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  1. What ever became of the rumor about this kit being issued ? Or was it that, just a rumor ?
  2. Does any caster make the old AFB's. Ive got about every carb except that one.
  3. It sure would be nice if Kenny at Bandit Resins did a new mold and also did a 1965 442. I think it might sell better than the old one.
  4. That Polar Lights 1965 Dodge I think had what you may want, and an exhaust system to go with them cut outs and all,
  5. I'd just love to see Revell give the option of stick or auto trans and different intake combos on there tri-five's. Stick or auto trans on the nova ss. And they sold way more 396's than 350's in real life. Maybe they wanted us to buy two kits to make one. Also bench or bucket seats. Console optional on cars when appropiate. Round 2 has made a living off of ant/mpc molds. Its time to step up and do the 1968 Dodge R/T. They got the Plymouth's, Roadrunner, Gtx etc. i think the Dodge would help complete the line.
  6. You got em, Thanks I don't think I'd of ever found them. Again a Big Thank You,
  7. Playing around with this kit and I can't find the rear coil springs. Supposed to be part # 123 chromed. Has anyone else had this ? If it were Revell no problem, but round 2 thinks you might want to steal a part and mail or drive your kit back to seller. Ive looked at plain plastic and chromed and these old eyes just can't find them. Help
  8. Thank You ,Thank You ,Thank You, Moebius. It seems somebody does listen. Please where possible auto or stick trans, console optional. Thank You
  9. I like 60's drag cars, showroom stocks. I avoid nascar,todays top fuel, funny cars, pro stocks,formula's, indy's and all foreign cars. I don't do big scale , but I don't have room, nothing against them. I check resins, new stuff even trucks mostly all over this site. But Im a gray beard.
  10. MCW mostly lacquers, very few enamels. Scale Finishes are mostly enamels. Both are great company's and turn around very quick. I guess its your preferance.
  11. Ive been stuck by Lookout resins and he's had a few different company's, also Time machine resins. Don't want to get stuck again. Ive found three different casters I havent dealt with yet and would like some advice. They are VCG Resins, BNL Resins and Harts Parts. Any advise will be handy. I have dealt with GREAT success MCW, Modelhaus, and Star Models. These people are great. Thanks
  12. It's True, everything is bigger in Texas.
  13. He stuck me years ago with lookout for over a hundred bucks in models I never got and speaking of crooks who should have their knuckles busted time machine owes me three kits/conversions.
  14. This goes out to R/M if they monitor, Please Please give us the options tween auto and stick.On all re-issues. I'm talking 55,56,57 Chevy's, Nova's and everything else. And while I'm dreaming the choice of buckets or bench and optional console for buckets. We can build alot more what if's , when there is choices. I am 66 and we didn't spend alot of money on too much stuff that didn't make us go faster. With the price of kits today I don't see these extra parts adding too much more in price.
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