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  1. I've been using the Testors Extreme paints quite a bit lately. Dries fast here, but usually it's in the low 80s, so temp might be a factor. Yes, it goes on heavy (hides blemishes nicely) and the flakes are huge. Make sure you mix the paint almost constantly, as the big flakes will sink in the mix. If you're spraying mostly silver, that's the flakes that have settled to the bottom and you're picking them up and spitting them out. I've done this before. This paint is almost the exact opposite of Tamiya (not that one is better than the other, just works differently)....I like this color, I may have to look for some, I know where there is some of these paints (now discontinued) under lock and key and it's always seems to be there when I go, I just have to find a clerk with a key! -RRR
  2. mrm- Following your build up. I agree that the '32 frames on these kits are a bit wonky, bulky and lots of attention needed to bring them around. I haven't noticed any warpage on the several I have purchased (both first and second issues). I just picked up three of the'30 coupes of the new version. Casually looking over parts on the first kit I opened, spied this... ...a nice hole in the seat. Obviously, QC must have been asleep when this was bagged... -RRR
  3. I just grab some common pins from your wife's sewing box. They're FREE! She can't figure why she's always out of pins! -RRR
  4. Not the FIRST, but, yes a little time taken to detail and fill in the seam between the body and the greenhouse is essential to a decent build. Details... Nice work... -RRR
  5. I've been slowing plugging away on the '36. Not much of excitement to post, just finishing up a few last few items... I fabbed up the steering column mount. The plan is to use some photo-etched gauges... ------- I added a windshield frame to the body... ------- It's off to the paint booth now... -RRR
  6. Good looking builds, Gerry! I hope all is well in the ole Pac NW! -RRR
  7. Great stuff!! I had kinda forgotten about the Zingers! What a whimsical concept! I like the old box art builds...well done in '21! -RRR
  8. It's not the quantity, but the quality and all three have that in spades!!! A terrific year anyone's standards. -RRR
  9. That chop is looking good. That's not an easy chop on a '33/'34. Looking forward to more... -RRR
  10. Nice builds, Rob. That Viper Kart is beautifully engineered... Happy New Year... -RRR
  11. Beautiful paint jobs! I dig your style, man.... -RRR
  12. One of my most productive years in years! I guess pandemics are good for staying home and sitting at the bench! Happy New Year to all..... -RRR
  13. Works continue on the underside of the '36.... motor mounts installed and here fabbing up the exhaust... I had to take a slice out of the oil pan to fit it over the front crossmember... ------- Here the undercarriage is just about done. Front crossmember installed, exhaust routed (I still need to make mounts), driveshaft put together (universal joints from a Revell '32 kit, with tube extended using Evergreen round). Now attention turns to the interior for a few items to take care of, package tray needs some work and a steering column hanger needs to be made and attached to the dash.. ------- The front suspension components were cleaned up with a few bolt details added...I'm getting dangerously close to throwing paint! Thanks for looking in... -RRR
  14. WOW! I'm not sure how I missed this one. Stunning work. -RRR
  15. You had a productive year. The '29 roadster came out great and ya can't go wrong with a chopped '32 5ive window coupe. Jeep is nice, too! Keep up the good work! -RRR
  16. Tim- The desert boot tires are big rubber (as opposed to molded hard styrene) tires. -RRR
  17. Yeah, it is pretty cool...and since I have a lot of Wynnsjammer parts (I love that 392 Hemi), it's an easy build with available parts (and a tad of scratchbuilding) without sacrificing the original. I'll be on this one soon... Happy Holidays! -RRR
  18. This still begs the question, what was the "Saints" reference to? I always thought it had to do with the football team from N.O. I'm pretty sure we can rule out that it had anything to do with the early punk band The Saints, from Australia, as cool as that band is/was... -RRR
  19. It could very well be. I've had my share of them over the years! -RRR
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