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  1. Very cool. Waitin on that altered wheelbase very cool
  2. Liking this. In the process of doing Garlits shorty R.E. car myself
  3. Well I started the mpc mongoose 72 rear engine car. So e how between opening it and checking g the parts I've lost the seat. This seat is the same in all of mpc rear engine cars. Anyone got one they could spare. Thanks
  4. Thanks all I been picking at it. Nothing noteworthy to post. Been trying to work out some sort of body or just do a king queen seat. Been drawing up stuff and cutting in paper to see if I can come up with something I like
  5. I found some thanks for offering g to help with this
  6. In search of 3 of these tires the skinny fronts They were also in the amt gasser tire /wheel parts pack. Have stuff to trade. Hopefully I'll have what someone needs for these Thanks
  7. Anyone have the Tony Nancy roadster body they could spare dont care if its painted long as it's not a glue bomb would like to have the complete body with the inside panels and windshield
  8. I dont really have anything specific. But I do semis. 60s to early 70s dragsters mpc zingers. Lay something on me. Just might peak my interest
  9. Have a revell Harley Springer softail snap kit opened but sealed inside. Also the complete dump bed out of amts autocar. Also have the complete bed out of the hideout truck still in bags. If any interest just let me know what you got. I build semis and dragsters
  10. First off thanks Brian for the hood badges. Well we have a roller with engine and tranny. Just need to detail them up now
  11. Well. Rear suspension is in rear cab mount moved and front clip lands like it should so maybe we've got this headed in the right direction
  12. Have one of these started dual drive day cab. No real issues so far. Be following
  13. Hadn't really decided on the headlights yet. Really just going back and forth on that kinda leaning towards round
  14. I'm hoping I can find a set of the 4200 hood badges. But I'd say that b like hunting a needle in a hay stack
  15. 12/32. Yea I just wanted to have a 4200 not mortgage tha house
  16. Ok little progress frame together. hoods been cut down. engine started. Movin right along
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