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  1. Thanks,I hadent seen anything here but wanted to check.Thanks again for the info......
  2. I just got an email offering lifetime subscription to our favorite model magazine.Real or bogus I did not open till I checked it out here first.Anyone else get it?
  3. A little late but I always add the 1969 GS when those "lists" come up.I had a 1969 gs 400 with a 430 and some mods also a 1969 sport wagon about the same time.These were two of my favorite cars.
  4. I am getting ready to start some bodywork and have a question about tools.First,is there a small cheese grater for heavy molding or is there something you guys use? I have never seen one so thought I would ask.Second,what is best putty for heavy molding?
  5. It is in fact used on real car parts.I use it all the time on carburetors and anything I need to clean that the regular sand or glass beads would plug up.
  6. That's an OK saw,never used it for plastic but works great on brass tubes.......
  7. My dad had a 65' Sport Fury with that engine in the 70's.....
  8. That is a Dodge coronet super bee not an Old's...........
  9. I love his video's especially the sense of humor......
  10. I painted them flat black but not before polishing them first......now to install them.....
  11. Thanks everyone,looks like flat black it is.......
  12. I was going to use flat black paint and paint the inside of the window,sound like a good plan or not?
  13. I have a kit (56 beetle if you must know) that is missing most of the interior.I am going to build it and tint the windows and need to know what if anything do I need to do to prep them for painting.Do I just wash and paint or is there more to it?
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