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  1. Thanks Mark. I'll check it out. Later-
  2. Still looking if anybody has one for trade. Any of the Revell versions. Later-
  3. Got this all cleared today. I will let it gas out all weekend and see about foiling on Monday and another quick coat of clear. I took pics today but they don't look much different than the last photos. Later-
  4. I've been working on 4 different kits myself. Trying to avoid the tedious parts. Later-
  5. I got some paint on the body of my Nova Sedan. Now to spray a couple coats of clear green. Later-
  6. Lol! That really made me LOL! Thanks everyone. Glad to have this weird little thing. Later-
  7. Thanks. Kind of what I thought about it too. Later-
  8. I got this off of eBay as a rebuilder. It needed a good cleaning and some repairs. The OB had done a nice job on shortening the body. I started with changing the windshield frame from the 59 Impala part the OB used to a stock Judge windshield frame. Painted it with Testors Hugger Orange an cut some stripes down to fit the shortened body. Then came the rebuilding and that's when the problems started. Had to glue the hood down due to the firewall hitting the hood in the rear and the front of the hood not wanting to sit flat. I managed to muddle through and it will look decent on the shelf. This is my 4th build for the year. Later-
  9. I finished this PITA today. Glad to have resurrected it but even more glad that it's off of my bench! It fought me at the last. Moved to Under Glass. Later-
  10. The Monterey is a different vehicle model. It is a bit bigger car. Here is a 61 Monterey. Compared to the 63 Meteor you can see the size difference. Later-
  11. John, Here is the kit that I started with. Later-
  12. Nice info Mike. Thanks. Thanks for the nice words. Later-
  13. Tom Geiger is correct. It is an original AMT 63 Meteor kit. Glad you're enjoying the build. Later-
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