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  1. Really really nice, fantastic paint job!!
  2. Very very nice, great attention to detail under the hood!!
  3. It looks great, nice job!!
  4. Looks very sharp. Superb work!!
  5. Looking good, great work!!
  6. ATHU

    70 Challenger

  7. Got my hands on a small stash of Fujimi EM kits. Now I just need some time to build them....🙂
  8. Beautiful Impala, excellent work!!
  9. Looks amazing, well done!!
  10. Thank you for the kind words guys, much appreciated!! Thanks! it's 1/24.
  11. Hello Guys!! Just completed this 1929 Mercedes Benz SSK from Lindberg. The kit lacks some detail but given its age it went together quite well. Not a bad kit. Color is Revell purpurrot(Purple Red) Thanks for watching!!
  12. That's a great looking car, excellent job!!
  13. ATHU

    ‘74 Gremlin X

    Looks sweet, nice job!!
  14. ATHU

    '65 GTO

    Looks fantastic, great work!!
  15. Looks fantastic, stunning paint job!!
  16. Beautiful work as always Tommy. Love that color!!
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