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  1. Nice build of this legendary car. I viewed one in real life in early 1964 at Crosstown Motors in Edmonton. As a 9 year old it was impressive especially when they started it inside the showroom... and the noise! Cheers DanL
  2. The yellow paint job is spot on... looks great
  3. Really nice clean job... I only use the krylon paints now... they are very good quality and still inexpensive here Cheers
  4. First build after I got back into the hobby... 55 years between my last build and this one
  5. Thx for the positive feedback... Cheers DanL
  6. Thx for the positive comments... Cheers DanL
  7. Chrome looks really excellent... nice build
  8. It is pretty crude... the front suspension and wheel hubs are really something
  9. Well proportioned model with some questionable fit and finish but still a nice change from more regular builds. These early 30's cars sure were elegant in their own way and have a real presence to them. Wouldn't mind finding a nice Duesenberg to build. Cheers DanL
  10. Nice stuff as always... I think Spruce Grove is having a big show this weekend. Think I will go on Sunday Cheers DanL
  11. Interior looks good... are vent windows included?
  12. I've been driving BMW's for over 40 years and I wish I could add that one to my stable. Paint job is beautiful and the build is nicely executed Cheers DanL
  13. really starting to enjoy building the more complex models... Take a lot longer but are more interesting to build. My next build is either a 1932 Chrysler Imperial or the Lotus Type 79 JPS from Tamiya Cheers DanL
  14. I'm thinking I should have painted it green...
  15. minus the Pirelli stuff...Gloss sun yellow over a black and yellow two tone interior...steerable wheels and opening engine cover but the impossible to fit gullwing doors are glued in place. Beautiful kit but a challenge Cheers DanL
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