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  1. Lindberg 1961 Impala, Tamiya Red Metallic over Gunmetal, lowered all round with Pegasus Sovereign wheels/tyres. Interior is also Tamiya paint, racing white/maroon.
  2. Great builds, excellent work on the Westfalia interior.
  3. Revell 1958 Corvette painted Tamiya Pearl White/Lime Green Pearl/Semi-gloss Gunmetal. Chrome replaced with Tamiya Light Gunmetal. Lowered all round with narrowed rear axle to accommodate narrowed Pegasus wheels with parts box tyres. The engine is from the Guldstrand Grand Sport 90.
  4. maltsr

    My 2018

    Nice clean builds!
  5. maltsr

    Flatout 2018

    Great looking builds!
  6. Managed to squeeze in one more for 2018. This build was inspired by a car I saw on an episode of Million Dollar Car Hunters, and is based on the Monogram 1/24 Shelby GT350R, painted as a Bud Moore tribute. It's box stock apart from aluminium tube exhaust tips, spark plug wires, some parts box decals and a little lowering at the front. Paint is my usual Tamiya rattlecan.
  7. Very nice work, especially the '62 Chevy.
  8. Looks like you had fun Peter, great builds.
  9. Cheers David (and everyone else), it's the Moebius 1952 Hudson Convertible.
  10. I used Tamiya Pearl Yellow and Testor's Dark Cherry Pearl, and well spotted on the year!
  11. Great builds Matt - do you make your own GB plates?
  12. Superb build as always from you Peter!
  13. Great to see it finally finished Dann, excellent work. Love the display! I'm getting the new Tempesta version and will use some of your techniques on that.
  14. Tamiya MX5 painted in Tamiya Gunmetal. Superb kit, goes together perfectly. Typical Tamiya then.....
  15. Tamiya TS92 Orange Metallic would be a better choice than PS61, this is how it looks over grey primer.
  16. AMT Sunbeam Tiger built box stock except for narrowed front wheels. I used the kit's lowered rear axle, but had to scratchbuild the mounts to fit the rear shocks as only stock length shocks were included. I also added new sidetrim made from plastic strip. Paint is Tamiya Italian Red over a pink basecoat.
  17. When I was working I was an active member of a car model club and tried to take at least one new build to each monthly meeting - I was building around 15-18 models a year. Now that I've retired, my production rate has gone up to about two a month. I find that although I have more time at the bench, I take more time over each build. On that basis, I have about two year's worth of builds in my stash, but that doesn't stop me from adding to it .
  18. I have this photo on file, not sure if it's the '70 car though. According to Jim Schild's book, they were given a 'body-in-white' for 1970 which was used as the race car.
  19. Sad news that another legend is gone - Sam Foose has passed away.
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