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  1. I really like what you've done with this model, and as a military modeller I always wondered about using that shade of dark yellow as a commercial car colour. It looks great, and those wheels hubs are just right. Outstanding work. Thank you.
  2. You did a Great job in rescuing a really messed up old model. I'm more than impressed.👏
  3. This is quite amazing work, converting from Pontiac to Buick. Well done. I have the old AMT Pontiac 65 GTO, I'll be lucky if it turns out AS a Pontiac! Those inaccurate rear lights and panel, oh man, back in the box every time!!
  4. Bring them on Alan, looking forward to seeing your work. I joined this site some time back and still haven't got round to finishing a project, shame on me. I'll try my best to put that right.
  5. Some nice photos here. I have the old and new boxings of this kit, so I'm just waiting for inspiration.
  6. This has been a great build, it has restored my faith in these older kits with one piece chassis. Your paintwork is superb. I haven't been on this site for some months due to other pressures and work etc. I messed up the doors on my AMT '56 Ford and ended up gluing them closed (I know this is a different kit). I'll do better next time. I have two more '56s and three '57s, all AMT kits, in my unbuilt stash. Well done, thank you for the inspiration.
  7. Superb Monte Carlo build and paint, that red and yellow scheme really pops. You are so on top of this.
  8. Asmir, this is a beautiful model, inspirational build and finish. I'm in a COVID19 lock-down rut at the moment, lacking 'drive' so to speak, so thank you.
  9. Great looking model, the tire change makes a big difference. I think a few 1/25 muscle car kits have under size wheels and tires in any case.
  10. Fantastic project and great execution, nice work so far.
  11. Now that's a really good looking car. Wondering if this tooling is still in existence ? Only recently appreciating that were still cool looking autos in the 1970's, but possibly not so many after 1977.
  12. Superb, another outstanding NASCAR racer from a skilled builder.
  13. Thanks to all who have posted pics of these 'cars', the cause of nightmares ! Here in UK there are special occasion car hire companies who have fake generic 1900's to '30's veteran style bodywork on modern chassis. Just so some easily pleased dimwit can say "ooh look! how nice we got an old fashioned car for the wedding!" Puhleeease Nooooo!!!!.
  14. A superb looking car, great conversion and finish. You're work is prolific, and excellent. So, that's a rare Johan kit I have to look for, on the plus side I already have the roof (still attached to the 67 Impala!).
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