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    Photos from our show on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/196590346@N03/sets/72177720302444248/
  2. Wow, great progress so far! I'm amazed at the precision work on the brass along with the added plastic detail parts, right down to the fasteners, impressive! Thanks for the updates, very inspiring
  3. Nice job! Love the colour, wish I could decide on something for the one I started, just can’t commit to something so I love seeing yours built, well done!
  4. Nailed it! Doesn’t get much better than that, a neat kitbash with great paint, decals, and lighting, it looks so realistic!
  5. Such neat paint and decals, you did a great job despite the fit issues, you’d never know it!
  6. Nice job on the castings and details! You sure made a big improvement over the stock kit and the nasty bits you had to work with! Love the colour too, seems so right for the period
  7. Nice work so far on that one, it cleaned up so nice! What I meant was the other model, note where the break between cab and box is missing compared to the one you’re working on. If I’m right it represents the one piece body that Ford offered for only a couple of years, with integrated cab and box, I think the box sides were riveted to the cab, innovative but apparently not too popular at the time https://www.cjponyparts.com/resources/unibody-pickup-trucks
  8. Nice looking truck, those whitewalls really brighten it up! Is it just me or does the other model look like the rarer unibody style, the cab and box all one piece?
  9. A good technique I can use on my Mercury conversion hubcaps, thanks! You do realize your 'handle' does kinda suggest some emblem mods...
  10. Great job, Larry! Pretty amazing how far you went starting with a simple toy, leaving no material or technique unexplored to achieve your vision, so very inspiring! We can all learn from that! Thank you Cliff for posting it
  11. A simple save turned into an exponential transformation! Once again skill. creativity and attention to detail make for a museum quality replica, so inspiring yo see what can be done with a simple kit like this (I've started one, long ago), and a glue bomb at that, amazing, thanks for sharing
  12. Yes! Gonna study the pics to see how you did it, as I've been collecting photos to do one just like it, almost every pickup had one back in the day
  13. Looks great! Love your choice of wheels and tires, with nice depth to the wheels over the kit ones, and the ride height suits it too!
  14. Nice memory, from a time when we had some respect for telecom companies, LOL!
  15. Wow, so creative yet so neatly done! Love the photo through the windshield, the glass is clear enough to read the clipboard, and nice attempt at the engine fuel lines too, never thought of doing that before!
  16. Looks nice in that colour! Love the whitewalls too, the finishing touch!
  17. Nice job! Love the colour choice and detailing! I’m working on the same concept right now (base step side, ready for the colour coat) and appreciate the inspiration, paintwork is always the challenge for me, but yours came out great!
  18. Wow, that looks great! Very solidly built with that double skin, too, unlike the full size Winnies, LOL! You do such neat work, precision cutting and assembly too
  19. Thanks a lot! I took a photo of it next to its big brother at our last club meeting. I plan to try one again with the Moebius pickups, will have to have the vintage look, though, they were aluminum-skinned back then IIRC
  20. Yes, there it is, to which I'd add, "in all it's glory!" Great job, it really pops in those colours! Looks authentic, too!
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