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  1. Got this in today! A beautiful kit. I'm excited to have it! I got it off of FB Marketplace for about half of what they are going for on eBay. Later-
  2. Let me know if you need parts for the M8D. Got a parts kit. Later-
  3. Got this from wrenchr yesterday. Glad to have it! Now to find some bumpers for it. Later-
  4. Thanks! This is the second one I've owned. The first was in a bit worse shape. I foolishly let it go a few years ago and regretted it. I bid on this one as soon as I saw it Not sure what my plans are for it. I kind of like the look of it as it is. I'll probably keep it as is for the moment until I get a few other projects finished. While I wait I'll formulate my plan. I like what Roger (Plowboy) did with one of his so I may use it for inspiration. Later-
  5. Yeah. Glad to get it. It even has the hood side spears. Later-
  6. Not quite. That was just the first bid by someone else. Later-
  7. Just won this one for an excellent price compared to what they are asking! Later-
  8. Amazing looking build! Yeah, I didn't find any on eBay. Hopefully someone here has one. Love the look of it. Later-
  9. Got my end of a trade with Little Timmy today. Very happy! Later-
  10. Got these in the mail today from a trade with Little Timmy. Thanks Buddy!! Later-
  11. Looking for a complete unstarted kit. Top model in the pic below. Let me know what you need in trade. Thanks. Later-
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