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  1. Fantastic Mercury, great color finish, your method rocks. I'm still on a learning curve as how to get a result with metallic paint, trying to tone them down so they look to scale.
  2. Cool, great model. Still thinking what color I should use on mine.
  3. I feel dizzy just looking at this car. Great modelling though.
  4. This is a very nice looking Dodge, never noticed before that it's a snap kit. Great interior, body paint and wheels, respect to your skills, sir.
  5. Really nice Nomad you did there, true respect to your modelling skills. If this kit was as tough to clean up as the same era Revell '57 Bel Air, you have definitely hit the ball home.
  6. Great looking car. Once again you deliver, your output almost puts real car production to shame!
  7. Agreed, a must have, and so possible it hurts.
  8. I'd never seen this car' til I bought this month's 'Classic American' UK magazine two days ago. I concur, get me some of this.
  9. As a past expert in mucking things up, I don't mind putting things right. Having only started model car building in the last year, I find I have more patience than I used to. Some kits, not just oldies, require a bucket load of patience, but there are ways and means to tackling them. I do more planning and test assembling than I used to. If you never make a mistake, you never learn.
  10. Toriano, This is truly great model making. I am completely blown away at your ability to completely scratch that frame. David
  11. What a relief! I am trying to have fun with this hobby, but the ultra accuracy gremlins/trolls have been gnawing at the door. I am fairly knowledgeable but not infallible, I hope am always polite (I am on the Asperger's scale so I can't always gauge how I come across sometimes). I recently posted an opinion on a military modelling site, about a particular WW2 tank kit compared to a photo of the real steel, version, features, period of production etc, - the responses were very curt, abrupt even; "No, No, not possible", "Hey, this kit was based on expert research by (name)", "What have you posted this here for", Go away and don't bother us. So that's it, it's now time to have fun with this hobby, be it cars, them darned tanks, or even airplanes, build to your ability, what pleases you, not someone else's idea of best.
  12. Recent release by Revell (Germany). It's a reissue of the Monogram 1:24 scale kit, originally released in 1977 -78. Back when, my dad made me buy one because he thought I was too obsessed with aircraft and military models. It was the 1978, or '79, issue in blue plastic. I was really disappointed, because either I couldn't get it to look like the model on the cover, or I wanted it to have bigger wheels on the back.
  13. Another great model super color choice and those Dart wheels just go!
  14. Resurrected this post while searching for ideas for the Revell 1968 Charger. Great car, great build, and color, and lowering the son of a gun! Now that's more like it!
  15. This is a truly great build. Fantastic job all round, that color pops, really glad you managed to replace the cracked glass. I have the AMT '67 Impala SS, unfortunately the 'street machine' version with the not so good custom wheels, and I need some inspiration before tackling it.
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