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  1. I think I have one secured, but not sure yet.
  2. Did you make those based on the 66 nova headers?
  3. If anyone has one of these they could part with, let me know... saves me one more thing I have to sb.
  4. That is too cool... I'm gonna have to get those.
  5. That's exactly what I need... I think I'm gonna buy that set... they have it for 21 bucks on amazon.
  6. Yea that's my plan If I can't find one...
  7. I have the miami vice spider kit still sealed, but I don't think it's in there as the monogram kit is identical to the miami voce boxing. In fact the monogram kit that's molded in red, has "miami vice" universal studios trademarks on the inside of the gas tank.
  8. Hmmm maybe I'll have to sb one. If anyone finds anything let me know, as I'll keep looking myself.
  9. Did any kit come with or does anyone have a 1/24 car phone? I need one in a bad way.
  10. I found some at Ollie's last week... along with a few cans of paint. Also got some quart cans of duplicolor "paint shop" lacquer for $7 a quart! Good score.
  11. I go every other week on Thursdays to Hobbly Lobby, Ollie's, Michael's and about every 4th time Hobbytown. I call it "making my rounds"... lol my wife hates it. So, depending on what's in stock, or what kinda of price is on the box... I come home with a few kits at a max of about $14 each after utilizing each stores respective coupons. As far as online... occasionally amazon, plazaJapan, and Ebay.
  12. The carb linkages are pretty good imo. DM have been around for years, and usually put out good products imo as well.
  13. That is the plan, but I'm not certain how I'm going to replicate them just yet. Making them should prove fun... I've actually watched your videos where you built yours Daytona a few different times. I've actually been watching your YouTube for years lol. You do phenomenal work!
  14. I have got the dash pad removed, and now have to back fill and putty. Have to cut out the vents, reduce the number by 1 and move to where I have the black dots marked. Also plan to make some "bezels" for the vents to give them the right height/shape... The body is nearly ready for the 1st coat of primer, hoping I can get that done by the weekend. Cutting out the headlights is proving to be a pita... but I figured it would. Hopefully I'll have more of an update soon.
  15. I understand trust me... remember your "GTX" ? Lol
  16. Looks killer Dann, really like the wheels... very reminiscent of the countach (my fav)... Too cool!
  17. So when are we gonna see this color Dann? I'm anxious.
  18. I honestly watch Chris's video's regularly... Not because he's doing the most amazing of detail work or because he's taking great pains in fit and finish but because he seems to be having great fun, and alot of his builds turn out looking pretty darn good for what he does with them... and that's throw them on the shelf for his enjoyment. I sometimes wish I could take his "care free" approach to some models so I would actually get some done other than pain staking over minutia that really only matters to me... but unfortunately I can't. Just me knowing something isn't right, is enough to stop me. I praise the dude for "gettin it done"
  19. What do you mean exactly? You mean wiring the model for lights or do you mean modeling the wiring harness of the actual 1:1?
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