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  1. Oh. You're right. I didn't even notice. Later-
  2. I have this one. It's been opened and some pieces removed from trees but is all there. Later-
  3. I'm looking for almost anything 20's to current cars and pickups. Both American and Foreign makes. (No semis or NASCAR) Just something that trips my trigger. Throw out some ideas. I've had a couple offers, but nothing that really looked like something I wanted. Interested in older MPC stuff from the 60's to mid 70's era. Love to find a Rat Packer or Boss Nova. Early to late 60's drag or AWB. Later-
  4. Those look very good Nigel! I got a bit more forward progress made on the Alfa. Today's session saw the engine bay and interior completed. Been doing the painting of the chassis parts . Hopefully I'll have this one finished and presented to my wife by the end of the week. Later-
  5. I saw that one on eBay and thought seriously about bidding on it. Glad to see you got it. Later-
  6. I like the Lightning. I don't think that I have seen anybody else build this kit but you and I. However, I did mine in white. Later-
  7. Last chance before these go into "deep storage". Still available. Later-
  8. I look forward to this one too. My vote is for the green. Later-
  9. Beautiful job on this. The detail is fantastic and I love the body color. You did an amazing job and I'm glad you were able to finish and get it posted. Thank you. Later-
  10. Ah! I remember that one coming out recently. I wanted one but didn't get it-- yet. Later-
  11. Modlbldr

    Drag wheels

    If you want more of those #2 sets, I have some also. Later-
  12. Interesting. I did not know that. I'll have to keep an eye out. I may want another. At least I didn't overpay too much. Lol. Later-
  13. Just arrived at the doorstep! Beautiful pinstriping decals from Gofer Racing to grace some builds. And my most recent eBay purchase. I'm glad I hit the Buy Now on this one at $30! I just went this morning to find another and no combination of words showed another on eBay. This Merc is only missing the instructions and one front wheel. The trunk area looks like the lightly painted body got liquid cement poured on it. I'm guessing it will sand out easily enough. If not, I'll have decals made and name it "The Scalded Dog". Later-
  14. Just bought a set off of eBay but if anybody has another they would like to get rid of, please PM me. Later-
  15. Oh man! I'd LOVE to get ahold of those decals. If anyone has any available or knows of an aftermarket source, please PM me! Later-
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