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  1. Yeah, that is looking really good. Nice and smooth. Later-
  2. That's looking good. I like your idea. I have a couple of these 1/32 scales (Caddy and Impala) that I have the same idea for. I'll be watching. Later-
  3. I've never done one in Jade Green. I feel so left out...... Later-
  4. Busy day at work today. Only managed to get some panel line accent down and spark plugs wires started. Later-
  5. I posted this in another spot today but thought it fit well here. I got this given to me from a guy at work. Looks like all I need is a set of bumpers and a hood and I'll be ready to clean this one up. Later-
  6. Sure. Come on up. You can have MY job. Later-
  7. Came into the lunchroom at work to find these waiting for me. A guy picked them up for me at a thrift store. The Mustang was done by someone who is in the hobby. Wired engine, BMF. Just need a good and bumpers and a little cleanup. Now to figure out who the guy is on this site that builds the hover vehicles. The white sprue tree looks like it would be good parts for that. Later-
  8. Back to work this morning and waiting for the day to get rollin'. Got a bit more done on the engine for the AR GTA. I'm liking this Tamiya kit. Later-
  9. Today, during the slow moments and lunch at work I managed to get the first couple of coats of body color and some detail paint for the engine on an Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint GTA, got the centers of the body chrome painted gold on my 57 Ford wagon and got the body cleaned and primed on my MPC Vette. Nice productive day. Later-
  10. Yeah, 68 would be nice. Here is what I have left out of 31 kits of 67- 72 GMC and Chevy pickups and Blazers/Jimmy's. I also have about 4 or 5 that need rebuilt. Later-
  11. Unfortunately I do. I was just trying to harass you. Lol. Sorry. Later-
  12. Tom-

    I use lots of the chassis and interior tubs with the rounded transmission/driveshaft tunnels (I cut them out for use on my custom floor pans). I would take some of them off of your hands if you still have some. I have lots of stuff to trade, mostly street/hot rod oriented.  What are you looking for? Did you used to attend the Goodguys shows at the Puyallup Fairgrounds with your models back in the '80s and '90s? I used to live in Tacoma and we may have met. Jon 

  13. Nice color and good job spraying. Just one suggestion. Your body is turned sideways on your paint stand. Normally the metal springloaded frame sits pressed against the inside of the doors, not up against the windshield and back glass. Not sure if you did it that way for a reason or didn't know. Later-
  14. That looks pretty good Roger. Nice work so far. Now what you need is a 70 grill like I have. Later-
  15. I like that one too. Been thinking about fade paint jobs for this one. Later-
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