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  1. A big box FULL of parts and pieces! My eyes are getting buggy! Later-
  2. Nice looking custom work. I like how you mated the two kits together. I love ideas like this and enjoy trying to work the details out. Great work! Later-
  3. That paint is superb! I like this build very much. The wheels are a perfect choice also. I have been wanting to get a few of these to build but I'm not always sure what the car looks like from all angles since the box art doesn't always show the rear. I'll have to look for this kit. Later-
  4. Nice find on the "full detail" kits. Those would be fun to have. Later-
  5. Looking good! Nice looking chassis. I'd say go without the skirts. Later-
  6. Great! I'd be interested in both. Trying to come up with a bed for this 41 Ford COE. I just need the side walls and fenders. Don't really even need the bed floor as I can use flat sheet for that. I'll send you a PM. Later-
  7. Great! PM me with what you have. Later-
  8. I am in need of a complete pickup bed from one of the following kits: Revell 41 Chevy, AMT 50 Chevy, AMT 50 Ford Or maybe even a scrap 37 Ford Panel body that I could cut up to make a bed. Let me know what you have and what you need for it. Later-
  9. I love everything about your build and was hooked through the entire post! Looks great! Excellent details. Later-
  10. Modlbldr

    71 GTX

    Thanks Sam. Today I added some "bolt heads" to the tank. Also, I took some scrap PE, cut it up and bent it to shape to replace the white metal 4 link bracket blobs. I'm also scratching up some 4 link arms. Hopefully it will look much better. Later-
  11. I've got one just like that. I think it is partially started. Looks like a nice kit. I think I may have another from that Museum Piece series. Later-
  12. Modlbldr

    71 GTX

    Thanks Carl! Later-
  13. Stunningly beautiful work. I could examine those pictures for hours. I have wanted to try my hand at doing some parts in brass and this encourages me to get started. I'll have to get a cup of coffee and look through his photos. Thanks for sharing. Later-
  14. Coming together nicely Sam! Later-
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