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  1. AMT Snap Plymouth Prowler interior

    Parts are on the way. Later-
  2. "Bubble Trouble "show rod

    Wow! Would love to see more pics. And, yes. Stretching the imagination is always good. Later-
  3. AMT Snap Plymouth Prowler interior

    I have a parts kit/rebuilder that is missing the body. I could give up the parts, if you want. I'll send a pic tomorrow. Later-
  4. What did you get today?

    Not sure yet. You want one? Later-
  5. What did you get today?

    Got these in the mail. FB auction wins. http:// Later-
  6. Monogram Shelby Cobra 427 SC

    What are you looking for? PM sent Later-
  7. Mr Norm's 68 Dart Decals and Revell 32 Ford body

    Thanks Dave. No problem. Kevin, I just need the body. I have that kit but someone cut the cowl out for another project. Hate to let it sit. Are you willing to trade the body and firewall? If so, what do you need for it? Later-
  8. Looking for a complete set of decals in good shape. Also looking for any version of the Revell 32 Ford body. Got a kit with a cut up body. Lots to trade... Later-
  9. Revell Ferrari F-50 Barchetta : picture's restored

    I see them just fine. Later-
  10. 1959 "Wild Cad" Custom

    Amazing work, for sure! Nice to see the in progress pics for reference. I have always had ideas kicking around for customizing one of these. Makes me want to drop everything.... Later-
  11. 2018 Chevrolet/GMC stepside

    I honestly had to look at the date of the OP to make sure that this wasn't an April Fool's joke. IMO the vehicle in the original pictures looks like garbage. It has a completely unfinished look with the mismatched wheel wells and the bottom not lining up with the cab. Too, it is too much of a contrast between old and new. I do agree with iamsuperdan in that I think a newer style stepside bed pickup would sell. I preferred the 90's style stepsides to the 90's style fleetsides myself, for looks. They didn't work well for hauling compared to the fleetside. Later-
  12. 40 Mercury -JF resin

    Got the grille and headlights installed and a bit of the trim painted with the pen. http:// http:// More progress tomorrow. Later-
  13. 40 Mercury -JF resin

    Got the body polished out this morning . Now to start on the BMF. http:// http:// http:// Later-
  14. What did you get today?

    Came back into my office to find this on my desk! Still sealed inside! http:// These are some more of the haul I got from FB the other day. http:// The El Camino is unstarted. The other two have been started but are complete. Later-
  15. 40 Mercury -JF resin

    Thanks James. Yes. It is curbside. Later-