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  1. That is amazing looking build, where are you located in Canada?
  2. Using a Christmas ornament that was purchased years before a Ben Franklin Store. taking a 49 Ford Convertible, using a couple plastic spoon handles for skirts. Old decals for bling on the interior, and the figure left over from a old MPC Chrysler kit. Painted Copper with Clear red over webbing design. Almost came together like it should have as a kit.
  3. Wow, Randy this is fantastic saw on Facebook and now hear. Beautiful build.
  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments, was a fun build.
  5. Outstanding looking Chevelle, Bravo!
  6. Nicely done Glen, looks real good.
  7. Finished this 65 Impala in a 70's style Street Machine.
  8. Love it, great color!
  9. Started with a box of parts from 2 different trucks and some scratch building.
  10. Finished this truck, saw one picture on the net, and this is what I came up with. First picture is what I started with.
  11. Love it, very cool looking ride.
  12. Just finished my rebuild of the Monogram kit the Rattler, I bought years ago and thought I might never rebuild it. I decided to built the way I wanted it. Hope you like it, I call it "Surf's Up"
  13. As far as the interior goes, when I was in England found these at the pound store, they are stickers for your finger nails in wild designs, should find them at a dollar store.
  14. I started last year. I bought at a model show a 1962 Johan Chrysler 300 in a box missing the rear bumper, engine and roof cut off and gone. At the same show I picked up a 56 Chrysler 300 body only. So for $11 I can up with this, oh and the wheels were $20. Was a blast to build.
  15. Well done, this looks awesome!
  16. Well done, this looks great!
  17. Wow this looks awesome, what did you use for the uptop?
  18. Really good, this is so inspiring. I didn't read all the other comments but what glue are you using on the bus body?
  19. Well done, thanks so much for sharing such details on construction. This is something similar I have planed for year but with a 37 Chevy. I enjoyed this very much and please keep the pics coming.
  20. Wow, looks awesome, love the tail lights and the sunken aerial. Nice looking build Barry.
  21. Looking good Pat, would make a great T-Shirt selling trailer at a Hot Rod Show.
  22. Looking good, I really like your build I will be following this Anthony.
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