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  1. How difficult would it be to do this motorcycle in 1/25. It doesn't even have to steer or even roll. You could do it in one piece and let us worry about painting it. A pair of these would look great in the back of a 1/25 pickup.
  2. Sweet! Thats the stinger exhaust we need.
  3. Same here. I got a similar Schwinn Varsity in metallic brown when somebody left it on our front lawn. The Police told us if nobody claims it in 30 days, it's yours. Nobody claimed it and my dad went and picked it up from the station. None of my sisters wanted it because it wasn't a girl's bike. It was a little big, but I grew into it.
  4. Shakin' All Over - The Who. Jonny Kidd & The Pirates cover.
  5. One thing I always found funny about this movie, it is shot in California, supposedly takes place in Seattle, and yet so many of the characters have southern accents. Hollywood. 🤔
  6. I'm looking to trade my MPC 1970 Super Bee for a Revell, 1970 Charger R/T. You can keep the Hemi engine, and Hemi decals and I'll keep my 440 engine and whatever 440 decals from my kit. I just want to build a 440 six pack Charger.
  7. Anxious to see what goodies you will offer for this one.
  8. Thats the first thing I thought. I wasn't aware any company did a 500. And how could you tell from that angle?
  9. "Wanna do a little dirt trackin' eh hot rod. Well, this is where I came from"
  10. Well, I couldn't make that factory grill work with this Revell model (even though Revell called it 1/25, I think it may actually be 1/24) I think someone tried to tell me that earlier. Now I'm starting over from scratch. This is the AMT Foxy box kit. Believe it or not there is a good looking Chevy van in this kit. One of the things I liked about the Revell was its lift off roof so you could show off that great interior. So I'm making this one a lof off also. Either I'm going to try to clean that roof piece up with styrene,, putty and tons of sanding, or or I'll just leave the top open. I did the initial cutout with a cutof wheel and fileing. What I have so far.
  11. I got another one. "Hang on. I think we got a mover here." "Hes's stain' with us." "What's he got under that hood?" "Drivers no slouch either."
  12. Really cool Steve! A lot to look at. I like the Easy Rider poster on the wall. 😎
  13. Looks good Charles. I'm pretty sure it was me who was asking for the stinger exhaust. I already got a request for one yesterday.
  14. Sometimes, you could get the car for less. 🤑
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