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  1. 1970 Torino in yellow

    That looks amazing Ben. Great work with the airbrush for not having used it much. It's going to be a winner. Later-
  2. I am looking for a new or scrap 60 Chevy pickup cab. I want to pull molds of the cab chrome behind the doors to use on a 65 cab. Does anybody have a spare to trade? I would be willing to return it too (if you want to do that) once I have made the molds. Later-
  3. Tire size question

    Thanks for the help guys. Great info. Later-
  4. Tire size question

    I'm building a Revell 66 Impala and want to do some changes to the tires and wheels. Looking to use the 5 spoke wheels from the Revell 32 3 window. I want to change the tires to represent a "day two" build of someone who would have wanted a bit more meat for a mean street look. I would prefer the tires be all the same size or maybe a small bit of rake. They should be, preferably, period correct. Looking for what kits may have a suitable set. Any ideas? I was thinking of the tires from the Revell 66 Penske Vette but not sure how period correct they would be?? Later-
  5. Murphy was right!

    Amen! I've had this problem occur many times. Never can get two identical parts to look alike. Later-
  6. Murphy was right!

    If you have two identical parts to glue on (ie. mirrors), the first goes on smoothly but the second one will fight you to the death every time!!! Later-
  7. 70 Boss 302

    Thank you guys! Later-
  8. Revell Mustang 302 valve covers

    You're welcome. Thanks for the valve covers. I'll get yours out on Monday. They are at work. Later-
  9. Here is the steel I have. PM me if interested. http:// Later-
  10. Revell Mustang 302 valve covers

    No I am not. Do you want the 351 valve covers? If you want the whole motor we can work something else out for the rest. Later-
  11. I have a set. Chrome is a bit thin on them but that's the way they came. I'll shoot you a pic in a bit. Later-
  12. 70 Boss 302

    The magazine article was actually a two part series in two issues of Scale Auto Enthusiast-Dec 1999 and Jan 2000. Lots of detail. Later-
  13. '70 Mustang Mach 1/ Boss 302 (8/14 engine detail)

    Thanks. It's been a fun one. And thanks for the reply. Later-
  14. 70 Boss 302

    Got a new set of hood decals from Vmach (thank you, Sir) and got the hood stripped and repainted. Ordered some wire for doing the engine work and have been pouring over the reference to figure out all of the wiring. Been detail painting parts for the engine bay. Down to the slow stuff. Stay tuned for more photos. Later-
  15. '70 Mustang Mach 1/ Boss 302 (8/14 engine detail)

    Good to see that you're back on this one. I have one of these kits that I am building too on here using the magazine article by Tom Boyd from SAE Dec 99 and Jan 2000. Great reference. Here is a link to my build. Do you happen to have the 302 valve covers that you are not using? I need them for my build. Looking forward to seeing more of your build. Later-