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  1. Thanks Bob... A lot of these have been built lately and it is a nice clean simple build. Gave me a chance to try the three tone paint job and I also used wider rear street tires (from the AMT 67 chevelle kit) so I had to raise the car by a couple of mm to clear the rears and get it sitting right. Cheers DanL
  2. Sox and Martin painted all there race cars in this style with slight variations... always liked it . I guess American motors did too because in 1969 they built the SC/Rambler, a compact muscle car with this same livery. My paint job turned out pretty good with the red side panels being the most difficult. It's hard to avoid those small bleed in areas under the masking tape and very difficult to touch them up properly. Cheers DanL
  3. Thx for the great comment... I am getting better the more I build. Cheers DanL
  4. I think it might look better with a full package of racing decals if I can dig some up... the stuff it comes with is not that good. I posted a few more pictures Cheers DanL
  5. Nice clean simple kit for building but well worth the effort. A good platform to try some more advanced painting. Always liked the Sox and Martin colors so it's my version of an S+M Chevy.
  6. It's a beauty... has to be one of the finest automobile designs ever. Cheers DanL
  7. Great looking car... The work on the hood is excellent Cheers DanL
  8. I don't primer the smaller pieces usually but I don't use acrylic paints. Tried them and switched to enamels... they behave much more like normal paint but the clean up is a little messier Cheers
  9. DanL

    '65 Chevy II

    Nice build... I'm in the middle of building this kit. Your paint reminds me Sepia Metallic from BMW Cheers Dan
  10. DanL

    '70 Cuda

    Pretty slick with the lights
  11. super build with a great color...
  12. Very, very nice work on a great looking kit. Would like to see more of your work Cheers DanL
  13. Loved the show as a kid... don't remember the car but it should turn out neat Cheers DanL
  14. Krylon is my fav too... I gat mine at Micheals with 30% off coupon
  15. Built one last year and it is a very nice kit... Looking good Cheers Dan
  16. Start with one of the original masters... H.P. Lovecraft.
  17. Very nice build... excellent detail on the engine Cheers Dan
  18. Nice collection of cars...loved the Pontiac Tempest 421 cu in.... good to see that most people have abandoned the ugly black wheel look Cheers Dan
  19. These are great cars... I like the Jagermiester livery as well. Super build with wonderful detail Cheers Dan
  20. Super cool model build... really creative and well executed Cheers Dan
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