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  1. May 12, 2016 The GSL Trustees have heard, from many sources, the false and unfortunate rumor that GSL-XXVI (to be presented next year) will be the final Championship. That rumor is absolutely false. In the GSL-XXV Anniversary booklet, we printed this message: “. . . . [W]e announce . . . that the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention will not extend beyond five more events, which would take us to GSL-XXX in 2025. It is possible that GSL could conclude before that depending upon the health of the Trustees and GSL management. The 2025 date will allow competitors to start, or complete, entries they are planning to build for GSL competition. This statement was issued in response to questions about the future of GSL. Other senior GSL Trustees and I wanted to candidly admit that we’re getting older (I’ve just turned 65) and that the Championship will not extend indefinitely into the future. That said, the statement in the booklet cannot be interpreted to declare that the next GSL (2017) will be the last Championship. I personally expect that the Championship will extend until 2025 though it’s likely that new staff members will join in the presentation of this world-famous competitive event. Please pass the word that GSL-XXVI (2017) will NOT be the final Championship – nothing could be further from the truth. For further information, please contact me directly at: msgsl@xmission.com Thank you. Mark S. Gustavson, GSL Founder and GSL Board of Trustees
  2. Thanks Guys. Yeah I got some inspiration from this one:
  3. I have not posted for a while. I think I forgot how to post pictures. Let's give it a try, here goes.......... I just finished this one. Enjoy.
  4. Oh yes, I love this Dave. By the way, HI Dave !! Jim Hollywood Fernandez here. Been a long time. Great to see you building cool model cars.
  5. I would say there are "rarely" new ideas. I had a new idea this morning. Oh darn, I just forgot what it was................ . . .
  6. Correct ! It's not so much about the model. I learned that. Eight builders only three finished. I was there, yes I can attest, Danno did a lot of sharing and b-s'ing.................... LOL .
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