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  1. Can anyone tell me a vendor who sells a distributor like this on pictured here? Later- video-survival-motorsports-builds-blown-thousand-horsepower-fe2.webp
  2. This is a nice looking build. Great color choices. I just did a trade for one of these kits and I am looking forward to building it. Later-
  3. Thanks Bill and Casey, I think we may be on track for a post that could be very helpful for a lot of us. Later-
  4. So, what should we call the Post and who wants to get it started? I just left work where most of my stash is and I don't have anything here to post a question about. I think the Post should go something like this: Post a pic of the part/parts and the kit it is from, if you have it. Questions would be 1. What is it? What 1:1 part does it represent? 2 What kit or kits is it from? 3. Who made the 1:1 part and for what purpose? 4. What type or style of build would it be seen on in the 1:1 world? 5. Where can I find a "Whatzit" for my build? "What is available?" Anything else anyone can think of to include? I don't think that this should be done as a "Stump the Dummy" or trivia post. It should be a place where someone can either go to find out info on a part they have and how it would be used or a "What can I use to build this?/ Where can I find this part?" If you start a post for this idea, make sure you put a link here so we know where to go. Later-
  5. Not a problem Charles. Looking forward to trading with you. I like that GT 40. Later-
  6. Charles, Welcome aboard. Before you offer anything up you need to go back to pg 4 and claim one of the kits that 57olds88 offered up. Otherwise, we have two people offering at the same time. One kit claimed then offer something to the group to give away. To the group- I am all for people offering more than one kit at a time. Give people something to choose from. Otherwise it stalls out too long. I don't think the concept is too confusing. It's just that some aren't aware of the concept or haven't read the directions. This post is not intended to offend anyone, so I hope nobody takes it that way. Later-
  7. Gary, I wouldn't be too hasty. You only asked an hour ago and got one reply. I would be interested. I have come into a collection of parts and parts kits recently and will probably be getting much more over the course of the winter. I know that with a lot of it I will have no idea what it is, what kit it came from, but more importantly, what type of a build it would be historically and feasibily accurate on. I think, if I'm following your idea, I can post a picture of a part, or even a partial tree, and someone can tell me the answers to my three points above. If that is your idea, I like it and I, for one, am in. Later-
  8. Got these three. The box on the pickup was that way when I got it. Chrome is open on it. Everything else sealed in bags. The other two are open box, sealed bags. Later-
  9. I'll take the Jota. I'll post some kits up soon. Later-
  10. You forgot the follow up to that. ASDO And so do ours. Later-
  11. I have this one and some other parts from that kit. Is the plate all you need? I'll PM you again. Later-
  12. Yes I do need one still. I will send you a PM and clean my box. Later-
  13. No problems. Thanks for the reply. Later-
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