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  1. Welcome to the forum, David. I assume you go to Heritagecon in March at the Warplane Museum?
  2. Dan, I would have been posting a pic like this under “What irked you today” heading. 😂
  3. #215 arrived today! Yay! Looks great! Thanks.
  4. Thanks, Michael. I'll be keeping my eyes open at the postal box.
  5. Just curious. Any Canadians get their copy of 215 yet? Thanks.
  6. You’re getting an impressive collection of air brushes, Jim. I look forward to seeing what the other brand of brush you’ve won.
  7. While I believe this thread is related to Toyota, they are one of the last major manufacturers to jump on the ev bandwagon. For the longest time they maintained the hybrids were the way to go to drastically reduce emissions/green house gasses. And it makes sense, you keep ice engines for now while slowly working towards alternates. But suddenly everybody has declared electric is the only way to go and Toyota now has to join in.
  8. On Thursday I saw a McLaren 370(?) when I pulled in for gas. Of course I was too stupid to pull the phone out to take a picture. It was all black and sounded wonderful when he started it up and pulled away. Not the type of thing we're used of seeing in these parts.
  9. Very sharp Mustang!
  10. Wow! What a cool and unique drag car.
  11. Wow! That looks really nice. Would be a nice upgrade to the Revell kits.
  12. Welcome, Darryl! From Central Ontario as well!
  13. I had a Ford Courier and a Mazda B2000 back in the eighties. They were great little trucks. Easy to get into, easy to wheel around town and did all the hauling I ever needed for around the house/yard projects I needed to do. Haven't had a truck since the mid nineties. But I was curious when the new Ranger came out 3 or 4 years ago. Went to the auto show and they were all jacked up in the air even the 4X2's Why? I asked where are the lower ones and the rep I talked to said "they're all like this. It's what people want." Really? Happy to see the Maverick going back the other way. Wish they did just an extended cab like my old Mazda B2000. I would want more bed and less people room. But there again I guess I don't fit the demographic for the mass production of these. Cool little truck though.
  14. For my 2 cents worth: Keeping those who offer printed products separate from those who just offer files would be good. Some have neither the room for a 3D printer nor the inclination to learn the slice and dice and runner placement stuff you have to know to 3D print items. Some of us just want to buy the nifty parts we see. Maybe if 3D printing gets as simple as printing a page, some of us dummies will be more inclined to jump on board the file route.
  15. Good to hear, Wayne. The guys who get them at the hobby shop have been waving them in my face for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully mine shows up in the mail box soon.
  16. I remember you posting about SMA a few years ago in another topic and have been watching him ever since. It’s amazing the number of times that he is cleaning up other shops botched or incomplete work.
  17. So sorry to hear about Chuck’s passing. Although I didn’t know him personally, I certainly recognize his name probably due to magazine coverage and his association with the NNL Nationals. Condolences to family and friends.
  18. I feel like I should respond: “Far out, man!”. Cool painting. 😎
  19. I learned to drive with my Dad’s 1974 Ford LTD Country Squire, my Aunt’s 1973 Pontiac Lemans, and the school’s drivers ed 1976 Pontiac Lemans. My drivers test went well until the examiner had me pull the U.S.S. Enterprise sized Country Squire next to a little Toyota (they were much smaller back in the day) to do my parallel parking test. Up til then I had been practicing with cars around the same size as the wagon. Needless to say I botched the test. Fortunately the examiner allowed me to try again using a car closer in size to the Ford and this time I passed parallel parking portion of the drivers test.
  20. That’s an absolutely beautiful build of the Mooneyes dragster, Jim! Kudos!
  21. I can't get past the fact it looks like someone tacked a gremlin rear end onto a challenger. If the front end looked slightly more Gremlin-ish then I think it would really work for me.
  22. And here is the insanity of the postal system. A week later here in central Ontario and I’m still waiting for mine. Sheesh….
  23. Looking really sharp, Jim. I am enjoying watching what you and Bill Allen are doing with the Mooneyes dragster.
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