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  1. doc ,still posts on youtube for those interested ,,hes got a great project going right now
  2. when will we see this for sale ,,ive been drooling for it since i first saw these photos...
  3. truly great work,,looks fantastic
  4. more model car kits need to come with these details
  5. glusnifr


    there is a spray chrome getting some nice results from some youtube videos i've watched ...its at walmart ,,rustoleum--bright coat -mettalic finish,,
  6. im gonna start by buying atleast 5 of the utility body trucks ,,i cant wait
  7. im also north of boston ,welcome to the forum,,post pics when you can ,,
  8. its such a great looking truck,,your doing an awesome job on this build so far ,,keep the eye candy coming,,
  9. great job . i like the smooth sides it really shows off the great paint color ,the stance is killer too
  10. i just finished the lindberg 34 it still has the tonneau cover the toolbox and that battery ,the handtools and engine stand and hydraulic jack
  11. i agree on not buying recasts ,but ive been trying to get this for years and i think its the only way to get one
  12. who is selling these ,,ive been looking forever
  13. there is a third one also ,,a standing mechanic with a lift
  14. just made a trade with Matt T.,,very smooth and quick transaction,,highly recommended
  15. the lindberg mustang concept car,,i have no interest ,i bought it for the figure that came with it
  16. know where i can find a set of mass. state police decals?
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