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  1. Credit where credit’s due: don’t forget these guys: https://www.ulalaunch.com/ Currently doing most of the _serious_ US space activity… best, M.
  2. Still my favourite line from any Star Trek… “Are you from outer space? No, I’m from Iowa, I only work in outer space.” I’m glad Bill got there in real life… .. not convinced that it has much to tell us about further exploration and exploitation of space, though, and it’s going to be a long time if ever before space becomes a net source of resources for Earth rather than a drain on them. A self sustaining Mars colony would probably cost as much blood and treasure and scientific breakthroughs as a safe reliable fusion reactor, and I know which one I’d rather mankind had… best, M.
  3. Looks fantastic… I bought one of these because the original is just bonkers. Not built it yet, but if I get it half as good as you have, I’ll be very pleased. I only regret that Tamiya didn’t do some transparent cowls so you could see the amazing engineering with the bike completed… best, M.
  4. Maybe they are machine reading the labels for bulk mails and the system can’t cope, but First Class is still sorted by real people at a critical point… best, M.
  5. Gregg asked me to hold off publishing these Under Glass pictures until MCM #209 has landed, but now it's swum ashore here in the UK, I figure it's reasonably safe... best, M.
  6. My #209 just landed in Yorkshire, UK, and very nice it looks as well. Just starting to read it properly... best, M.
  7. One I’d forgotten: “Night Without End” about a plane crash in the Arctic is another that’ll give you frostbite… best, M.
  8. Alistair Maclean… great Scottish thriller writer of the 60s and 70s. Lots of movies based on his books: Breakheart Pass, Fear is the Key, Puppet on a Chain as well as the above. A bit formulaic, like you say, but the good ones are really good. His first book HMS Ulysses is based on his real life wartime experiences and is one of the good ones. The Satan Bug scared the … out of me as a 13 year old. And for members of this forum, The Way to Dusty Death, which is set in and around 1970s Formula One, is on topic… best, M.
  9. Cheap and cheerful paint thinner/cleaner intended for gloss/oil-based house paint. Made from petroleum, usually sold as “turpentine substitute”. Art stores will sell you “low odor turpentine” which is better in many ways, if you only need small (a couple of pints) quantities… best, M.
  10. … and it had a digital rev counter, because an analogue instrument couldn’t keep up with how fast that jewel of a V10 (developed with Yamaha) can build revs — idle to 9000 rpm in just over half a second… best, M.
  11. Looks lovely.... a great colour combo and super-sharp. And I have to agree... the Tamiya LFA is probably the best car kit I have ever built (though I do have the 300SL in my stash, I haven't built it yet...) best, M.
  12. Flawless build and splendid photography.... just magnificent. best, M.
  13. If you've got Netflix, "Lupin" is an excellent Ocean's...-style French crime drama. It's not the same, but if you liked Leverage/Hustle, Lupin is in the same space... best, M.
  14. I want one of these: if I have to, 1/24, but the real thing would be better! best, M.
  15. Euro-centric conservatism? Not sure it's _particularly_ conservative to release the first new-tool E-Types, Landy, 1970s 911s or proper Mini in 30 years (or if it is, no one else seems to have thought of it). Not to mention up to date mainstream Porsche, Mercedes or McLaren sports cars. I suspect the first Taycan kit will come from Revell next year. And until it does, the 1/48 Blackbird will keep me busy... best, M.
  16. See if you can find a cheap 1/24 r/c DBS… there are quite a few on UK eBay for £10 or so… and steal the mirror. best, M.
  17. If you're REALLY interested, this is an excellent large format, highly illustrated book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/3836563487/ best, M.
  18. Or the one in Repo Man, or in Ronin… it has the Macguffin in… best, M.
  19. You might need to fall back on some sheet styrene (or old credit card) and some tube stock (or a cheap ball point pen barrel). You’ve got the other side to use as templates, and the individual parts that are short shot are symmetrical, so you only need to draw round them to copy them. I may be wrong, but that seems a more likely solution than someone having a whole spare frame rail they don’t need… best, M.
  20. Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland does Dunlop steel wheels as well, if you are happy to go through the hoops to order from them… best, M.
  21. You had to buy a special bonnet (hood) with a dish and mounting point. The “normal” fitting for a pick-up style hard or soft top is in the bed on the rear cab bulkhead. On a station wagon it’s usually the rear door, but that puts a lot of strain on the door hinges (steel wheel with tyre is HEAVY), so many have it there but with a substantial carry brace. The bonnet mounting does limit visibility, and you do NOT want to be working in the engine bay with the wheel still above you on the open hood! The one place you’ll never find it is on the cab roof. Serious Army combat softskins had frames to mount weaponry and usually carry a spare wheel on each side, vertically mounted behind the driver and passenger. best, M.
  22. “Actually, any pastel color looks good on it.” I guess now we know where Nissan got their colour choices for the Figaro from! best, M.
  23. Firefly Buffy The West Wing Blackadder (seasons 2,3 and especially 4) Leverage Hustle Coupling (how you get completely logically to the show ending punch line: “I’m holding the keys to paradise in my hand and I’ve got one too many legs”) Lupin Drive to survive Phineas and Ferb Black Books The Avengers best, M.
  24. The latest Zumbrunn book (“Lost Beauties”) has a photoshoot of the Marilyn Monroe 56 TBird, which is also pink, though a more restrained lipstick pink rather than this amped up Barbie version. The MM car actually looks remarkably tasteful… best, M.
  25. Hi... I'm not sure Harry ever did build one, but John Teresi's awesome build is here: best, M.
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