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  1. Cool. I have parts mayb I have something I could trade u. Do u have the dash too
  2. Anyone have a hood a grill and an interior bucket they could part with
  3. Very nice conversion. Wanting to do one myself
  4. Just a few I been working on. K 123 day cab dual drive. Couple ford tractors. Built up diamond reo. I been doing a little cleanup on
  5. Thanks. Still a work in progress
  6. Been lurking here for awhile now. Just a little something I been working on. Built completely from parts box
  7. Anyone have a set of front springs from an italeri 378 they could part with. Also have a monogram 1/16 359 Pete frame engine suspension wheels and tires Been started but very usable parts If anyone needs these let me know what you got to trade
  8. I swear you make these vintage trucks look real Awesome work
  9. Man U build some really neat stuff
  10. What paint do you use on your wheels
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