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  1. I just grabbed the pic off of ebay, it's not actually distorted. The blooper is "Ford Coupe" when it's a sedan. It wsa changed on later boxes.
  2. Only thing sad is the lives affected by her poor choices. I feel horrible for the lady whose home she destroyed. As of last night she had received abut $140K through a go fund me set up for her. Even so, she has to rebuild her life.
  3. This was a pretty well known box art error. Funny thing is that I had this for over 20 years and never noticed it!
  4. Beautiful, that livery looks fantastic on this! Just needs a NewMan decal 👍
  5. That's nice, I like the low stance! Were you inspired by Fat Jack Robinson, or is it just a happy coincidence?
  6. Agreed. It seemed confusing and rushed, like they wanted to get the story over with. I was quite disappointed since I thought last week was one of the best episodes, and hoped the finale would be at least as good. It has been renewed for season 2!
  7. I just got an email from Hobby Search and this flying car kit was listed. I don't know if it's new or not, but thought some of you that build flying cars might be interested in it. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10847842
  8. @Mike C.'s post on Massive Attack reminded me how much I like them. This is Three, the intro song for "City of Industry", one of my favorite movies.
  9. Man KK, the proportions on this are just so right! Great work on stuffing that V12 and blower in there, and your bellypan is a work of art. That's a perfect use for the Roaster hood ports too!
  10. You might want to take a look at the tires in the Revell Lowrider kits. As I remember it, they were about the outside diameter of the Corvair kit tires, but much wider.
  11. Yep. It was posted on nextdoor. The responses made it obvious this is normal fine!
  12. Consider yourself fortunate, it's much more expensive in California. A neighbor paid $545 a few weeks ago.
  13. I love Archy Jay "The Snake Charmer". I'm also a huge fan of J-Pop and J-Metal.
  14. I did a little googling and it seems that lift kits for the Geo are a lot more common than we'd expect. I don't know about drive train swaps, I was not that interested lol 🤪
  15. I did too, when I was about 14. I was definitely not as gentle or patient as that guy. It did get the job done, but tube glue and bondo seemed a whole lot easier.
  16. And much thanks goes to John for selling me this at a very reasonable price! It's the centerpiece of my collection. I take it out every so often to marvel at the ingenuity and quality of this build. Believe me, it looks even better in person! 😁
  17. Really looking forward to this. Just not entirely happy with the windshield. To me it looks like the top edges sweep up too much. Yeah, I know, someone will probably tell me that my example is not an original Duvall 🤪
  18. Might be the prototype for decals on another F&F Mitsubishi Eclipse re-release. 🤪😵🤬
  19. Plastruct sells bends in various sizes and degrees that are pinned at both ends which would be perfect. Their website is not the easiest to navigate, but this link might get you started. I've long wondered why folks don't use these to build headers, since you could assemble them just like they do in 1:1. https://www.plastruct.com/search?q=bend
  20. I've been playing Gran Turismo since GT1. I'm sad to see the impending demise of GT Sport, but thrilled GT7 comes out at 9pm tonight. I got an invite to buy a PS5 from PlayStation, but it's too much money for me right now. I do a lot of my racing online, so I'm hopeful that the folks with a PS5 and haptic controller don't have an edge.
  21. That's very nice, some great work going on there. And I like yours better. 👍
  22. I suggested that to him a long time ago. I also suggested resin. He was not interested in either and was adamant that it MUST be in plastic.
  23. That really brought a smile to my face! And yes, sidepipes would look great. Well done!
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