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  1. At this time, I have declared OldMopars and his terrific 4x4 van the winner of this years Cannonball. Thanks again to Mike for taking care of the poll. It is a top shelf model and the good work is obvious. I'd like to thank everyone who particiapted this year and every year for the last 12 YEARS! When I started this, I never dreamed it would last so long. It is testament to the love people have for the source material and the outstanding, imaginative models you guys turn out year after year. Thanks to Anthony for taking up the reins for next years run. I know it will be an epic run. As always have fun and watch out for two priests in a red Ferrari.
  2. Okay, at this time I'm going to go ahead and declare OldMopars the winner of the 2019 Cannonball Run. The time and skill he put into the modifications really stand out and I think it will be successful on any contest table moving forward. Congratulations. You have joined an elite group of top notch builders. I will add a photo to my Cannonball winners album (new album to follow), that I will make available.
  3. True, and there was no internet at the time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 😁 I was about 17 when I did this and had just picked up my first copy of SAE. I was totally inspired. Someone had done a 68/69 Chevelle up as a street freak and I loved it. Did the same with this Charger. My first scratch building too.
  4. Oh yes this is me. My dad raised me with a deep love of automobiles from his youth, and he knew enough to do basic auto repairs and taught me the same. But that's about it. The first hemi I wired, I put the spark plugs where they go on all other engines, in the side of the head. Pretty much everything I know about cars has come from research into the models I'm planning and television.
  5. This is what I use. I do all my model math in millimeters.
  6. I'm really enjoying the process. I like it a lot. Question- is everyone seeing the fuzzy, watermarked Photobucket photos, or is it just me who's not paying them?
  7. I'll be following this one. I'm ready to be dazzled.
  8. I have a home made unit similar to Gregs. It works great for no $$$.
  9. Jantrix

    1971 GTX

    Those cars left an impression on me too. I did a '69 Cougar the same way. Very clean, solid work, I like it a lot.
  10. True, and I've thought about it, but it's such a small area once the bed is in place and the massive running boards are in place, it will be hardly worth the effort. A little wash and some powders and it will fit right in.
  11. Gotten the cab together. I'm going to have to add some more weathering where pannels meet.
  12. Cab is mounted on the chassis. Wheels and tires. It's coming right along. More soon.
  13. I'm in with my '50 Chevy. @Pat Minarick Man, that thing is wicked.
  14. In this case, see a car from a professional builder, that you want to know more about? Don't be afraid to reach out electronically to the builder, and ask for detailed photos. Recently, I saw this very cool Model A from the Stanceworks, and I was able to contact the builder Mike Burroughs through their webpage. He answered my email promptly and directed me to his Instagram account, where all sorts of WIP photos were available. He also offered to answer pretty much any question I had on it, via email or Instagram. This is the third time I've contatced a builder for WIP photos an they have all been very accomodating. 1:1 or 1:25, people like having their work appreciated and will usually help you out.
  15. Although I will not be involved in this next years CBR, I will occasionaly poke my head in and wave. A note on the CBR theme. The isn't just a theme build off. You must build a car that is capable of and that you would want to do a 3000 mile race in. Keep that in mind.
  16. To help. Here are the themes for the last twelve runs. For those with a year, the builds were restricted to the technology of that year. 2008 (SA) - Unlimited 2009 (SA) - Unlimited 2010 (SA) - Route 66 2011 (SA) - 30th Anniversary - 1981 2012 (MCM) - American Graffiti - 1962 2013 (MCM) - Unlimited 2014 (MCM) - 1979 (honoring Brock Yates final run) 2015 (MCM) - Sleepers (our most popular run to date) 2016 (MCM) - Australia (on and off road) 2017 (MCM) - Unlimited 2018 (MCM) – Inline Engines 2019 (MCM) - Vans/Panel Trucks
  17. Wow. What a neat kit. Lots of custom do-dads. I'd love to have one myself. Maybe Round2 will get around to it someday.
  18. Jantrix

    1950's '32 ROD

    A lot of nice, well thought out details here. Good work.
  19. For me it's builders who put in a lot of time to scratch build and customize and add detail, but do it poorly. Not from lack of skill though, but becasue they are in a rush. Visible glue joints. Places where two tubes meet but theres been no attempt at cleaning up the joint to make it smooth. What good is all that extra work if you don't have the basics of clean model building down?
  20. So are quite welcome Dennis. I have had some help over the years and some other folks have run it a couple of times, when I was busy. It's been appreciated. It has been fun. Who knows, in a few years maybe I'll have some time and some inspiration and I'll kick it off again. Odds are, its not the end of the CBR, but more of a hiatus. 😁
  21. True but they aren't hard to find. Check the Monogram pro-street/ pro-stock 3rd gen Camaro.
  22. Very cool work. I like it a lot. Some really neat things come out of that Stanceworks. I've recenly seen Mike Burroughs Model A, and I'm planning a build based on it.
  23. A terrific gift. Well done. I caught the "was married" in that statement. It would take a very evil person to do such a thing. I'm glad she is in your dad's rear view mirror.
  24. That's all folks. Thus ends the 2019 Cannonball Run Community Build. As Mike said, please get your completed builds onto the other thread so that the poll can start. I'll leave it to Mike's discretion how long he wants to wait. Mike has been running our poll for the last 4 or 5 runs and he does an excellent job. With so few finished builds, it should be easier than usual.
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