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  1. Before: After: and underneath: MPC (same as Airfix) 1/32 scale 250LM body, Dynamic chassis, Pittman 6001 motor.
  2. This is a 1/32 scale Strombecker D-Jag body on Revell chassis with an RP-66 motor. The "photoshop" work was done with an obsolete free program from Adobe called PhotoDeluxe. It's no longer supported but it has served me well for making decals and such. Before: After: and underneath:
  3. Here's a small sample of the auto models that were at CMFXXII. Enjoy!
  4. I plan to be there, Ray! We will have photo coverage of CMFXXII on our site soon also. When I get home this evening I'll try to attach a photo or two to this post.
  5. When Aurora first came out with their Model Motoring line of HO slots around 1961 they figured that the train/slot combination would be big since trains were already a well established hobby and slots were brand new. They made a number of specialized track sections that included rail crossings for connection to standard HO track. BTW, at the time the cars were closer to real HO (1/87) before they gradually grew to 1/64 over the years. They also did the same thing when they brought out their 1/48 scale slot racing sets (I forget what the equivalent rail guage is) but that never really caught on. Anyway, some of that stuff might be available on Ebay or some other sources on the web. I just did some looking around on Ebay and saw a number of straight railway crossings like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Aurora-Model-Motoring-...1QQcmdZViewItem I'm pretty sure they also made 4-way and tee intersections with rail crossings.
  6. Does anybody know of any Studebaker Hawk resin kits or transkits that I might not know about? There have only been two resin Stude Hawks that I'm aware of. R&R makes a '56 Golden Hawk and I have one of those. AAM used to make a '62 GT Hawk that's long unavailable, rare and very pricey if one ever does show up. Is there any help out there for a Hawk freak?
  7. ModelFest was a great time! Thanks to everybody who came out to see us. I'll try to post some pics when I get a hold of them. Lots of great looking work on the tables but the automotive area was little light compared to last year. So everybody who came, please tell your friends and help make next year's the biggest Fest yet!
  8. That's sounds great. I'll have to go to the local Harbor Frieght and check out the paint pots. I've looked at some on the web and E-bay but they're usually pricier than that!
  9. Could somebody post a pic or two of their pressurized paint pot setup so I can see how it's done? I've done a little resin casting of simple parts without pressure or vacuum but I'd like to take on some more challenging projects using pressure. This is just the kind of discussion I need. Thanks to everybody for sharing your "secrets". Also, if there are any specialized fittings or other parts needed for the setup, where can I get them?
  10. That's beautiful work and very interesting subjects. I love 1/32 scale but I seldom build any 1/32 models because quality kits are so hard to find.
  11. Thanks for your comments, JB. Maybe it is the smoothness of the paint. It was recommended to me but probably by people who use magnets, glue, etc. I too race 1/32 "real" cars and my horsepower is limited to whatever a vintage Pittman makes. A DC77-6V makes a glorious noise!
  12. The above quote comes from the link you posted. I'm curious about the wood tracks part since wood tracks might have various kinds of racing surfaces. Do you have any experience to suggest what surfaces they might work on? I'm not a plastic track racer but my next home track might get a formica surface.
  13. Those are beautiful! Some of the best I've ever seen. I like my cars to look good but you build to a whole different standard! Keep it up. Maybe I'll be inspired.
  14. Two questions: 1) What is the best surface for a home made slot track? 2) Do you find that silicone tires leave a slick film on the track that only silicone tires can grip? I built a small home track a few years ago. It can be disassembled into 2'x4' sections for storage and assembled as either a 4'x8', 4'x10 or 4'x12' layout. I haven't been totally satisfied with the layout (some corners are too tight) and I'm thinking of building a new one. My present track is painted with a Rustoleum garage floor paint that was recommended on a slot racing forum but nothing works on it except silicone tires and I don't want to be limited to them. I don't know if the problem is the paint or if it's because I started out running silicones and left "tire tracks". I had heard rumors many years ago about silicones doing that and it might be true. In fact, looking back on it, I think I might have experienced this before on an HO track. Has anybody else noticed this? I'm thinking of getting rid of all my silicone tires if I build a new track! P.S. - I decided to edit and add a few more facts. First, my racing is STRICTLY vintage, i.e., no magnets at all. Also the traction problem with non-silicone tires is so bad that cars have a hard time accelerating in a straight line let alone getting around a single curve!
  15. I built one of those in the early 60's, probably when it was first released. At that time it had almost zero undercarriage detail (I don't know how much it has now) but it came with a little electric motor, a set of plastic gears that would wear out in a day or two if you really used them and you put two AA batteries in the bed to power the whole thing. It was the first time I ever thought about a kitbash. It looked like the AMT '32 Ford running gear would drop right in but I never tried it.
  16. I love the "beaded" top chop. Now that's classy!!
  17. There's about one week left before Cajun ModelFest XXII at the USS Kidd Museum in Baton Rouge, LA. It's next Saturday, April 21. Come visit with Baton Rouge Scale Modelers, show your models and win some stuff in the raffle. See you there!
  18. I'm pretty certain that the MPC Bora is based on the Airfix tooling. They released a lot of other Airfix stuff under the MPC label. Anyway, there is one on Ebay right now for small bucks. http://cgi.ebay.com/MASERATI-BORA-BY-AIRFI...1QQcmdZViewItem
  19. You probably need to lock them up now. At that age they learn new things every minute and she looks like a quick learner! She'll be building in about a month!
  20. Don't know what you're looking for, but try this: http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4292284851
  21. Mr. Obsessive, you are not only a great builder but also a master of understatement!
  22. You probably need to lock them up now. At that age they learn new things every minute and she looks like a quick learner! She'll be building in about a month!
  23. Rare or not rare, I think a Camaro with a six would be very cool build and it would really be an attention grabber!
  24. I'd like to thank everybody whose posted links so far. There's a lot of great ideas out there!
  25. This topic might be better on the Clubs forum but I thought I would try it here since "General" seems to get more traffic. Anyway, our club's webmaster will probably disagree since he doesn't need any more demands on his limited time but I think the Baton Rouge Scale Modelers website is in serious need of an upgrade. We need to get some color and some pop (besides just updating information)! I'd like to see everybody else's club sites to get good ideas :idea: that I can show to our resident nerd. Post'em if you got'em and thanks a lot!
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