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  1. I finally found the tires I need for my build but I only have two. I need the rear tires from the 39 Wagonrod. If you don't need the fronts and wheels I could trade for them too but really just need the rear tires. I have tons of parts to trade (look in this section to see what I have- also have much more) Later-
  2. Thanks guys! Glad you like it. I think this is my fifth finished project for the year. My best record ever. I still have time to finish one or two. On to a 55 Ford Panel van and a 57 Ford Wagon along with some stalled projects. Later-
  3. Man, that looks fantastic! I've got this kit and just picked up a 62 Bonneville rebuilder. I have got to try a paint job similar to this. Thanks for the inspiration! Later-
  4. Thanks Stitchd. The color is Testors Graphite Dust. The lighter color is Testors Diamond Dust. Later-
  5. Just picked this stuff up from a buddy last night. Excited about the 62 Bonneville. I'm looking for doors and a trunk lid/rear door for the Thames Panel and Coupe, if anybody has any. Later-
  6. Thank you guys. No wonder I couldn't remember the name. Looks like I'll be ordering tomorrow. Later-
  7. I am looking for, what I believe, is a Japanese product. It is a powder that you rub on plastic to make it look like bare metal. I thought the name was Jin- something?? I want to make a bare metal looking 29 or 32 Ford. Does anybody have a clue what I am hinting at or was I just dreaming again? Thanks. Later-
  8. Beautiful job! Couldn't get any better. Later-
  9. I finally sat down today during my break and got this one finished before continuing on to my next project. Not the best of builds but it's finished and, for the most part, looks as I envisioned it. Pegasus Phat Daddy tires and wheels I swiped from a stalled 66 Nova project, resin Magnuson supercharger from Curt Raitz (thanks) mounted on a 2010 Camaro SS engine. I completely modified the chassis and suspension and installed the seats, center console and steering wheel and column from a Viper GTS scrap heap I had on hand. Used an old computer speaker mesh for a grille. The paint looked decent until I noticed that the clear had alligatored on me. My own fault. I had sprayed the first clear coat with a cheap clear and then sprayed a couple of coats of Testors Wet Look Clear over that a few days later. I ended up with a reaction with the cheap stuff. It doesn't show when looking straight on but is definitely noticable at angles. Anywhoo, it's on the shelf now. Hope you enjoy it. Later-
  10. That is good to know since I have been using a dehydrator for about a year now. Thanks. Later-
  11. Sounds familiar. I had a Fantastic and used the tires and wheels on another build and traded the rest. I have parts of the Coupster and was thinking of putting the chassis under a 36 Ford 3 window build. I love the chassis and suspension and tires and wheels from these. Later-
  12. That looks very good. I really like the simple decal on the tail. They look like it would have been a good custom factory option to replace the tail stripe if someone wanted something a bit different. Later-
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