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  1. WOW, and I thought the custom BJ and the Bear truck I was working on using the "Papa Truck" until it got temporarily shelved was long!! Nice work!
  2. You're welcome, it only took about 15 minutes of pausing rewinding, and pausing some more not only to spot it but to get a decent enough shot to point it out! I don't know about the "geezer" part if that applies to me or not , but you are 100 % correct about the mounts being flipped and attached to the transmission hump.
  3. I found this on YouTube, looks like it could be right at the arrow.
  4. In your two comments I quoted, you said 4 DOORS and did not specify anything other than that! All of the kits in my picture fit what you specified in those previously quoted posts and unlike many here that seem to not realize there has been life after the 50s, 60s or 70s, I build anything from the 1886 Daimler Benz I have in my collection all the way to modern. I also have resin conversions I purposely left out that are 4 doors because you did specify plastic kits...wait, I forgot...resin conversions require one to buy more than just one kit...
  5. While I don't have this particular kit, I do know Airfix and MPC did have a relationship in the late 70s or early 80s. I have a 1981 issue MPC Dodge D50 4x4 and I've found pictures online of it with the same box art except for the MPC being replaced by Airfix.
  6. Unless he got the A and the B confused. Either way, the A has only been issued once in its original release in 1974 and the B Transtar II only twice in 1976 and 1996.
  7. Ummm...the Impala in "Dirty Mary Crazy Larry" was a 66 the last time I checked. I believe it would be noticed too if the car was actually a 70. The Impala from"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry": And a 1970 Impala 4 door:
  8. Oh really?? As 1972 mentioned, MPC did just that with the Monaco, but there are several major kit manufacturers making 4 door kits in several different forms no matter what genre or era of vehicle you are into. If you can count these on one hand you have a LOT of fingers on that hand, because just out of my personal collection I have 36 different kits that are 4 door vehicles, and it you want to stretch it 38 since I also have a Johan Cadillac ambulance and an Ecto 1 but did not include them since they were more a commercial modification, but they do still have 4 doors! There are also many others that I don't have in my collection such as cars from BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, and probably even more than that, so you better have a LOT of fingers to count all the 4 doors on one hand!
  9. This is EXACTLY why this section needs to go back to the way it used to be FOR HEAVY COMMERCIAL ONLY!!
  10. Since no one answered the second part of your question, no the Revell wrecker is not the same base kit, it is based from the Revell of Germany W900 which share nothing with the ex-Monogram Aerodyne snap kit. Another alternative to hacking and cutting the Aerodyne snap kit would be AMT's KW reissued a couple of years ago. It has the back window cutout and even has a piece of "glass" on the clear sprue, so a day cab conversion is as simple as not putting the sleeper on.
  11. I'll have to check through a huge tote I bought a lot of parts in, but I might have a spare because there are parts in that tote from both that and the KW snap kit, but no guarantees.
  12. I don't think it is griping as much as expecting to get what you have paid for. There are numerous posts on this board about members not getting what they have paid for whether it be from resin casters, sellers on eBay or Facebook, or even their end of a trade, and I have seen some that start complaining when it is not on their doorstep in a day or two after the purchase or trade. If you have truly been a friend of Gregg's since before the magazine came out, then you should also be aware the magazine has had a history of being late through the years, not three years late as it is now, but still late regardless and not only those on this forum know that. I had a case almost 15 years ago, 15 YEARS, where I had asked one of my local shops that carried every other hobby related magazine including model railroad interest magazines and R/C magazines to carry MCM. The shop that I normally bought the magazine from had closed for a while after being devastated by a flood, so I couldn't get MCM for a time while that shop was recovering from the flood. The other shop owner had said after I asked him to carry MCM "I won't carry it because the publishcation schedule is so erratic I never know when the next issue will come in." I'm sure there are many issues of the magazine from years ago I would be able to find in the editor's corner where it has been said by Gregg "I'm going to get the magazine back on schedule" or something to that effect and it never seems to happen.
  13. I owned two myself Mark, a 79 Esprit and an 88 GTA and have loved Trans Ams ever since I was a kid but growing up in the 80s watching "Knight Rider" and the "Smokey and the Bandit" movies when they weren't classic movies helped my love for the Trans Am. Even though these are just pictures I found on Google Images, these are the closest I can find to the cars I had, and with my Esprit the wheels were completely red with only the chrome trim ring, mine had the rear trunk spoiler, and the one thing you can't see in the picture was my Esprit had the V6 removed and in its placed rested a 73 Buick 350. The GTA picture though is exact to the one I had though.
  14. This is a very interesting question Mike, and while about the only things I've actually paid for and ordered hobby related was a spray booth and a project center tool box for the booth to sit on, both came in a timely fashion within a few days to my mailbox, or in the case of the tool box to my local Walmart for store pickup. I know I've seen quite a few horror stories though where people have spent hundreds on kits or hobby related items and it ends up with them being cheated out of their hard earned money and many times resulting in PayPal disputes or even mail fraud or legal disputes and the main reason if I can't get something from a trusted site, a trusted seller I've dealt with, or my local hobby shop, I don't need it. I like to see what I'm buying before I buy it, look it over and "flip through the pages" so to speak before I make any purchase especially on resale kits I purchase. I don't understand how anyone in this hobby can cheat someone out of their hard earned and sometimes limited money because at least where I come from, modelers help other modelers out for the good of the hobby!
  15. But at least that is basically the same car since the Trans Am is basically a trim package to the Firebird.
  16. I'm guessing since I read through most of the comments here and didn't see any mention of this so I'm guessing either A. Nobody read the opening post this far B. Nobody looked at the link C. Nobody (including the creator of the webpage in the link) knows the difference between a Pontiac FIREBIRD and a FORD Thunderbird except me!
  17. Yes, it seems that someone totally missed the two 1/24th scale listings in the opening post, in addition to the fact the ONLY Peterbilt conventional tractor AMT has kitted is a 359. AMT has NEVER offered a 378 Peterbilt conventional tractor prior to this. This also would not be the first time AMT has offered a reboxed foreign kit, at least two that I know of from the late 80s or early 90s (Lexus LS400 and "Back to the Future" DeLorean) were reboxes of Aoshima kits.
  18. I have to agree with these and most of the options you mentioned: 1. I've never had this kit but enough options would tempt me. I have the Revell 29 Rat Rod truck (actually three plus an original issue called the "Sundance Express") but have been a little disappointed by it because of only having the 4 cylinder engine. 2. YES!! I have one of the original issues, but would like to see it come out again and if the Rangers had the IFS 4x4 system (I can't remember if they were IFS or a live axle) like the Explorer, add in the 4x4 system from the Explorer kits. 3. Another YES! In addition to just the Xtreme options, also add the options for the SS/LS kit version and also the LS Sportside version. It would also be nice to see the Blazer kit again too, and add the 4x4 parts from that kit into the pickup kits also. The only huge NO for me is a DONK set of wheels! I know there are people that like that hideous style but I personally think it looks stupid, so I don't need any more of those grossly oversized wheels and tires taking up room in my parts box! 4. The 4x4 version DEFINITELY needs a return! Until I found this kit (pic is one from Google, it was done in both Airfix boxing like in the pic and MPC boxing like the kit I have being exact to this with MPC's logo replacing the Airfix logo): I never knew a 4x4 variant of the D-50 was even kitted. My extra BONUS points to add to this kit would be tool up whatever little bits Dodge changed to do what this truck actually is, the Mitsubishi Mighty Max! 5. I don't care for the kit as is, I just don't really care for that style truck and especially the grille and the same goes for the cartoonish wrecker bed in Cooter's tow truck too. I love tow trucks because I used to run them years ago, but the one in Cooter's truck kit and also the one in the AMT Peterbilt kit are two that I have no use for, I have plenty of other nicer wrecker beds to use on my trucks. There is one notable exception to my distaste of this era Chevy and it wears the same style grille as the one on this "Boondocker" Blazer. Round 2 could entice money out of my pocket for not only the truck but the Blazer as well using this grille. Of course my idea for the truck would be "The Farmtruck" from "Street Outlaws". EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Actually reissue the truck as "The Farmtruck" with all appropriate parts since I'm sure the older style grille has probably been destroyed as was the common practice of AMT back in the day to destroy some tooling updating parts for their annual kits and why the truck and latest issues of the Blazer have the 72 mesh style grille. EXTRA EXTRA BONUS POINTS: In addition to the pickup, Round 2 could use the "Street Outlaws" tie in to market quite a few reissues of kits with minimal new tooling required. Add in some of the new era turbos and Prochargers and there are probably at least half a dozen car and truck kits from the MPC and AMT lines that could be reissued as "Street Outlaw" branded kits. A quick few that come to mind just off the top of my head other than "The Farmtruck": 1. 'Ole Heavy" 50 Chevy truck from "Street Outlaws Memphis" 2. "The Crow" GTO 3. "Murder Nova" (a definite no brainer here since all that would be needed to be added to the "Old Pro" Nova just recently reissued would be the modern speed parts) 4. "Street Beast" 70 Monte Carlo 5. 66 Nova for both Daddy Dave's car in OKC and "Heifer" and "Ziptie" in Memphis There are more like the 68 Camaro for a couple cars, a couple 80s Camaros and Trans Ams, and a few Mustangs, and just to get myself back on topic for trucks the Sonoma in OKC. 6. A 2wd version wouldn't be hard IF Round 2 wanted to market the F350 "Super Stones' as a 2wd version, since the last reissue already had not only the 4x4 parts but also the 2wd parts included in the kit. They could also open up a few more gates on the sprue and add the parts for the "Destroyer" or original "Bigfoot" versions of this kit. EXTRA BONUS POINTS: Also in addition to the idea of the tractor, add in the mini bike found in the monster truck versions.
  19. I'm not 100% sure, but from the way it looks it could be an old White like this one from Revell. The only possible drawback if I am correct, this truck is one of their 1/48th scale kits like the "Honest John" missile transport truck and also a mid 50s Ford. I don't know if there is any resin conversions in 1/24th or 1/25th or not, I did checK AITM's website and didn't see a similar cab there.
  20. Must be a SWIFT driver!
  21. Moebius already has the super single trailer wheel and tire set just as they have the big rig dual tire set for upgrading wheels and tires on other tractor kits (I've got a few of those sets and used one on an old AMT KW I have a Moebius reefer behind) so it is not like those that would want singles can't get them. I have driven trucks and pulled trailers with singles and that is why I'm turned off by them, real or in scale. They handle worse and in my view are also a safety hazard because at least with duals, if you blow one you can still limp to an exit ramp instead of being stuck on the shoulder as with singles.
  22. The super singles better just be an "option" and not the only wheels in the kit, because count me OUT if super singles are the ONLY choice. No rig in my collection will ever have that junk on them! As for a few other of the comments made here recently, in my honest opinion the Lonestar did better than the Prostar because the Lonestar is just a better looking truck overall and the Prostar just doesn't have the typical owner/operator appeal as the Lonestar. Sure, if you build fleet style trucks, the Prostar would be the one to fit the mold so to speak, but most builders I personally know and/or see posting here prefer the owner/operator style of truck. My opinion on the price point comment is this, saying rigs aren't a big seller because they are more than a car kit wouldn't be true when it comes to domestic manufactures like AMT and Revell, because at least in the shops I frequent a typical car kit is hovering right around the $30 price range and the truck kits are usually only $5 more or at the most $10, and if you shop at Hobby Lobby and are intelligent enough to use the 40% off coupon a rig would be right around the $20 range. Of course Italeri and Revell AG kits are going to be more, but that is to be expected as long as one realizes it costs money to ship them across the pond as a finished product. I also disagree that most truck builders are building them as "backdrops" or just as a truck they drove, I myself have a few kits that were of trucks I drove over my almost 20 year career and one is a resin conversion, but that doesn't mean I'm necessarily going to build it as one of the 1:1s I spent time behind the wheel of. There may be some that do build trucks as their ride or a backdrop, but I would say that would be more the minority than majority. Lastly, my opinion on US trucks by Italeri selling better across the pond than they do here would be the same reason Italeri sells their European truck kits here, they are something that is uncommon and that you don't see on an everyday basis. Another factor with that also is that for the European market and the fact they may never have seen one of the US trucks Italeri kits represent may not know how inaccurate Italeri's US trucks actually are being designed to use a common frame and engine, with the exception of the Peterbilt kits of course.
  23. It's still the same bed though Mike. I did find out that kit is unique compared to the other issues in that it has the underlift end like US wreckers where all the others don't. I wish I could find deals like that at my local HL, because at $25 a pop, I would have picked up every one they had! That is about a 3 for 1 deal on those, the last Italeri wrecker I bought was the most recent reissue with the Ford LTL 9000 cab and it was $75.
  24. It is somewhat similar to the one in the Italeri kits Mike, but the one in the Italeri kits is a Bro unit and mostly a European wrecker brand. I did find this interesting story though, and could very well explain the similarities in the bodies between Century and Bro. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tow411/joint-venture-between-century-and-bro-wrecker-t120364.html That story also gives me an idea for a new project, since I have a few of the Italeri Bro units and a GMC General and sister Chevy Bison sitting on the shelves!
  25. This is old news, Colin posted pics of the rig on his Facebook page on February 3rd of him with the new HR127 and according to his comments, Jamie is running it.
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