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  1. Charlie, you would be surprised at how many loans are like this. And it's not just car loans, it's home loans too. Most people don't really listen when the dealer is going over the terms and, if you don't catch it in their words or the fine print, you're pretty much stuck unless you want to pay a lawyer an arm and a leg to try and dispute it. Not much the agencies around here will do. The cops would probably have a good laugh and go to Speedway (convenience store) and hang out like they do every night. But yeah, many dealers start talking about financing the car at full price and THEN factoring in trade in and down payment. It's basically a way to shaft you out of any savings possible. BTW, you were talking about car dealers as second choice above. If your preferred dealer does not have something in stock, ask them if they have access to Dealer World or a similar site. If they do, they can most likely get what you want. That's how I got my Cavalier.
  2. Well, that's gonna cost somebody their job. Thank goodness it ain't one of us...I hope. You would think a "professional" like that would at least take a glance through the windshield to try and see if it is in gear, try spinning the wheels by hand, or something. And OH FORBID wrapping the cable around an axle to grab the car just in case. But thanks for sharing...definitely made the day a little better.
  3. Nice little Ranchero, Jim. I really like those rims and that engine work. Easy way to tell if an El Camino or Ranchero is a car or truck: If it's slow enough to see in the rear view, it's a car. If you see the bed blaze by you on the road, then it's a truck. It all depends on whether it's coming or going. I'm like the Australian term, "The heck with it. Let's just call it a Ute and forget it."
  4. The beautiful insanity continues. So, Ben, are you going to do something like a gloss black or custom color or what on the frame? BTW, I like how you have the rods sitting across between the upper control arms and the frame rails. Nice way to keep it good and square until everything is completely dialled in. Edited because I can't spell sometimes.
  5. That's some dang nice work to be just now getting back into the hobby. And yes, that Walmart paint is a bear to paint with. I used to use it for EVERYTHING I sprayed when I was younger. It looks like you've done a heck of a heck of a job wrestling that grizzly goop into submission.
  6. Jonathan, I love that color. I'm not a huge "Exotic" car fan but, Mercielagos are just so cool. Is that paint you are using acrylic? I know it's Scale Finishes but, I've never used their paint. Plus, I've noticed that acrylics have so many color choices and I am thinking of breaking out the airbrush for the first time this summer.
  7. Yeah, that's some funky paint! I definitely like it. When you add some BMF, it's really gonna set this off. And I would absolutely try to dial in that exact stance. The rake on it is perfect.
  8. Joey, you may be able to put the body in some hot water and straighten it. But yeah, for sale signs, prescription discount cards from the mail, or a number of things will substitute well for styrene. BTW, we won't laugh. Everything looks messed up with sections cut and spliced and rough body filler...until it goes to full primer. You should see some of the junk I build sometimes...and I've been building for around 20 years straight.
  9. Well stated. You must have been more awake when you posted than I was. I'd just like to see them build them with the shorter front windows and watch em try to get in and out. LOL
  10. The COT and newer Sprint Cup cars really bother me in 1:1. I always thought that NASCAR was born on modified versions of street cars. So, someone explain this to me...look at the difference in the doors on the street Fusion and the front side windows of the NASCAR version. They are stretched to look like a two door. I mean, I may be ignorant and half asleep here. But am I wrong. People used to buy cars and cheer for cars on the track because they, at least loosely, resembled their street cars. When they start driving cars that are actually exciting and based on street cars that seem to have the same number of doors on the street, I might start watching again. Oh wait, I forgot the Camry. No, they dont even say it is a Solara. I'm sorry but, shortly after Earnhardt died, everything just started going downhill. For goodness sakes, Dale Sr could have died because of his detest for some of the technological advances as far as we know. (Hahns device may or may not have saved him) He may not have gone about it in the way others might have but, maybe he was onto something. And what about bumping and rubbing? That used to be when drivers didn't take anything on the track but, again, NASCAR tones that down now as well. I still applaud the drivers but, geez. But as stated above, the good thing is, older kits when the racing was so much better are going cheaper. And someone out there will find interest in the COT and newer cars. Happy modeling to them because maybe it will present opportunities for people to better develop their scratchbuilding skills. I may not be a fan of the current racing (no offense to those who are) but, I still like watching builders practice and sharpen their skills.
  11. Wonderful replicas of these cars! They look so realistic!
  12. Well, if this is just your third post (according to the counter at time of my reply), I would say you have made one heck of a debut on this forum! Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see more of your work. BTW, just so you know...it took me a few minutes to compose my self enough to write this post after seeing this wonderfully twisted creation.
  13. Those tubular control arms look exactly like the 1:1s you see on full custom frames at truck shows.
  14. Isn't this the one that was shown under "general" when you first got it? Man, you really made a nice display out of it!
  15. Hand over the keys...I wanna drive it home! It looks that realistic.
  16. Looks good from here. Who needs doors when you can jump through a big open roof?
  17. I remember this one on the bench. I think it came out really nice. It has a clean look with the white and silver that let's the modifications speak for themselves. Very cool.
  18. Erik, you are doing a really great job here. I like the idea of posing Thunderhawk as if it were up in the air. As for Hurricane and Scorpion...I had almost forgotten hurricane. And I found my old Scorpion at my mom and dad's house the other day. A little dusty but, otherwise in good shape.
  19. Great, now we got to worry about these things crawling in our yards and using their blades to saw us off at the ankles. Maybe the Terminator concept of Skynet was a vision of reality WAY ahead of its time.
  20. My screenname is the name of my truck. I call it that because of my Skyline R32 taillights in the weld on roll pan awaiting being attached to my truck in the place of the stock...err factory roll pan that replaced the factory bumper. Sky is for the Skyline tails and for the Skyline driveline (if I ever have the money). S10s are called S Dimes. So, Sky+Dime=Skydime. My avatar is the above mentioned 98 S10...probably always will be as long as I own the truck, which I have technically had since new. My dad purchased it new and I traded him for it. It's still a one owner because we never changed the title. He now has a dark blue 99 S10 that, with only the color exception, looked exactly that same when they both were stock. He never was into anything custom. I wish he was. It would be cool to drag frame side by side just one time with him.
  21. Charging finance charges on the trade in value and downpayment is what infuriates me about the process.
  22. I like just about everything except boy bands and 90% of bluegrass and country. I'm sure there is some weird garbage (from my perspective) in there somewhere else I don't like but, I haven't found much of it. Two bands I must mention really liking are local. One is a defunked group from the 90s called Flat Mary Stone, and the other is a band called Downtrend. Although, I liked Downtrend best with their original lead singer. And looking above on this page, I like every single non country artist Adam See has on his list. On a side note: I went to a car stereo competition once where I competed in sound quality 151-300 watt class. The chosen material by the judges was electronic bagpipe music. I actually kind of liked it. I also liked it almost as much as the looks I got from everyone when I started playing "Rough Boy" by ZZ Top. That song has a great bass line.
  23. I don't remember the two AMT 68 Camaros I put together back in the 90s being that bad, honestly.
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