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  1. Hello Joe, It looks great. Yes, that top is from the GMP GTO.
  2. Is the lunch counter going to be open??
  3. It's never ending,lol Tomy sold a line of Tomica and Tomy Pocket Cars. Now the Johnny Lightning cars are in the Tomy brand also.
  4. That is a beauty. I like the opening parts as well but truly agree with the Clifford on the miss colored panels and door gaps. The 1/64 aggravate me the most, like what are you going to see under the hood on a 1/64 model. I would rather see them put the money in refining the over all look.
  5. until
    Postal Workers Social Club 3720 W. Greenfield Road Phoenix, AZ 8:30am to 2:00pm
  6. Wow. At $5.00 i would grab a case of them.
  7. Getting Real Close!!!!
  8. Thanks Brad, I knew you were doing the forum name, thought it would be nice to have the real name under the forum name. Once you recognize the forum name using their real name would seem more proper.
  9. I never had a Hot Wheels go bad. Some of those 69 Camaros only took a few years to show up. I recently found a few of the old 30's Anson cars have the hood break off. You could not see any indication that they had the rot but lifting the hood broke it from the hinge. I could not find it any where else on the car. It is a sad story
  10. I'm quite concerned about that VW bus, looks like Franklin Mint. Although FM & DM both have had rash issues, I have not seen the cancer on any. I have that VW bus here never opened. Ray and Lance, It surprises me that you have had very little issues on this. Maybe its the cars you have but there were some that the entire run went bad. I have had way more bad ones than most collectors had, but I also have more cars than most collectors. I will say that there are some you can't tell by just looking at them. If you apply even slight pressure opening a door or hood it could snap off. I have had so many it put me in the parts business, There a few that the plastic bases have gone brittle as well. I would also like to make it clear that this is NOT just items from overseas. I have two farm toys, made by different companies here in USA that also fell apart. Ok, I have to go find my VW.
  11. I will be there. Are you putting the forum name and our real name on the tag? Thanks for doing this.
  12. Side note: Make sure it's not past the experation date.
  13. Those are too cool. I need to find my photos. I made some pulling tractors using the two engine front of the Way Too Fast.
  14. I have a few posted on here. They are 1/64 scale and nice trucks. The market is not as hot as it once waw but I like them. $10.00 No shipping is good even with a missing door. Check the completed auctions for a better feel of what they sell for.
  15. All very nice. Is the funny car a 1/16 scale car?
  16. More nice cars. I love those Exotoxins Cobra models. I just picked up two more at an estate sale for $80.00
  17. That is a beautifully done model. The paint look incredible. This is 1/24 right? Thanks for sharing.
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