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  1. Upgrade Status

    I use my phone for most of my "surfing the site". It seems to be running fine but there are a few things that look different. This black banner is at the top of the page. http:// And the post count and the post date seem to be trying to occupy the same space. http:// I am not puter literate, so not sure what is up? Again, seems to be running fine, with the exception that my models don't seem to be finished.....Oh , wait...that's me that needs upgraded for that to happen. Thanks for all you do! Much appreciated on my end. Later-
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Copper with a black or tan vinyl roof will look great! Well, I looked the Duster kit over at every red light on the way home. It is all there. I was excited to find it on CL this morning for an extremely low price. The pictures were fuzzy but the main parts appeared to be included in the pics. Then I noticed that the post was 6 days old. No way it could still be available but I called and left a voice mail.anyway. I got a call back 30 min later and was told it was still available. I quickly made arrangements to pick it up after work. When talking to the guy tonight, he said that he had a bunch more old kits that were stuffed away at the back of his shop that he couldn't get to at the moment. He said that once he got to them he would give me a call. I will now be hanging up on anyone trying to tie my line up until he calls. Lol. Later-
  3. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just picked this up from a guy on my local CL! Can't wait to get home and take a better look at it. Seems it is all there at first glance. http:// http:// Later-
  4. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Nice looking build so far. I like the fact that you are building it as a piece of modeling history. I'm glad I popped in to this thread. I have some of these parts that I wasn't sure where they came from. I have the interior bucket and the front grille/ headlight surround. I'll have to dig and see what else I can come up with. Later-
  5. Mobile Raincoat

    Great idea for leftover parts. Very ingenious. That reminds me of a car on an episode of Top Gear. Jeremy drove it into an elevator and up to an office. Later-
  6. ISO

    The one I have. I thought that it had stock seats and steering wheel. Been a while since I looked at it. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// Later-
  7. Citroen

    That is SO Cool! Interesting and different subject. I love it. Later-
  8. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Thanks for the reply Guy. I really like what you are doing and it encourages me to keep at it. I am going to try a simple, early 60's lowrider scheme on my 63 Galaxie. I am hoping that life slows down a bit and that I can finish my 55 Cameo in the next few weeks so I can get started on the paint work on the Galaxie. It has just the right look for what I have in mind. http:// Later-
  9. Where are all the built up kits???

    There-in lies my problem. I continuously lose focu…... What was I saying? Lol. Seriously though, I have a hard time not jumping from project to project, idea to idea. I have seen that if I post a WIP, I usually don't finish it and I think that can be annoying to some. So, I have decided that for now, I will only post finished projects. Currently working on a 55 Chevy Cameo/ stepside pickup (The bed will be interchangeable between the two styles), a 63 Galaxie early 60's lowrider, and a 70 Boss 302. I also have about 3-5 other projects that are set aside. Later-
  10. 86 Monte Carlo lowrider hopper

    Very nice work Geoff! I think you are right. The candy pulled it all together in a nice package. I am doing a bit more research on how to do some of this with the plans to try my hand at it again. Thanks for the step- by- step. Any advice on how you get the curves of the tape, like on your hood, even on each side? I seem to get one side to look like I want and then can't get the other side to match without a lot of hassle. Later-
  11. #2, 1962 Ford Thunderbird

    Well, I don't know why I didn't think of that. Of course, mine was 20 years ago. I've gained a bit more experience since then. Later-
  12. #2, 1962 Ford Thunderbird

    Looks good so far. That is going to be a bright color. I like it. That body has got to be pretty floppy with just the rocker panels holding the two ends together. Years ago I opened the doors on a convertible Studebaker. I picked it up one day while working on the body and bumped something with the body. Both rocker panels snapped on me! I glued the doors shut! Later-
  13. 46 lincoln coupe

    That is sweet! Nice bodywork. Later-
  14. '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

    Nice looking build. You did a great job on it. I always liked this car. Meant to build the kit a few times over the years. I saw one on a used car lot in Utah in '87. It was also yellow. Wanted to buy it very badly but, me being 18 years old at the time, I didn't have the money they were asking and it probably wouldn't have lasted long. Instead, I bought a yellow 81 Datsun pickup. Later-