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  1. Great work on the auger, looking at the photo's you posted I can see how difficult it would have been to work out how to fabricate it, looks like you nailed it though, great scratch building on this complicated project, really enjoying watching this build.
  2. That's different!! really interesting subject, top job!!
  3. Really enjoy watching these builds of older trucks, its going to be a good one I am sure, great work so far and looking forward to more.
  4. Lovely neat work on the cab interior, its all looking good!!
  5. That is one sharp dressed truck, great colour scheme really well done, excellent job!!
  6. Finally got round to taking some photo's today, so I can do a little update of progress so far, the K123 is almost there apart from the grill and some weathering, the Aerodyne is coming along slowly and might be difficult to complete without another kit as I nicked some bits off it to finish the K123. There is still more detailing to do on the chassis and the cab interior, and as usual the air intakes and exhaust stack's are not fixed yet, (last job) the fifth wheel and frame are also still to finish but I am getting there bit by bit.
  7. Sorry I haven't followed this build until now, fire engine's aren't really my thing ( I would probably change my mind though if my house was on fire) I should have been watching, absolutely excellent scratch building work, it looks fantastic!!!
  8. Paintwork looks neat from here and the whole truck looks the business, another top job well on the way!!
  9. No problem! looks like you got the same contractors in, I am happy that it inspired some one to have a go too, never thought about it when I was working on it, I never got round to doing any more detailing on it but now I am getting towards the end of the two Kenworth's I am thinking of doing a bit more work to it before the next truck build. You have done a great job on yours and inspired me to do a bit more on mine, that's what it's all about!
  10. It's looking good!!!
  11. Looks like you overcame all the problems and came out on top, well done!! great work!!
  12. Excellent work and detailing, a really top job!!!
  13. This is a really usefull list when looking for donner kits for future conversion projects, I come back to it quite often when planning future builds (when I can remember where it is) I was thinking though maybe it would be possible to add all the different resin after market engine's that are available, I know of quite a few but there must be a lot more? Just an idea!
  14. Excellent scratch building and a really interesting subject, enjoying watching this build.
  15. Thanks JT we are keeping safe, luckily we live out of town so touch wood! Cheers for the comments Brian, Hermann and Bill, the K123 is almost finished, I was going to post some photo's but I cannot finish it completely as I ruined the grill by removing the chrome, I sprayed it with a chrome paint but then found that I could not paint the black in without messing up the chrome, only option now is to obtain an etched grill, I might still post some photo's but not of the front though, I finally got round to finishing the air intake caps on the K123 so that just leaves a little light weathering to do plus the grill. Happy modeling guys
  16. Thanks for the info JT , can't say that I have seen that over here but I will have a look, not every where is open at the moment though as we are in lockdown again. That looks like a really interesting product Haken, I knew I had seen some on one of the after market sites but I think it was embossed plastic sheet, that looks like it would be good for fitting around curves etc, and thanks for posting those photo's of the K100 dash again, I used them as a reference as well as some video's of various K100 s, only problem was that I ended up working off two different video's on two separate evenings and only realised after that the two dash were slightly different, there was a change to the windscreen air vent's as well as to the area around the gear stick so now I think I have a mix of the two, this is where having your own workshops comes in (modelers licence) the truck would have been upgraded at some time in it's working life I think, that's my excuse anyway. Thanks for the kind comments Doug & Torsten
  17. WOW!! that is one stunning colour combination, great work on the masking and spray job.
  18. You are doing a great job on what looks to be a really nice kit, everything looks to be there and really clean moulding, following this build with a special interest because it was the first tractor I ever drove, I must have been about 11 or 12 years old, looking forward to more photo's.
  19. Thanks Torsten, sorry for not replying sooner, haven't posted for a while, have been busy modelling though, managed to keep things moving after I managed to find some Humbrol poly cement in a local toy shop, I haven't used this type of glue since I last built plastic kits as a kid and teenager, god its hard work and dangerous, but better than no glue at all, no major disasters so far! ( really miss my Plastic Weld) I have been using super glue as well for some parts but I think i have some liquid glue on the way ( Tamyia quick dry I think) if anybody has any experience with this glue I would welcome some feedback, I have put both builds on hold just for the next week as I am waiting for some item's from K F S ( mainly exhaust stacks and resin exhaust system for the K100) as well as the glue, I have been working on the interior of the Aerodyne, this is causing me a few headache's because I can't build it in the way I usually work on cab interior's, because it is split above the top of the windows its difficult to know which parts to fix first and where to stop so that you don't cause problems later, the big problem though is that I don't have enough of the diamond pattern upholstery to finish off the interior, I do need to find another Revell Aerodyne kit to finish this one off, I need the upholstery plus the cab entry hand rails as I used those from the kit for the K123, I need the Cummins twin t 475 for another project and the chassis for the next build ( Kenworth ) any way that's enough rambling for one evening, a few photo's of progress on the Aerodyne
  20. Its looking good, love watching your ideas come together, its going to be a beast! watching and learning.
  21. Enjoying watching this come together, great work so far, well worth following.
  22. Excellent kit bashing, scratch building and detailing, a real top job all round!!! always enjoy watching your builds.
  23. I really like these old Dodge cabovers, they have real character, its looking really good, nice colour scheme too.
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