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  1. dartman added a topic in General   

    Glue bomb
    Ok,I went to a flee market(I need more flees lol) and an older guy had some kits on his table.I was interested in a 70 (71 ?) duster. The car was assembled with at least 2 tubes of
    glue.The only thing that was painted was the body and it looked like it was dipped in a vat of ugly.Did I mention the hood was glued shut and the roof was crushed.I thought I would get 
    it to save the chassis for parts but when he told me what he wanted for it I just set it back down,thanked him and walked away.The price for this masterpiece was 12.00$.Was I wrong
    thinking it was over priced? He also told how rare this 75 duster was.Dident have the heart to tell him he was wrong on the year and it wasent that rare.Sigh....ok I feel better now.  
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  2. dartman added a post in a topic Dry tip   

    I did leave that bit of information out dident I. I have been using a Badger 150 and 200 with the same issues.I had not thought about over
    thinning of the paint but now i can try adjusting the ratio and see where it takes me. It has been so humid here it may be a few days before
    get to do any painting but i will post what the outcome is.Thanks for the ideas.
  3. dartman added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Dry tip
    I have been using lacquer for painting models with my airbrush for quite a long time (4-5 ) years now.I have noticed lately that when I stop painting for a few seconds (Ok,10 to 20 maybe more) the paint in the nozzle
    is dry.I  now keep a small amount of thinner handy to dip the tip in so I can continue spraying.I never had an issue until a few months ago.Anyone have an answer or ideas? Its making me almost dread getting
    the AB out.     
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  4. dartman added a post in a topic Cigarette smoke smell How to get rid of it?   

    For the paper parts(directions,box) I take them out and let them sit in the sun.I use this when I get anything that was 
    kept in a basement and has that damp musty smell.Be sure to cover them so you dont get any bird doo on them but
    that is another problem entirely. Works for any paper products.
  5. dartman added a post in a topic 1400 mile 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire (Sorry, couldn't find the station wagon thread)   

    When I was in high school (1976-79) I had a Buick sport wagon with the windows in the roof(think Olds vista cruiser) with the 400/th400 combo. I loved
    the car but what made it great was the 4.10 gears the original owner had installed for towing his boat.That car caught a lot of muscle cars off guard.I did
    put air bags in the rear springs and the car could hook in a car wash.
  6. dartman added a post in a topic Can I Use Micro Chisels With Brass?   

    Not with a dremel,I use my wood turning tools and small lathe to work aluminum,brass and copper all the time.As with any turning tool , You do need to keep them
    sharp for best results.
  7. dartman added a post in a topic Punch for round dash board gauge face decals etc,....   

    If you or someone you know is a shooter,sometimes a casing can be used as a punch.Or go to a range and pick up and compare sizes.I use them all the time for small holes.
  8. dartman added a post in a topic Turned some parts on the Lathe today   

    Those wheels look great so far.I have a small wood lathe that I use for making pens and bowls.Every now and then I use it to make something for a model.Being so small,I have to get creative with set up and of course there is no feed.Things come out ok but not like when I had my small metal lathe.I have also made some wood bits for models but once they are painted ya cant tell. 
  9. dartman added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    A Revell 1953 Chevy panel and a  1979 ford pick up followed me home.The panel will be done as a gasser and
    the Ford will will be done stock with maybe a small lift.
  10. dartman added a post in a topic STEVE SCOTT ,A.KA . [ UNCERTAIN T ]   

    LOL......now that's an idea.......
  11. dartman added a post in a topic Revell discontinued Del Rio wagon.   

    But they cant put it on the internet if it's not true......
  12. dartman added a post in a topic Anyone else own a Testors pin vise?   

    I have an old x-acto pin vise but I also have a inexpensive four piece set of four from Micro Mark and
    have used the heck out of them for close to ten years now.They grip tight and never slip plus like I
    said are inexpensive.
  13. dartman added a post in a topic Hey Round2 Let's see these again......   

    The box shows a two door on the cover.
  14. dartman added a post in a topic My fathers day "self gifts"   

    I got myself a new can of map gas for the shop.I know,nothing great but I needed it.
  15. dartman added a post in a topic Cheater slicks ?   

    I use the mandrel I made for the drill press to scuff my tires.I get the tires spinning and
    lightly hold the x-acto saw on them then finish up with some light sand paper on the rest
    of the tire to even it all out.