  10. I haven't heard of 9point8. I don't use a dropper post either. That's cool that you work for a bike accessory manufacturer.
  11. That's a great shot. I bet you have some great technical terrains in the Great White North. I live in GA. We have some great bike parks here. Your choice from beginner to advanced to flow to technical trails. I originally started MTB riding in 2000 on the old SuperV, I bought it new back then. That bike was way advanced for me but I'm an engineer and a techy kind of guy and had to have FS with hydraulic discs. But I never got to be too good of a rider because it wasn't long after that I got laid off my job. So new jobs mean relocating. So I did some riding again when I lived in south FL, that
  12. Excellent build and that shop display is great!
  13. Really nice build. I like those right angle boots on the distributor.
  14. WOW! That is one fantastic build. It sure goes against the grain with that turbo 4 banger in it too.
  15. Really nice job. I like the way did the washer bottle too.
  16. That's nice. I think that's known as the Avalon in the U.S.
  17. I like it. Cool old racer.
  18. Really cool car and a nice display.
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