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  1. This build was inspired by a picture of a UK car I found on t'internet. The Revell 2007 issue was used as the base, with the only alterations being the addition of plug wires, a roll bar and parts box decals. Paint is Tamiya rattlecan, Gloss Black and Pearl White exterior and Bright Red interior. Thanks for looking.
  2. I've finished the interior and installed the engine. I dullcoated the intake trumpets because there was too much 'bling' with the kit's chrome finish.
  3. Now that my Blue Bandito is finished, I've been able to turn my attention back to the Corvette. The engine has been built and wired, but I used the spare alternator which has a mounting bracket attached to it. The kit is interior is nicely detailed and was carefully painted with Tamiya Italian Red, water-based Citadel paint for the carpeting and Molotow Chrome for the trim and handles etc.
  4. Excellent work so far, Ismael, that blue paint job and the interior are gorgeous!
  5. maltsr

    Blue Bandito

    Box stock build of the Monogram Blue Bandito, not bad for an old kit. Paint is Tamiya TS44 Brilliant Blue.
  6. It's coming along nicely, Guy, great work on the dashboard.
  7. Thanks for the interest guys. As mentioned in the opening post, this isn't a replica or an accurate racer, the prototype just served as inspiration to build something from my stash, I hope it inspires you to do the same , Tom . Managed to touch up the paint, then added some Tamiya clear followed by a quick polish and some leftover decals. I gave the Minilite-style wheels some paint in keeping with the theme, using Tamiya X-16 Gunmetal and X-11 Chrome Silver.
  8. Nice conversion, this was called a Sierra Sapphire in the UK.
  9. Update on the build, took the opportunity of some fine weather to do the paint. Just a few touch ups required, nothing major (phew!). I'm using this version of the kit which came with Minilite-style wheels and an exhaust similar to that of the protoytype. Will do some mockups with wheels in due course. . Thanks for following and all comments welcome.
  10. First completion of the new year - Tamiya AMG GT3 with homebrewed livery using mainly partsbox decals. Paint is Duplicolour Metalcast Green over Tamiya TS100 Gunmetal.
  11. I've had the Revell 1967 Corvette Coupe in my stash for a few years, but this image I found online has inspired me. It's a UK car about which I know nothing, but my build will be similar to this. I plan to use Tamiya Pearl White and Gloss Black spraypaint, but I'm unsure whether to use the Minilite style wheels that come with the kit or source some five spokes from my spares. So far I've tidied up the body and bonnet (hood) and removed the bumper mounts front and rear.
  12. maltsr


    Terrific build Ian & happy new year to you.
  13. Some cool old kits there, Bob. Nicely done!
  14. maltsr

    Builds 2017

    Great collection Pat, it's fun being retired eh?
  15. Here is a phantom 1968 Hemi Dart, built OOB from the Revell kit with a little wiring and Lindberg decals.
  16. maltsr

    My 2017 Builds

    Lots of cool builds there.
  17. I remember this one Peter, a superb build. Season's greetings from NZ!
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