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  1. Good ideas. I always liked those NASCAR trucks and had a couple, but never built them. I did use a NASCAR suspension on a 64 Chevy pickup. Definitely gets it low with little to no mods. Thanks. Glad you're liking it. Later-
  2. Sledsel- Definitely not taken as a criticism. I appreciate the input. I never even realized that I had done it differently from one to the other. Isn't that strange that I didn't? Now I'm thinking about trying it on another kit to see which I like better. You're correct that the bed does look like a Dodge bed now. Never realized that either.... Thanks again for the input! Later-
  3. I think I'm going with a two tone paint. The light gold will be the main color and root beer for the bottom and the roof. I got the side trim made tonight for the passenger side. Made of U channel with a thin, flat strip inside the chanel. Later-
  4. I'm thinking of adding lower body trim and doing this in the tab and root beer on the bottom similar to this pickup. So, I dug through my strip styrene and ame up with enough of two types that will work to make side trim. Later-
  5. Yeah, I'm not sure I like it. I have some cans of AMC Big Bad Blue.... Later-
  6. I dug through my paints today and came up with this Dupli-Color Perfect Match Toyota paint. I don't know what the color name is since I no longer have the cap and Dupli-Color was only kind enough to print the color name on the cap. It is a light metallic gold. I don't yet know if this will be the final color or if it will be a base for something else. Later-
  7. Still looking for any parts for these. Please hit me up if you have something and we can work something out. Later-
  8. I'd be interested in them. Please let me know if they are still available. Later-
  9. Thanks Guys for the info. Yeah, the Pumping Iron is a 79 and the Warlock is a 77. Thanks for the info. I could use the more readily available 78 for the Warlock and the Tuff Monster truck, if I want to do a 2WD. Right now I just want to get a small stash of parts and see what will work. I was hoping someone had some old, unloved P. I. or Warlock parts laying around. Later-
  10. I am new to Kentucky. Moved here in February from Eastern Washington State. I hope I can make it to the contest and I'll keep in touch with you to meet up. I'll PM you. Later-
  11. Looking for a hood and grill that will fit the Tuff Monstertruck kit. Preferably a stock hood. Also looking for a hood, grill and tailgate for the Pumping Iron Dodge. Need a hood and bed (or stepside tailgate, bumper and taillights) for the Warlock Dodge. These don't need to be for those specific kits but I'd like to ensure they fit correctly. Also looking for stock suspensions for these- either 2WD or 4WD. Please let me know what you may have. I have lots of parts to trade. Later-
  12. Got home and these were waiting on me from the Postman. Got them off of Marketplace. The bagged kit is a 68 or 69 Olds- not sure. The AMX is in decent shape and complete. Glad to have another with the stock hood. Got the AMX for $15 and the Olds for $10. Later-
  13. Driving home this morning and saw a Yard Sale sign. Stopped to find most of the normal garbage. I asked if they had any model kits. The guy brought out these that he had said he had for years. Both complete and unstarted. The Duster is still sealed inside. Got them both for $15. Now I'm looking for more Yard Sales on the way home. Just stopped at my second. Lol. Later-
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