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  1. I'd be very interested in one of those! I've worked on many cv's of this body style when I first got in the automotive business.
  2. Your attention to detail is amazing! Your patience must be unbelievable!
  3. Nice work! Don't feel bad I'm turning 45 in a couple of weeks and I feel you pain of not seeing as well as use to. When I turned 40 I fell apart so to speak. Keep it up.
  4. These were awesome when they came out, I wanted one of these when I was in high school. They kind of got pushed aside for the later GT's but they were ahead of their time.
  5. Anything going on with this build looks very cool?
  6. Intresting build! Very well thought out and what I can see supurb craftsmanship. Definitely following this build.
  7. Everything is still on go for this one in June, hope see some of yall there!
  8. Nice to see this on built! I've got one on my to do list along with about 100 more.
  9. Great conversion, the Cutlass kit is excellent in it's self. Your conversion is excellent.
  10. I forgot to ask did you remove the knobs on the dash before you applied the decals? They laid down great.
  11. Very nice work. My first build of this kit was the same color,looks great on that body style
  12. Your work is great! I have 2 of of those bodies and they look really good, what do they recommend for glass? I've heard that you can use the glass from the AMT Monte Carlo.
  13. Sorry just finished re-reading the top op page again. My fault I was just in awe of the rust job.
  14. Very cool! What technique did you use for the rust as I am suppose to building some kind of Rat Rod for a club build in March? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. Where's the pics? I would love to see this project as I don't have a clue what a 51 Plymouth looks like.
  16. The engine itself is a work of art! I would love to try one of these kits but I am intimidated by how much goes into one of these things. Awesome work!
  17. Very nice! How well does it go together?
  18. That color is looking great with those stripes. Bodywork is exceptional!
  19. Nice work! I could use one of those by with round holes.
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