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  1. I believe that I have the parts. I'll search for them tonight and get back to you tomorrow. Later-
  2. Got it up on the wheels and engine and exhaust installed. My bumpers and grill were airbrushed with Molotow last week and I've been resisting touching them until this point. Just need to get them installed, a mirror on and the Connie kit installed. Getting close. Later-
  3. This one I like. The first one is just a mess, IMHO. I have to give credit to the efforts, however. Not every attempt at bat is a home run. Later-
  4. Lol. I like how things seem to just come home with us from the hobby shop. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Maybe I'll stop in to B and B this week and see if they have any on order. Later-
  5. Tom, Thanks. I appreciate the info. I had read it on the 24 hr page. I have been looking over the kit and actually have been getting excited to build it. Later-
  6. I picked these up off of Amazon the other day for some light reading (lol) in preparation of another lathe someday soon! Later-
  7. Just won this on eBay. I like the paint job. Can't wait to see how good it looks. If it needs it I'll strip it and repaint the same. Later-
  8. I remember that build. You did an excellent job on it! I'll keep that info about the turbo pipe and the different length half shafts in mind.
  9. Thanks. I think I will be working on the Dodge Stealth for the 24 hr build. I should be building the Ramblur soon and will have a WIP post on it. Later-
  10. Although I may build the GTO, I am actually leaning towards the Dodge Stealth. It is a nice kit with a clean casting. Also, I have had it so long and tried to get rid of it numerous times and nobody seems to want it. I really have no attachment to it. Later-
  11. The Ramblur would be a slightly customized version due to its simplicity. Let's face it, have to have some sort of a challenge. Later-
  12. I'm going to do the 24 hr build this year. I've been trying to decide which kit to settle on. This will be my first go at the 24 hr build. I did the 3 day challenge a few years ago over the 4th of July weekend and managed to complete the build of a Thom Taylor Vette Agin kit. It was a fun challenge so I thought that I would test my endurance and abilities with the 24 hr build. So, here are a few of my choices. I'm looking for your input as to which I should do. I currently have it whittled down to two but can be swayed easily. I'm leaning towards the Dodge Stealth Turbo or the GTO funny car. Although the Acura Integra could be fun to build with a targa roof. (Keeping any mods simple) Let me know what your thoughts are and if you feel like joining in on the 24 hr build this year contact Nacho Z. Later-
  13. Charlie, That looks like a perfect subject for the 24 hr build. I'm going to do the 24 hr build this year also. Was looking through my stash for a subject and pulled out about 8 options. I think I've landed on either the reissue of the MPC GTO funny car or the AMT/ERTL Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. Later-
  14. I'll get them boxed up for you with the other parts I am sending you. Later-
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