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  1. Good luck Ashley, hope you get it finished!
  2. Keep going Jonathan, it's looking good despite the issues. It's a shame to cover up the engine, could you leave the engine cover in the 'up' position?
  3. It's quite simple, Trevor, all you need to do is send a message to Michael with the answers. The hard part is identifying the car......
  4. Thanks for sharing Bill, wish I could attend!
  5. Nice save Matt. A bit of artistic licence with the registration plates eh?
  6. Revell Reher Morrison Shepherd Pro Stock Camaro, built OOB with Slixx decals.
  7. Thanks from me too, Ken, it has been enjoyable. Looking forward to what you have in store for us, Michael.
  8. There is a digital version available on Magzter, I suscribed last year. https://www.magzter.com/US/Model-Cars-Magazine/Model-Cars/Automotive/
  9. Awesome work Ashley - I see you've been tempted by the dark side!
  10. Looks beautiful - gotta love a Delage
  11. Hi all. I didn't like the stance of the recently re-issued gasser, so I set about lowering it. This required narrowing the rear axle, altering the ladder bars, fitting parts box tyres and radiusing the wheel arches. The front axle was also narrowed to tuck in the tyres, the suspension was changed to coilovers (spares from my recently completed '64 Chevy). Building the car in two locations resulted in the loss of a steering arm, will have to search round for it. Lowering also meant modifying the exhaust headers. Paint is Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue and partsbox decals were used, including flames from the Revell Mercury. Thanks for looking.
  12. This is the Revell lowrider version, built mainly out of box except for basic plumbing and wiring. Paint is Tamiya Metallic Green and Aircraft Silver, both clearcoated with Duplicolour Metalcast Yellow (Gold?). The main body colour has a green tinge to it which doesn't show up well in the pictures.
  13. As a long distance admirer, I always enjoyed seeing his work in contest coverage. Sad news.
  14. Congratulations on this milestone, Jim, you should get some sort of shiny award .
  15. Thanks Jim - I see you narrowed it! I've been unable to find one of the right width without resorting to the same solution.
  16. Hi Jim. What a great project! Good to have you back on the forum and digging out this old build. What did you use for front suspension? It seems narrower and lower than the kit setup.
  17. When I log on to the forum, I use the 'New Content' feature which shows all new comments for the previous 24 hours. This is now down to 5 or six pages, whereas it used to be ten or more. I guess there is less traffic on here now compared to the golden days of a few years ago. Posts are frequently by the usual suspects, a hard core of 30 or 40 members. A minute percentage of members seem to contribute, much like model groups on Facebook.
  18. Terrific build - your decal work is excellent.
  19. Superb! You've done an amazing job on this.
  20. Looking great Jonathan!
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