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  1. That Deusenberg engine looks great Paul. Nice work. Later-
  2. So, with limited supplies and tools at home I dug out this old Starfire to work on. It had a broken wheel well arch on the passenger side from the previous owner dismantling it. The work I've accomplished is pretty rough but just been using scraps of plastic, superglue, a #11 Xacto and a sanding stick. I started by squaring up the jagged break. Glued pieces in and sanded to a basic shape. Next step will be hitting it with a bit of putty tomorrow. Later-
  3. I have a sealed early issue 56 Ford that is still sealed. PM me with any offers. Later-
  4. Looking good. I like the color choice you have for it. I need to get back on mine soon. Later-
  5. Very nice looking build of the average SUV. We can't always build the muscle cars and top end vehicles. Got to mix it up on occassion. Later-
  6. Beautiful looking car. Great color choice. It's going to be nice when it's all together. Later-
  7. Sorry Guy. Been calling you Geoff. Still a great looking build. Nice stance you've got. Later-
  8. All of these are parts kits. Let me know which ones you may be interested in and on Monday I can send you photos of what is in each and we can strike up a deal. PM me if interested. Later-
  9. Very nice work. Clean and neat. Looks like it could have been the box art. Later-
  10. I like your 26! Nice build of that kit. I have one and parts of a couple of others, all waiting in the wings. Get yourself a couple of sheets of white poster board. Lay one flat on the table and lay the second one flat also to where they just overlap about an inch or two and tape them together. Then curve the second one up and prop the back of it up so that you have one continuous wave. Now you have a quick makeshift photo booth to place your model on. I have done this with taking photos and it works great. I have poster board in red and in white (because I got them for free) In the pic of the Corvette you can just see the curve of the paper on the left side. I try not to take the pics where you can see the edge. I also have white foam core board that I use. However, with this you are able to see a line on the horizon. I am definitely no master at photography but I've found these help. Later-
  11. Began the pie cut on the body and whoops!
  12. Thanks for the idea Alan. I'll have to look at what that might do for the design. Got some work done on the wheels. Parts box wheels with aluminum Pegasus sleeves and tires. Later-
  13. Steve, This is looking good so far. The detail work on the seats is night and day from the originals. Looking forward to what you have planned. Later-
  14. Oooh. I'm gonna like this! Waiting to see the progress. I have a 62 Bonneville that I have been thinking about starting. This may give me the boost needed to bump it up in the line-up. Later-
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