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  1. I have a bunch of these kits in my stash, makes me want to get one out and get started on one.
  2. The color looks good on your build.
  3. So I have a small update on my Cutlass. Have got most of the chassis painted. Have painted almost all the parts on the trees and am ready for assembly. The engine is done minus the air cleaner which I will install at the end.
  4. Looks great, I’ve thought about using that color for a Mustang build myself.
  5. Thanks for all the input, I will be making me a trip to my LHS in the next few days. I might try Lowe’s paint department.
  6. You may be able to contact Time Machine resins through EBay. What have bought a few things through his listings, haven’t seen an up top though for the Camaro.
  7. Amazing work! I kinda have a sorry spot for these cars. Was this a promo you started with? I’ve been poking a t few kits on line and at one shows, they are getting a little pricey.
  8. I’ve always wanted Tant kit but never jumped at It. I haven’t used much photo etch and I think it would drive me crazy.
  9. Very cool build, I agree the color is a great choice. Better than another orange, red or black Camaro. Does RM of MD still offer that hood and air cleaner set? I had a flat hood conversion from them years ago to change the seat upholstery, flat hood and standard 4 bbl intake and air cleaner. Good products.
  10. That is going to be a cool build. I wish I had bought more of those 29 Roadsters and 31 coupes. I have one of each in my stash.
  11. Good way to go about it. Get a routine on how you clean things up before you assemble. He more time you get to spend at the bench the better. My time is hit or miss and just when I think I got something mastered it bites me in the behind. Here’s a 32 theee window based on the same kit I’m working on.
  12. My latest build is going to be the 83 Hirst Olds, it appears to be a straight forward simple kit. Just getting started on it, got a few things painted. Going to use Testors Gloss black Lacquer and sterling silver for the bottom. If anyone has built this kit Factory stock what paint from a rattle can would you recommend for the red interior? Or does anyone know if another color interior was available?
  13. I have multiples of this kit in my stash, one as far back as 1995. You don't see these built very much.
  14. I need at least 2 of the 66 Ford wagons. How and where can the purchased? Also do you do a 65 Ford wagon? Price?
  15. Has anyone used Mill City Replicas resin bodies? I was looking at some on EBay. Was wondering about the mold quality.
  16. I have bought from them in the past. Great products. Got to meet some of the guys a few years ago at a show. Top notch.
  17. That car looks amazing in that livery. I always loved Porches in the Martini colors.
  18. Nice work. Is that AMT or Revell/Monogram?
  19. Awesome build, I just got the gasser version from a fellow club member, nice paint combo.
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