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  1. Great job, you had to have some BIG BALL bearings to drive that baby.
  2. Nice work, I just picked this kit up myself. You give me some good reference. Thanks!
  3. Gorgeous, too bad you have the front wheels on the back and vice versa.
  4. I deleted the forward slash on the second set of imgs in the [brackets] I thought it might make the pictures show in the post but I guess not...
  5. "But all the Jag could see were my SIX tail lights" .... Jan's Vette had custom mods i.e. an extra pair of tail lights added. Nice work on your models. Great paint on the Jag. I like making sets too. I did the two cars from the movie "Rush" and a set of four cars from the movie "Ford vs Ferrari" and also the two rail dragsters from "More American Graffiti" the Hunt Bros factory dragster and Milner's home made dragster. Then if you build Bob Glidden's prostock you have to build Lee Shepherd's too.
  6. You are correct, they are the Revell reboxes. I had Testors on the brain. I have the DVD. There are also some good documentaries on Netflix right now.
  7. Lots of work on this by my standards. Its not a perfectly clean build but then again neither was the real car. Mobeus kit with modified Revell Thunderbolt top, Lots of parts box and resin pieces, It was a challenge and It was rough in places but it sure was fun. I enjoyed building the model almost as much as the real car.
  8. I know I'm late to the party, but this is my homage to the movie Ford vs Ferrari. The Ferrari 330 P4 is a Fujimi kit built around 11 to 12 years ago. It has a PE trans kit but otherwise box stock. Not my best work with the glass. The La Mans GT40 #1 is a rebuild. It is a Testers rebox of Fujimi originally built is as Dan Gurney's 12 hours of Sebring #2 car 18 years ago. I recently disassembled it and stripped and repainted it using Indy Cals decals. The 24 Hours of Daytona #98 car is one i recently found on eBay. It is also a Testers rebox of the Fujimi kit and I used a trans kit to change the hood, move the gas cap and make the bump on the right front fender to allow for the transition at speed to the steep banking at Daytona. The #98 289 Cobra is based loosely on the car featured in the movie. While the car existed in real life, the scenes in the movie are not quite historically accurate regarding the race shown and details of the car. I used some googled reference of the real car and a lot of reference from the movie. I included the dents in the trunk lid and broken wind screen with tape on it. I found those scenes entertaining and wanted to include them on my model. The kit is AMTs 289 Cobra with some parts from the Revell 427 Cobra kit and the parts box for other parts and decals.
  9. Great job with the decals, the bumpers and the grill all look painted on. Terrific.
  10. AMT kit. DupliColor paint. Slixx Decals. Parts box wheels and tires. Sheet plastic side windows. PE emblems Revell 69 Nova door handles. Plug wires and BMF.
  11. That is true but Revell repopped it a few years ago, and I have found several on eBay that were very reasonable. I have a couple that are unstarted and one that I built but recently disassembled to start making it into the roadster version. You did an amazing job converting the wheels into Halibrands by the way. Another way to put the gold or blue stripes on the tires is to use your mask to scribe a groove in the sidewall with the xacto and then later gingerly fill the groove with paint. Its easier to scrape off the excess later too.
  12. Great job on a lot of conversion body work, it seems if you would have started with the Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette kit you would a little bit ahead in the game. But rock on, this one will be all you.
  13. When I grow up I want to be as cool as you Mark.
  14. Thanks Nacho. My only regret is I put a little too much silver in the gulf blue. But I think it still looks good.
  15. Belsnickel is neigh. Happy Erntedankfest
  16. Probably not a color I would have chosen on the real car myself but the dark gray metallic was a very popular color for this car back in the day. Black, white and silver were the other popular colors. It's a European's Shelby Cobra. The muscle is understated and the refinement and class are more showcased. Not so much flashy as elegant.
  17. Thanks, I got the kit off of Ebay. It was missing all the clear parts but I had a couple of Revell pro stock Camaros and Firebirds that I had used the chassis on as donors. So I trimmed up the back glass and taillight insert to fit this and boom, Bob's your uncle it works.
  18. Dwight Schrute's car. Just for fun.
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