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  1. I use mek on about all my stuff and have never found anything it would not work on.....
  2. I had thought of that,if you have a problem after a year or three pick up a new one.
  3. Wow,that is a good idea,I did not think of doing that. Thanks for the Idea.
  4. What cfm would I need for a booth,I dont want to get a fan that will be sucking in outside dirt from the room?
  5. This one also but a different brand.......HUBEST Professional 0.2mm .3mm .5mm Dual Action Airbrush Spray Paint Gun Kit Complete Set for General-Purpose Art-and-Craft Projects Tattoo Model-Railroad Detailing R/C Car Bodies Plastic Kits
  6. Master Airbrush Model G22 Multi-Purpose Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set with a 0.3mm Tip and 1/3 oz. Fluid Cup - User Friendly, Versatile Kit - Spray Auto Graphics, Art, Crafts, Tattoos, Cake
  7. I have a badger 150 and 200 brushes but am looking for a fixed cup airbrush.I have been looking online and see the Master band and was looking for opinions from those who who may have tried them.Now before you tell me to get a paasche or another badger I cant afford them right now.What does everyone think?
  8. I am not building an air compressor I was going to build a very small tank for my airbrush compressor to eliminate the pulsing from the little compressor.
  9. "It's a sick world and I'm a happy guy!"  Thanks dartman; you made my day!  

  10. Yeah,I used copper to plumb it not pvc lol
  11. Well it looks like I'm looking for a small tank but wow,I would not have thought 40 pounds could be so bad.Guys even use pvc to plumb their shops for air and had a guy who wanted to do my place with it and I was going to use steel for the tank. Well live and learn,thanks guys.
  12. I know building a pressure tank is not to be taken lightly but was thinking if I use material rated for 2000 lbs would be ok.It would only be 8 inches long and maybe 4 inches in diameter.You dont think at 40/45 lbs it would hold ? If you guys think its a bad idea I guess I wont but I need something small. living in an apartment has it's limitations and I just dont have room for a compressor or large air tank. More thoughts?
  13. Just a quick question about my airbrush compressor.How much psi do you think it would build when used with a small tank? I want to make a tank to stop the pulsing when using my airbrush. Thoughts.....
  14. Thanks,I hadent seen anything here but wanted to check.Thanks again for the info......
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