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  1. What's good all, been working on the Dodge this week around work and other things. Getting some good progress in, lots of clean up, got some primer on the other day, a little more sanding and 2nd round of primer this morning. Body is pretty clean now, scribed, cleaned up a couple spots where the scriber jumped, hate that! Filled a few sink holes, smoothed the body, nothing major, just clean smooth appearance. Hoping to get some more work in over the weekend along with some work on some other older projects I've been digging up!
  2. Lots of casualties along the way buddy! Love to paint though, now have to finish some of these projects ?
  3. Thank you CT, the compliments mean a lot coming from someone of your caliber!! I was fortunate to grow up around classic, customs and hot rods...shops etc and have my pops who worked on them and was a painter! He was actually hesitant to teach me, so you can imagine the look on his face when he came home from work one day and I was spraying kandy urethanes... think I was in 5th grade ?
  4. Oh man! They are beautiful cars, the curves, how they sit...Even simple builds on them are very stunning, would love to have a 1:1!
  5. Came together great, love that body style/era, after building my 36 and seeing others, so many ideas ?
  6. Sweet build, like the creativity here, definitely something different but very well executed!
  7. Sweet build, all came together very nice!
  8. Thank you, back when this was built, someone was offering the kit chromed, all but the body. I used a lot of the engine and suspension pieces. Thank you again for the comment!
  9. What's good all, started cleaning off (dusting) shelves and cases, thought it would be a good time to share some pics of some older builds. This was the old Monogram 65' Impala kit, for the most part box stock aside from MAS steering wheel, wheels and air cleaner, tires may have been some American Satcos. The interior is detailed with flocking, BMF, engine was kit provided, wired, fuel line etc., paint and clear was Sikkens, color was a newer Chevy Blue Pearl. Kit was fun to build, went together fairly well with minimal issues. Just realized I still need to add a mirror to the driver door. ettm
  10. Sweet build, the color scheme and stance set it off nicely
  11. Sweet build, details and love the stance!
  12. Beautiful build Gary, love the style and design in this one!
  13. Sweet build, like the style you are going with on this!
  14. Look forward to following this one along!
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