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  1. I just bought the Johan 72 with the thought of building a relatively stock build. Are you talking about using the chassis from the Revell 76 Torino? Later-
  2. I bought a sealed 64 1/2 Mustang off of CL earlier this week for $5. I gave it to my cousin who has been thinking about getting back into modeling. I figured it would give him the boost needed. I just got the message this morning that my offer was accepted on this deal on eBay. Looks like I got a great deal for the price. I have a started parts kit of it. I've been wanting a complete, unstarted one, and this one comes with extras. Got it, with shipping included for less than normal. Later-
  3. David, I have this. PM me, if you want it. Later-
  4. Does anyone know where I might find some aftermarket resin 54 Buick headlights and 56 Buick taillights? Later-
  5. I appreciate it, but I already got it taken care of. Thanks. Later-
  6. Great! I'll take a look when I get back to work. Later-
  7. David, I may still have one of the pre painted bodies that I am not using however, if so, it is at work and I won't be back there until the 4th. If you can wait that long I'll take a look. Later-
  8. Modlbldr

    69 AMX parts

    I'd let you have this one but, sorry,.....no! Lol http:// Sorry. That was cruel. Later-
  9. That looks very nice. Too bad you didn't get what you expected but the non existent scripts makes it look like a day two custom. Beautiful paint choice too. Later-
  10. Those are all beautiful builds! You did a great job on all of them. I built the Tweedy Pie this year but painted mine green. Great work! http:// Later-
  11. Just won these 65 Riviera wheels off of eBay this morning. Later-
  12. Come on up! I'd love the visit. I'm still sorting out some of the tires and parts kits he gave me a few weeks ago. Later-
  13. No idea but I believe they would be good for the vacuformed belly tanker he gave me. Later-
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