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  1. Revell 69''corvette

    How is this project coming along? I just painted mine yesterday. Did it in Testors Inca Gold. I figured that, with that shade, even after priming if the orange bled through it wouldn't be the end of the world. Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'll be posting mine soon. Later-
  2. D Jaguar

    Wow! That is beautifully done. For such a simple kit it looks amazing. Nice work, Tom. Thanks for sharing. Later-
  3. Ooohh! That paint looks purdy! Nice work so far. I've had in mind to build one that I have a picture of saved. Looking forward to your progress. Later-
  4. Holiday Build #2 - Supra

    Great to hear. I'll have to find those. Later-
  5. 66 El Camino

  6. 66 El Camino

    Thanks guys. Means alot. Later-
  7. Holiday Build #2 - Supra

    I like it. Looks good. That TS 94 looks like what I need for my 55 Chevy pickup. So , is the AK Xtreme metals a spray like Testors metalizers? Can't wait to see the final paint job.
  8. 66 El Camino

    Thanks Doc! Didn't hurt a bit. It actually ended up for the better. Now to get back on to my other projects. Later-
  9. My Amnesty build- 66 El Camino

    Thanks. Only about 30-40 more! Later-
  10. 32 for door ford conversion

    That is some fine work. Looks just like the drawing. Great job. Later-
  11. 40 ford wagon

    Very nice build. Great idea and execution. Cool. Later-
  12. 51 chevy sporty roadster

    You've got a lot of nice ideas. I like your style of chopping and pasting. I enjoy doing the same. Later-
  13. 66 El Camino

    Thanks very much. The paint was just plain old DuPont gray primer with a gloss coat sprayed on to be able to apply the decals without them silvering. Once the decals we're applied I covered the body with a couple of coats of DulCote to get a semi-gloss look. The wheels were some red aluminum 23 inch sleeves that a buddy gave me. (He used to work for Pegasus and designed a lot of their stuff. He also gave me 3 purple and 3 blue- he hasn't been able to find the 4th of them). I put the sleeves on Pegasus rims. Later-
  14. 66 El Camino

    This, like a lot of builds, started with the wheels for the inspiration. As soon as I saw them I thought of a modern Hot Wheels Redline tire. This is one of my few builds that actually turned out just as I had it pictured in my mind. I got most of it completed and started in on the BMF. Halfway through I didn't like the results and so it sat for a few years. When I read Dr Kerry's Amnesty build idea I thought that it needs to be finished. So, I made new BMF to install. With that hurdle over I could move on. So, here it is http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// The interior is a mix of kit parts and 2010 Camaro wheel and seats. Hope you enjoy and I'm glad it is finally off my bench and on the shelf. Thanks Dr Kerry. Later-