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  1. Super 65' Pontiac, love the color. And nice garage diorama.
  2. Fantastic models, Tim Stevens and Dave Van, vast improvements on the stock S&H kit. Might have to get one now that I know they look cool as NASCAR conversions. Thank you, Gentlemen. David G.
  3. Two great Fords, nicely built and super paint finishes on both. Nice to see a everyday build of the '64 Fairlane, instead of the Thunderbolt.
  4. All great builds, and Tom, that intense blue color on your Ford, that is really nice. I struggle to think 'outside the box' when it comes to colors, and you guys are a real inspiration.
  5. Some years ago a few of my in-laws tried to make me give the hobby up, on the basis that it was inconvenient and untidy, and my elderly mother has never liked any hobbies apart from watching TV. They said I should find another interest, which even if I didn't like I would get eventually used to, for Christ's sake! I have been patronized like this most of my life, my late father did encourage me at first, but didn't like my obsessiveness, and actively undermined me in later years, he wasn't a bad guy, he had some talent as a painter, but was just so messed up by his early life and other issues. I love the fact that despite my experience, there are examples of multi-generational model makers in the same family, especially in North America. However I have resolutely refused to give up, even though I have periods of inactivity caused by suffering from mental health issues. Do your thing, keep doing your thing.
  6. An awesome collection sir! Your attention to detail and flawless finishes are ace.
  7. Michael, all fantastic models, great paint work.
  8. Tom, you did great work here, beautiful interior. Now I actually do want one of these kits.
  9. Steve, I am in awe of your skills, you sir are a master at this plastic model car business. Really looking forward to the rest of this. I just look at the MPC '69 442 in my stash and worry about how in heck I'll do justice to it, especially the body trim.
  10. Another nice build Michelle. I really love the 1968 to '70 Charger's, and have to agree that the 1966-67 fastback just does'n't look right.
  11. Great looking Nova. Black is still the new Black.
  12. Aaaah, that's what it is! now I see what you're doing. Half rusted junk, half good. A bit slow on the uptake, it's no fun getting old! Seriously, great work here.
  13. Some seriously great work going on here. The seat fabric looks like the real thing. To say you achieved some intricate paint masking on the bodywork would be an understatement.
  14. Your build is great, and the paint finish is something else.
  15. Great Duster. Excellent colors, and the change of wheels (and tires?), spot on.
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