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  1. I just don't know how you can build a car this small and intricate Bruce. My hats are off to you. cheers, tim
  2. I appreciate the very imaginative solutions you're providing on this build. License plate and pulley belts to name just a few. Cheers, Tim
  3. The body is perfection. I was thrown off by the color choice but when I checked out your other pics (the link you provided) I saw your inspiration and smiled. Great choice!!! cheers, tim
  4. It's been too long since I checked out your thread Chris and I missed A LOT. All caught up now and I'm amazed at how sweet the paint turned out on the body and that seat color is the best I've ever seen. Can't wait to it with the wheels on her. I've said before MFH kits are challenging and you've gotten VERY good at them. cheers, tim
  5. That wheel is no easy deal to make. You've got it figured out now Charlie. Can't wait to see the rear ones! cheers, tim
  6. Thank you one and all for your continued following and comments. I had to start the top portion over as when I attempted to cut it off.........well, let's just say it didn't work out too well. So I decked the piece and started it again. I have a different plan to seperate the top portion of the plate and I'm hopeful it works this time. Jose, I'm not going to use / copy the clamp thing that they did on the runners. I found a different design that I want to replicate to join this top portion to the bottom. Please be patient, I'll have more to post soon! Cheers, tim
  7. I'll liken the "crispness" of your builds JC to a perfectly folded paper airplane. They always look just right. cheers, tim
  8. Most assuredly following along Daniel & thanks for sharing the info on the Peterson site. cheers, tim
  9. A build such as this requires such dedication and planning let alone actually making it that I can't begin to describe it. I can only imagine how pleased YOU are right now Francis. It was all worth it. Cheers, tim
  10. Goodness gracious Dave.........the frame is beautiful in paint & I love the color you picked. It sets off all the beautiful pieces you've fabricated. You're excited now I can see and moving VERY rapidly. So worth it to see you pull this project forward and complete it, you've got to be stoked. Cheers, tim
  11. Steve, it's all been said. This is a build that I wish was mine. Just too good looking if that's even possible. Congrats sir! cheers, tim
  12. Ian, got some pics to share of a new intake manifold I'm attempting to make.......many parts yet to make but I think it'll be better! Thanks Jerry & Ron (Butter1) ...........happy to share the tip and I'll say it IS good to be back at it. Dave, appreciated.........again, great to see you back on the forum. Always appreciate your comments on my builds Bob & Davewilly..........again, I'm just glad to be back at it. cheers, tim Regarding my sideways move I'm working on a new intake for the car because I think I can improve it..I'm not convinced my original one will do the carbs justice. The first pic is a poor photo I found of an Autolite carb set-up for a 351. I'm trying to replicate a similar design for the Boss 494. I'm machining the top portion and curved plenums out of mild steel instead of alum. It's a pain (cutting oil is messy) but when completed I think the contrast in metals will really add to it. The finish should be similar (not exact) to a magnesium color. I have to cut what you see into 2 parts. Then I'll make the half moon curved plenums beneath. Then the manifold logs that will attach to the heads...............blah blah blah I know. Anyways, this should give some idea of my progress. I'll use .6 stainless steel tube with bolts inserted on top to replicate the attachment points of the top plate to the bottom. They're located on the edges so you'll see half of each tube exposed. The blue hi-liter line gives a rough idea of the height of the 2 top plate portions. Overall they'll be 2.1mm I know it's a lousy pic but the contrast of the carbs and new manifold is evident. The tricky part is tomorrow. My Sherline cut-off blade is not wide enough to slice through the entire piece so I have to cut into the part up to a point and then rotate the piece on the rotary and hopefully get a level, clean cut. Top plate A will be .8mm and top plate B will be 1.3mm or thereabouts.
  13. Thanks for posting the vid Joe. Nice to see pics of any and all shows and models. The military modelers are amazing in their own right too. cheers, tim
  14. I'm gob-smacked Mark. Too many, (I admit, no such thing as too many) great new details you've shared. What a build this has turned out to be and I'll certainly keep following till her completion. Amazing talents on display. cheers, tim
  15. What a fun thread this one is. So many great looking cars and concepts. Would like to see the finished cars with a beforehand pic (these) next to the final car. Before and after pics are always great! cheers, tim
  16. I've always admired LSR cars Claude and must say your latest build just looks like pure fun. Lots of imagination and you executed it wonderfully. cheers, tim
  17. A beautiful build Bruce. You've got to be proud of her. Just beautiful. cheers, tim
  18. 4 days later and "got some more stuff done. bunch of interior panels, radiator and mount. fuel tank mount and fuel tank. belly pans, nitrous and fire bottles." Sheesh Dave, you're going to keep me off the bench so I can stop and look at all the cool things you're doing in no time at all...............nice to see you still "got it".. cheers, tim
  19. Sorry for the delay in replying. Brad (nice to see you still following the build btw) - Francis, mess with the bull and sometimes you get the horns.........the past half year felt like I got the horns. Thanks though! Chris, you should see the mental gymnastics I'm going thru currently. I want to finish / assemble the engine and the stand as well before jumping back on the chassis but I'm working on drawings for a cool new part that I'm hopeful I can pull off. I'll know soon. Art, always nice to see you post and say hi too. I'm slower than ever but still at it so I'll call that a win. Cheers to everyone, Tim
  20. Class is now in session............nice to see you back Dave and at the bench. cheers, tim
  21. JC, You're oh so right about the Johan Maverick.....I was curious and checked ebay today & they're selling for $330. up to $450......insane. I got mine from the U.K. several years ago and I think it cost me around $140. at that time. crazy I know. cheers
  22. Thanks JC....that's what I've resorted to in the past.......hate cutting up that spare body of course. cheers, tim
  23. JC, I HAVE to ask, what's your method for getting such a clean curbed cut like that on the front end? I've got to do that on the mav and I've had success in the past but I didn't get it as clean as yours. Any tips are appreciated. cheers, tim
  24. Everyone on the forum should see this build Tomasz. It's so stunning and clean and I love the natural light pics. Flawless! Congrats of course AND I have to agree, it might / should be considered one of the all time best looking cars. WOW! cheers, tim
  25. Love your work Steve. They all look fantastic. cheers, tim
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