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  1. Mercedes AMG GT-3 Tamiya

    Amazing build and detail work! Love what you have done and the body color. What is it? Can't wait to see it cleared and shinning bright! Later-
  2. 61-63 Thunderbird hardtop glass and hood insert

    Still looking for both of these. Later-
  3. Aoshima 89 RX-7 FC3S

    Got my PE harness set in today. Something tells me that it is going to be a LONG night. http:// The first step took me just over 10 min. I showed this next picture to my wife and asked her what the red thing was. "A carrot?" was her response. http:// No. The red thing is the end of a toothpick! And I have three more to make to finish step 1!! Then I have to put two ends of the ribbon through each one.... Back to the madness. Later-
  4. That looks fantastic Mickey. Nice work. That was my vote anyway. Later-
  5. Karmann Ghia build.....

    Nice progress so far TJ. Later-
  6. I've made a bit of progress on the chassis on my Mustang this week. Nothing major, but since the project has been stalled for years most of my parts are MIA. I am scrounging or scratch building most of the parts that I need. That slows the process considerably. Anywho, hear is where it is at. http:// http:// http:// http:// The yellow inner fenders are from a 93-94 kit that I had some parts from. I think I have some from a 97 Cobra kit at the house. I'll check tonight and, if so, I may replace these. Either way, they need some modifications because they sit too high at the moment. Later-
  7. Great Traders List

    Back at ya Scott. Looking forward to the next one. Later-
  8. '60 Impala lowrider

    Looking Sharp! The interior work looks very clean. Been enjoying following your work. Later-
  9. AMT 1949/1950 Ford sedan/ convertible .

    Thank you very much for the kind words. Without, hopefully, getting a swelled head, I am very proud of how it turned out. It helped to be able to get the measurements from the 1:1. Now if I could just get off my lazy butt and finish it. Later-
  10. http:// http:// http:// http:// A couple in the works: http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// Later-
  11. AMT 1949/1950 Ford sedan/ convertible .

    I stretched the roof of a 49 Coupe to make a 50 Sedan using measurements from my cousin's 1:1 50 Sedan. It's not difficult to do. I kept the 50 trunk hinges but haven't messed with the rest because it will be a VERY mild custom. http:// http:// http:// Later-
  12. Well, since I'm waiting for my PE harnesses for my RX-7 build I jumped back on my custom Mustang this morning. Working on the fine details of getting the chassis and suspension to fit just right. I'll update with a pic or two once something photo-worthy is reached. Later-
  13. Aoshima 89 RX-7 FC3S

    Well, I need to set this one aside for a week or so. I just ordered a set of PE 5 pt harnesses for the seats. They are supposed to be in on Friday. More updates then. Later-
  14. Ford starliner super stock build

    Looks great! I've had this one sitting, unfinished for probably 20 years. http:// http:// Later-
  15. Monogram Ford F-150 High Roller Kit

    PM sent Later-