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  1. That really came out great! I like the color and the decals are perfect. Did you have any issues with the rear shocks? Seems that the shocks that came in the kit are way to long
  2. Very Cool! I mostly use a Marshall Code 50 modeling amp right now. Just like the pedals, you can get any sound you want, and can control everything from your phone or tablet. Nothing beats a real deal Marshall stack though
  3. Looking forward to seeing your pics with the decals. The brake booster in this kit is very small!
  4. I've got more guitars than I know what to do with. I've been buying, selling, and collecting for a long time. The kids will have to sell the guitars and Harleys off when I'm gone. I have mostly Gibson and some fenders. I like to build guitars too. Lots of Marshall amps as well.
  5. I use the original future. I still have enough left for a couple models, then I'll see what will be next.
  6. I've seen the pics of your truck It is very nice. I don't have a garage attached to the house. I have a shop out back what I keep my Harley's another small once, that I keep my lawn tractor and lawn tools in. Neither is climate controlled though.
  7. Over the winter, I may build a spray booth for the Basement. Until then, no stinky paints.
  8. Sounds like we like that same music. I have been playing for about 25 years.
  9. Thanks. I learned from a YouTube video about using the windshield washer fluid. Its cheap, I've never tried anything else.
  10. Cool! The green really suits the car.
  11. This is really cool. The Suburban looks great and am looking forward to seeing your progress on the boat
  12. Welcome! The pint on the body looks great. Just have fun!
  13. until

    Looking Forward to this!
  14. Looking good! Do you have any pics of your interior?
  15. Thanks James! I did not wire the kit distributor, I buy them already wired. I once wired a 1/16 scale and that was hard, I cant imagine trying a 1/25 scale. Are you a guitar player?
  16. Thanks Mike. This will get cleared in future same as all the other ones!
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