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  1. Joe Weatherly NASCAR '61 Pontiac

    This is looking really great. I recently got the Moebius stock '61 Catalina, it's a nice model, and am currently attempting to mix some Pontiac colors using Vallejo Metallic Polyurethane Acrylics. Looking forward to getting the same Joe Weatherly version of the kit which I ordered two weeks ago from your side of the pond. I know very much about NASCAR, but am learning about the drivers and their cars.
  2. Cotton Owens Charger 500

    Great looking Charger, I'd be happy enough if I could make something similar using the Revell '68 Charger R/T as a basis. Love those wide wheels too.
  3. 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

    That is so nice! Great job and love that color. Very inspiring, however I don't feel I can do my GTX & Roadrunner kits justice 'til I get my skills developed more. So, gotta get more kit building done this weekend.
  4. Ever have a jinxed model?

    Absolutely, I have had numerous disasters, more than probably self inflicted, but I like to blame bad luck. Recently, made a hash of the AMT 1/25 1966 Olds 442. After the trauma of removing the body side trim, for the correct hard top spec, and filling some sink marks, then discovered that the chrome was really bad, too thick with runs all over and obscured details, the center grill part was unacceptable, the brown glue / varnish stuff they used was the culprit, . So I tried to strip it. The chrome is off, but the glue varnish stuff is still there, and in places rock hard. Put to one side until I calm down and think of a solution. The newer 1/25 AMT Mercury Cyclone, tried to correct the asymmetric lower body contours, several times. Just about got it right, but still loads of filling and smoothing to do. Then I decided to fix the incorrect front roof line, wish I hadn't bothered. Will have to wait until I have figured how to make a new windscreen. Still have two more Cyclone kits in the stash. In the past I have attempted a few 1/72 & 1/48 aircraft, but made rookie mistakes and blunders. But you learn eventually, for me skill and patience came later. Amateur modeler with advanced modeler delusions, measure once, cut twice (or more). "IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT".

    More Uses For Plastic Sprue Recently I used some particularly chunky straight thick round rod section sprue * to plug the awful screw head openings on the chassis underside of the AMT 66 Mercury Park Lane kit. The sprue was just the right fit, and cuts easily. I know the Mercury is an older kit, but I think every little helps. (* from the Revell '62 or '63 Impala)
  6. 1970 Rare Green Charger

    This is great. Another inspirational build, love the color, the white roof works perfect with the green.
  7. '71 Plymouth Satellite - restoration WIP images added!

    Excellent job, you really put some work into this. I would have be totally demoralised having to sand down and scrape paint and decals. I recently attempted to strip a horrible paint job from a part-built Revell-Monogram 69 Shelby Mustang GT500, but still had some sanding to do. (* To be fair I got this kit free with another GT500 kit from the seller, as the tail light parts were missing) Seems having assembled the motor halves, someone then sprayed the body black, but possibly disappointed by the satin finish (?) then brushed/slopped on some thick, and gloopy, gloss black enamel. This apparently was not fully dried when the kit was shelved, and when I received the kit part of the instruction sheet was firmly stuck to the roof, this was the part that resisted paint stripper. Nerve wracking or what !
  8. 1966 GTO Pro Street

    This looks really nice, great color. Carry on the good work, looking forward to how this turns out.
  9. Slightly Custom ‘65 Grand Prix

    Those custom wheels really make this barge go.
  10. Hello all

    Welcome Dave S. This is the best there is, I love Model Cars Mag forums, always something of interest and plenty of stuff to look at, with very informed and helpful contributors, I speak as someone who knew very little about car related stuff, and is now obsessive about the subject, muscle cars, hot rods, Tri - Five Chevys, Dodge Darts, Ford Fairlanes, Galaxies, Plymouth GTXs, Roadrunners, MOPAR, NASCAR and so on. NB I used to visit a military vehicle modelling site, (which will remain un-named!) and while there were some helpful folk there, sadly there were some unpleasant characters who were intolerant of those who were not in the know.
  11. Slightly Custom ‘65 Grand Prix

    Excellent job, really nice color choice. Currently I have two versions stashed of the recent re-pop, one in white plastic, other in metallic aqua. I notice there are extra parts in the large flat box version (white plastic). I might use the modern wheels from the Revell's 'California Wheels' issue '62 Impala and see if they go with the Grand Prix, as I intend to use PPP's Holman Moody 9" wheels and tires with the Chevy.
  12. 53 Ford Custom

    I think you have a point, even though I started this post. My custom kit would be a heck of a lot milder, I didn't even notice the gull wing doors when I found this. The basic '53 Victoria is a really nice car. In reality I kind of hope it would be possible to do this sort of custom work from another source, without desecrating a nice original.
  13. 7 Muscle Cars I Hope Will Be Kitted Soon

    I would like to see a new Plymouth Fury, 1965 model, if not all of the '62 to '68 versions. The Jo-Han molds are presumably now lost, and obviously second hand kits/promos are next to none, or very few at a premium price.
  14. 53 Ford Custom

    While looking for customising ideas for the Lindberg 53 Ford Vicky, found this beauty.
  15. Lindberg 53 Ford Victoria custom question

    Dave G. Think you are spot on with this advice, problem solved ! If I need to cut away any plastic from the outer part of frame I'll simply add the equivalent thickness to the inner part with plastic card. Having looked at other contributor's custom builds on other MCM forums, I am now even more inspired. Thank you Wm D Green