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  1. Let me look and see if mine is easily accessible and is complete. Later-
  2. Thanks David. I got one seat done this morning. Center pleats are done in Ceramcoat "Sweet Blush" and the outter pleats are done in Craft Smart "Rose Gold". Both are Craft Acrylic paints applied with a tooth pick and an Opti Visor for my old eyes! Later-
  3. Dann, Did you get one yet? PM me. Later-
  4. The pearl white is perfect and so thin that even my test paint on the pleats that i painted last night still show through! And it's already dry! 15 minutes total and I'm done with that part. Later-
  5. Not sure on the size of the tubing. Just found some scrap in my box that was the same as the outter edge of the gauge. I "glued" them in place with a few drops of Future floor polish. Tonight I wanted to work on the interior but didn't want to break out the airbrush and spray in my dirty, cold garage. So, I mixed up about a teaspoon of Folk Art Pearl White paint, a couple of tablespoons of warm water and a few drops of glycerin in a dish. Using a wide brush I brushed a couple of coats of the paint on the interior parts and threw them in the dehydrator. Turned out pretty nice for a base coat and didn't take more than 5 minutes, including mixing the paint. I'll go back with a tooth pick and paint some of the pleats with the accent colors. Later-
  6. Can-Con, thanks for the pics. Wick, I'm sure that I don't have the parts that are shown in the "Major restyling" pics. I will, however, keep looking and post what I do find. Later-
  7. Not sure I have one like you are describing but I'll dig around. I'm in the process of packing for a big move so it may be packed away. BTW- you're one of the few who know who my avatar is of. (Lauren Bacall Bogart) We named our daughter Lauren (32 years ago) after her. Later-
  8. Thanks! Just realized I forgot to chrome around the radio face. I thought it looked a bit plain last night. I've got to get another can of paint today. Had to sand a couple of spots on the body last night. Later-
  9. Got the dash done tonight. Had to make the larger gage bezels out of slices of aluminum tubing since none of my PE bezels were the right size. Later-
  10. Do you (or anyone) have a picture of it? I have a 63 custom nose piece and lots of custom parts. I may have it. Later-
  11. Love your work on this and the inspiration your following. Going back to your issue with the roof "looking like a business coupe". The rear side window opening on the 1:1 looks to be a bit larger at the base. Perhaps opening up the rear side window area a bit to thin out the base of the c pillar would help. I was thinking maybe removing a little less than 1/8" at the base to nothing at the top. Just an idea. It would make the roof look lighter. Later-
  12. No problem there. I believe those are the stock wheels that come in the kit. I managed to get a few mist coats of the color on the parts. I see that I have a slip from the panel line engraver on the front of the passenger door. I think I'll try to fill it in with clear and sand it out as opposed to putty. The paint won't cover the color of the putty without showing. I like the way this is coming out though. Later-
  13. I thought that he had done the Gypsy Rose. Just didn't get that far in my search tonight to confirm it. Thanks for the links. Later-
  14. John, That is looking pretty sweet! I like the shade of blue and the white interior really sets it off. Great work! I built one of these a few years back but did mine in just a bit lighter Nassau Blue. Great kit! Later-
  15. So, while looking through some inspiration tonight on Google I came across a lowrider painter from the past that I was not familiar with but I am eager to see more of his work. Don't get me wrong, I know next to nothing about lowrider history but I've always loved the paint work these guys come up with. Anywho, the man's name was Walt Prey. Seeing some of his work makes me want to try things similar to his in 1/25. I'm really liking this 67 Impala and this 55 Chevy. Beautiful work!! Later-
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