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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Welcome race fans, to the 11th annual running of the Model Car Cannonball Run. This year’s run is shaping up to be especially memorable as the racers will have to leave their beloved V8’s at home! That’s right, the only allowed power plants are in-liners of any variety. So expect some serious mad scientist engineering as our race teams are going to strive for every last possible horsepower. There is no shortage of in-line power plants available, both foreign and domestic. So which engine gets chosen and why will be of particular interest. The rules: The theme is in-line engines. Your build must feature an engine or engines with all cylinders in a row, of any variety. 1. The build can be either a new or started kit up to 25% complete. A rebuilder or parts box special is okay too. 1/24 or 1/25. If you absolutely must do a 1/20 model we’ll likely bend the rules as we have before, but that’s the limit. EXCEPTION TO RULE 1. If you have a previously started racer from a previous running of the Cannonball (SA or MCM) 50% complete or less, they are eligible to run this year as long as they meet the theme requirement. All of our previous runs are still available on either of the two forums. If you are going to do this, please be certain it was involved in a previous run. I’ve decided to continue this rule from last year, as the goal of this CBP was always to get people building and finishing models. 2. Before starting please post a photo of your kit(s) or pile o’ parts. No limitation on type of vehicle or technology used. I have a feeling we’re gonna see some weird stuff this year. 3. The car must appear to be street legal. Headlights, tail lights, license plate etc. 4. As always, have fun and watch out for two priests in a red Ferrari. That’s it for rules. The following is just FYI. - You may start a separate build thread for your build if you wish, but please keep the CBP thread updated. - The car can be as eye catching or non-descript as you wish. Bright colors and/or racing livery will make you more noticeable to local law enforcement, but that’s your problem. - Build time begins on January 1st, 2018, local time and ends at 11:59PM on December 1st, 2018, local time. That’s 11 months’ folks. - After the finish, we will create a poll and we’ll have the “race”, a public vote. - A few weeks prior I’ll start a completed builds thread, for posting up your work and we’ll work the poll from that thread. Take some GOOD PHOTOS! I cannot emphasize this enough, good photos are essential. No one has won this with crappy photos in poor lighting. - You may build as many models as you wish for this CBP but only one can be entered in the public voting poll after Dec. 2. - You can enter this CBP at any time up to 48 hours before the end date.
  2. Back in the late 80's(?) these kits came out, and I bought up the Phaeton. Even then I was disappointed with the modern billet rod nature of them and never finished it. So who's built them and how did it turn out? Lets see some pics.
  3. Jo-Han

    Understood. I've been reading up as this conversation has gone on.
  4. Jo-Han

    Excellent points.
  5. Jo-Han

    But what is still legally theirs? In 2000, Okey Spaulding bought Jo-han. Created Johan Models LLC, a new company. Does he own the intellectual rights to old kits, from molds he's never owned? Once he passes, who owns what? Lots of questions and would the legals fees alone, exlipse what could be gained financially?
  6. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Wow this is going to be an expensive paint job. Lets see. 200,00AU to USD is $153,394. $153,395 times 1/25 is $6,135. We want to see every penny of that John. https://www.4wheelsnews.com/sema-show/sema-preview-one-off-cadillac-coupe-de-ville-wild-cad-11059.html
  7. Jo-Han

    I hope, thanks to 3D printing, maybe someday someone will do some scans of an old kit and reverse engineer them. As 3Dprinting evolves, it seems like it would be a no brainer. Most of my childhood involved Johan, because the looked so good, but were generally simple to assemble. I'd love to have them back.
  8. I'm gonna give this a try here, very soon. Has anyone else tried it yet? This roadster is in the planning stages.
  9. Has anyone yet test fitted the duval style windshield from the AMT Phantom Vickie on the recent Revell '29 roadster? Something like this has to happen.
  10. Wooden model ships

    I sent you a PM.
  11. 2010 Shelby GT500 - Eleanor

    Outstanding work.
  12. Content Removed

    I guess some people need more attention.
  13. Revell '29 Model A pick up. Wheels, trim rings, center caps all nicely done.
  14. Terrific work. I never tire of seeing what madness you come up with.
  15. 1/25 Flathead recommendation?

    For this reason, I recommend the Revell '32 Sedan. It comes with two engines and the means to mount them both. The flathead (a very nice one) and a Ford 302. This way you have the engine you need and parts to still build a complete model. No extras, not leftovers.
  16. Anyone tried these yet? My son uses them to define the panel lines on his Gundams. I keep meaning to buy one, but the mind alas, is slippery when I get to a hobby store.
  17. Are Some Models Just Cursed?

    The jig is up fellas, he's on to us. On topic. Oh yes. Very much so. Pretty much every time I try to combine decals with clear.
  18. Wow. That's some terrific work. Also display bases seems to be popular there more-so than here in the states.
  19. What's the One Part You Hoard?

    Disk brakes. There are lots of them made, but very few look good. Good 1/24 engines. I always seem to end up with 1/24 kits, but very few have good engines. Wide whites and steelies.
  20. Looking good. Looking forward to more.
  21. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Yer in!
  22. These kits were hands down favorites as a kit. Lots of attitude, big engine, hood scoops, tilt front and sidepipes. Everything I loved. I'd like to build them again, but a Google search reveals it's been some time since they were reissued. Also I seem to recall some fitment issues? Can anyone fill in the blanks in my aging memory? If anyone has a complete kit, please shoot me a PM if you'd trade it.
  23. Very simply put - NO PARTS SWAPPING. The kit must be built with what's in the box. Only styrene stock (sheet, tubing, clear, etc.) and detailing parts (but nothing that replaces a kit part), can be added for the build. The recent thread about the AMT '36 Ford brought this to mind. Any interest? If so, I'll likely start this toward the end of the year.
  24. This didn't start as a pickup, but it ended up as one. Does it count?