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  1. Thanks. Glad you dig it! Curt sells on eBay here: eBay seller crtr8tz items for sale
  2. I copied and pasted each sentence from my originally intended post. I eventually got to it all. The reason it's in 2 parts is because the paste function timed out and I had to start a second post. Unfortunately I'll never know what the offending text string was because it all (eventually) got posted. Thanks Snake!
  3. ...The other influence was almost certainly the model car show in Pasadena attached to the Grand National Roadster Show the following day, which kept some of the SoCal regulars away. But the positive aspects far overshadowed the car-count decline. For example the vendor tables were completely sold out, something I can’t recall happening in several years. And there were many new vendors and vendors who had been new last year and were back once again. Even more importantly, the atmosphere was vibrant and dynamic with the aisles crowded with modelers and visitors engaged in animated conversation throughout the day, without the usual decline after lunch. And vendors appeared to be doing very well, too. I hope to finally get back to the level of photographs I used to be able to provide when I go back next year. In the meantime thanks to all my modeling friends, new and old, who made this year's NNL West so enjoyable. B.
  4. Below I’ve posted a few pics from this year’s NNL West which took place last Saturday, 01/24/2020. Between a substandard camera I’ve sworn not to use again and a premature battery drain, I landed up taking only a few pictures, many of them of questionable quality, for which I apologize. Additional photos can be found here: NNL West 2020 Photos NNL West 2020 was an interesting show with the usual vast selection of beautifully built models, making the photo debacle especially frustrating.NNL West 2020 was an interesting show with the usual vast selection of beautifully built models, making the photo debacle especially frustrating. The number of models actually declined somewhat, but was still enormous at close to 1,000. But, as I said, the quality was ever present.
  5. I keep getting a 404 error when trying to create/post/edit to this topic. Help!
  6. I keep getting a 404 error when trying to create/post/edit to this topic. Help!
  7. Thank you everyone! I'm pleased you all enjoyed it! Much appreciated.
  8. I've resisted building this model because of the opening doors and the risk that it might not come together properly. But these cars, even though this body type only lasted 1 year, were so iconic and representative of all that was right by 50's style American styling, that seeing your fine model make me think again about tackling it.
  9. Thanks! Glad you dig 'em! Thanks Tom. Discussing and sharing our work is definitely a highlight on the forum, for sure. Thanx! C U later this month Curt.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing the results, as unpredictable as they might be. I suspect it should be impactful, at least as I'm imagining it... As an fyi, here's Gin San over Testors Metalizer Aluminum Plate on the fuel tank of the 904 posted above, it completely transforms it:
  11. Around 2010 there was a lot of buzz about Work Kosutte Ginsang as the total solution to home chroming. Paint the part (flawlessly) in gloss black and then apply the "magic powder". Part of the buzz, I think, is that it was mysteriously hard to get - you apparently could only order it from Japan and it was constantly out of stock and on reorder. I found it at Hobbylink Japan on backorder and placed an order and waited. After a couple of months or so my order was filled and it arrived. As a chroming application it was a total fail. In truth, over black it looked like black chrome. But I did notice that it imparted a convincing metllic sheen. So I experimented with other finishes. Here's alink to a discussion on the TRaK board from that time that you will find instructive: TRaK Gin-San discussion 2010-2011 . MCM forum member LL3 Model Worx asked about it, too, on my thread that has the pickup that I posted avove and here's an excerpt from my reply to him:
  12. Your welcome. One correction, the original Gin Sang product was called Work Kosutte Gin Sang. You answered so quickly I was unable to correct it. But I have now! LOL...
  13. Work Kosutte Gin Sang has always been hard to find. I got mine from several years ago from Hobbylink Japan, and even then I had to wait on backorder for several weeks. I just did a web search on the stuff and drew a blank. It is very likely it's no longer available, so I'm glad you asked. So I then searched at Hobbylink Japan and they default to C1 Metalizer (see: C1 Models C1 Metalizer and HobbyLink Japan C1 Metalizer ). I have known about C1 for quite some time and it appears to be a good substitute. My original container of Kosutte Gin San is still more than half full after several years of use and will last several more. I suspect that with C1 Metalizer you will get the same results and it will last many years. I use my Gin San for other things besides bare metal effects including enhancing or changing the nature of other metallic paints such as gunmetal, chrome of bronze paints. It definitely worth experimenting with because it can yield some very realistic effects.
  14. I thought I would bump this because of questions and comments on my bare metal Deuce among my models in 2019 recap.
  15. Thanks again to you all. I'm glad you all dig them! It's my "secret sauce" which I shared here:
  16. This really is exceptional work. You can recognize it when all the surfaces, textures, and details "scale" to the eye despite the merciless lens of close up photography. The Talladega with it's background diorama struck me particularly. All the best for 2020.
  17. Yes we should have a Round six. And boy you sure got it done just in time, although I must admit to not knowing precisely which time zone Styrenestan is in...
  18. Wasn't that the Indycar era! Great looking set. All the best for 2020.
  19. Your projects are always epic in their skill and detail so one-and-done is just fine I would think. Looking forward to more inspiration from your bench in 2020.
  20. A good year, Phil. Of course I'm partial to the Deuces... All the best for 2020.
  21. Your skills and disciplined style are always an inspiration. All the best for 2020.
  22. Prolific, and to a consistently high standard. The McLaren has the most appeal to my eye. All the best for 2020.
  23. Very fine modern-style high detail scale modeling. Superb everyone. All the best for 2020.
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