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  1. Seems to the contrary as he calls me out personally all the time, JollySipperman
  2. EDIT: Now let's have some clowns say it's not me who's doing the work (which I've heard more times than I can remember), or criticize and run their mouths about things they have absolutely no knowledge of, or rebleat the gibberish about my being uncomfortable with "technology" or something equally idiotic about me living in the past and not "keeping up with the times". C'mon bozos. Step right on up. Plese explain Billiiam Corning?
  3. So very beautiful, that it is restoration even moreso. Not an easy kit, made to look so wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
  4. Very beautiful diorama and car. I love the background. It looks like it is from a 1960s movie!
  5. I forget where or when (so long ago!) but I enjoyed this years later as a repeat showing cartoon. Very wonderfully imagined! Bravo!
  6. What a fun model to behold! As a youth I had a Hot Wheels car by that name which looked similar. While it did not look like anything familiar, it was a cherished toy. It was only later I learned about hot rods and fantasy cars. What a fun memory you bring. Very nice!
  7. You asked me to share what was funny. Your comments are quite humorous. I would have said nothing but you specifically asked. If you don't want an answer, I don't know why you would do that. What is "with me" is that I was responding to your request.
  8. Intersting to see who is so "snarky" now. That you for that. I had to look that term up. Seems you are "snarky" if people work in front of a computer or take meetings. I can see how this world of technology could IRK you so! It must be so hard to live in a time that has changed under your feet. That would IRK me too, except like most I decide to keep up with the times. Have a nice day. Hope that one day your life will not be such trial.
  9. A very nice replica utility vehicle. It looks ready to adventure.
  10. Beautiful build of car (maybe not always the M) that once seemed everywhere, and is now a rare occasion to see on the road.
  11. As sad as it is the car was ruined by accident, it looked it's best when it was here. May you find another someday.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvzFUySWXgc I just now run across this thread and recently saw this video on YouTube. I had never seen the spoilers factory installed like your car has, but it seems they were sold that way in the USA. I would assume those were put on at the port facilities when the vehicles were offloaded from Japan. In another time I worked with a company at a port facility that did nothing but installations like those. often up though the late 1980s unique trim models that only existed in a given country were merely vehicles that had a set of identical accessories added to a base car. I think the front spoiler especially suits the RX-7 shape. Lovely model of a lovely car.
  13. Very nice work. I always liked the "fantasy" racing versions so many Monogram kits had in this era to compliment the stock versions.
  14. While speculation is fun, one is a 2-kit box of models that both have stock versions in the box (and have post 1990-reissues for the Shelby kit) and the other is a 1990s era Ertl kit that builds stock. The original annual shown turned into one of those short-chassis cars they have reissued many times. I can not see either of these being the mentioned kit at all, though the 1969 Galaxie would be a welcome reissue especially if they tooled it up with the GT trim wheels and stripes. I am aware you need to remove molded-in trim but we are modelers, correct?
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