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  1. some pics of the other carb parts sitting on the base that I just parted off. Now onto the other so I can finish these up and get to the manifold. As a note, these are all just resting one on top of the other so nothing has been glued/assembled yet. Just a quick mock-up so I can see where I"m at. cheers, tim
  2. That's a beast of an engine. I'll be anxious to see how it prints out for you when you get to that juncture. Anybody that has CAD skills has a leg up on the rest of us for sure. cheers
  3. You've got my attention Joe. I'm curious to see how you progress on the changes you're making to the car so that big ol' motor fits up. You're saving me time for sure when I get to that point & can see that the towers fit up beautifully. Cheers, Tim
  4. Thanks Joe & Jerry. Dick, the reason is because I'm using end mills that are 1/64" that break when you just look at them. The length of cut is the biggest issue because of the overall height of the part when cut off it makes it difficult if not impossible because of how short a 1/64" end mill is. 1/64" being .4mm approx.
  5. Appreciate all of those that continue to visit and also post to this thread. Running out the door but I wanted to quickly share the 1st of 2 carb bases. Between drawing it up and milling it, about 15 hours or so. As much time drawing it as milling. 2nd one should go much quicker. I'll share pics of them parted off and completed as a set. Oh so close on getting these carbs finally done. cheers, tim Here you can see 4 of the 6 bleed/adj. screw holes on the fuel bowl side of the plate. The other two are on each end of the base.
  6. Love checking this thread every week or so. JC, the pic of the 919 LH you shared, phantom I know, is still a treat for the eyes. Any other pics of the concept you can share? Cheers Tim
  7. Tiago, I really look forward to your progress on this one. I was always a fan of Ferrari in F1 but 2 of my favorite marks besides them were Wolf & Brabham. The BT-52 was one of the most purposeful looking F1 cars ever made IMO. And who doesn't love the Fan car? I am certain you'll do it justice. Cheers, Tim
  8. 😲 - Phenomenal detailing Steve and I like the colors that you've chosen for the build. I stared at the dash and steering wheel for a LONG time. Made my eyes hurt. Cheers, Tim
  9. Nice build Jim. I like the attention to the tiniest of details that you're putting into her. The paint / flames are gorgeous. cheers, tim
  10. I just stumbled upon this thread and enjoyed every single comment. After a bit of pondering the original statement, I would sum it up as "you know it when you see it". It might only be a single part or 2 on a model (any kind or type) or it might be the entire model. It's one of the reasons i enjoy the forum because there are so many different types of builds here and I can appreciate them all. Cheers, tim
  11. To Mike - David - Brad - Dave (comp1839) - Francis and John, thank you so much for your acknowledgements. It was a fun & rewarding build. Dann Oh - All I can say is what I posted earlier. Class organization and a very well run show. I wish all of you the best and thank you for the invite to next years DSC 17 contest. It would be a treat to meet the members and other modelers as well. UKDave - So nice to see that drag racing in the UK is going strong. I visited your site and it was fun going through all the photos (and there are a LOT!! ) I saw cars and body styles I've never seen before. Very cool. I saw the link you posted (thank you for sharing the Bantam with your friends too) and their comments. Please tell Nick Davis that I had visited his links to his car many times over the several years I was building the Bantam and doing research on various Bantam Altereds. "HAVOC" is one beautiful & beast of a car. Cheers to All! Tim
  12. Today I received a wonderful package from the members of the Cactus Car Modelers for their recently hosted on-line contest the Desert Scale Classic. I am more than impressed with the quality of the awards themselves and of course the recognition that the Bantam received. I'm not sure who designed the trophies or picked the colors etc. but I can share that they're simply beautiful. This bespeaks the kind of club and organization they are. I want to say THANK YOU to all the members for going out of their way to host the event when everything else was cancelled. It was easy to enter and fun to boot. Hopefully there will be more like it. Cheers! Tim
  13. I admit I was never a fan of Mclaren (Ferrari guy) but the way you're approaching & creating the details on your car Jose are just fantastic. The extra effort you're expending through out on each part (trying to achieve proper scale as 1 example) really shows. You're efforts are being rewarded most certainly. Beautiful car. cheers, tim
  14. Mad skills Mark. Taking an end-mill to the manifold..........well, that had to be interesting to say the least. Nicely done of course. Keep sharing the steps / processes you're doing along the way, they're greatly appreciated. cheers, tim
  15. WOW Seth. This is a stunning car you've made. Congrats on an outstanding job. cheers, tim
  16. Now where did I put my shades? All kidding aside Dave.........NICELY done! cheers, tim
  17. Dave, is that english you're speaking? appreciate your post as always! Francis, thanks sir, I've got it figured out now.....couple more interesting TINY parts to make but today's pics have me pretty enthused on how it's going to look when done. 1st pic shows the 4 bodies I just completed with the barrels nestled on each end. The other pics show the tops in place (just lined up by eye, nothing is permanent yet) I'll make a simple jig to secure the pieces together, glue it up and deck the tops one last time on the mill for a perfectly flat surface. Some of the bodies are off in height by .12mm ......after that, I'll make the last big component which is the base plate for each. Then all the myriad bits and pieces. Thanks in advance for checking out my progress! tim
  18. You're welcome Jason.......and I'm always willing to help a friend Dave. It was great to see you again too. I got 3 hours bench time this morning. 6 down, 2 to go. I mocked up the barrels under the top portion to "visualize" how they're coming along. 1st pic is on the mill......next 2 give a peek on direction. Can't wait to get to the 4 carb bodies that join the 8 barrels together. I've high hopes for these now. The slots you see on the sides of the barrels will have .5mm tube inserted to replicate the actual carbs. Found some super T2M bolts to fit the tang holes. The tang holes are .3mm in diameter as an fyi. PLEASE ignore the ratty tubes I used to line-up the barrels for the sake of the photo........obviously they won't part of the final assembly. I did a quick check on parts count on the pair of carbs....it will be somewhere just north of 100 pcs. & that doesn't include linkage etc. cheers, tim
  19. Guys, much appreciated. Got 3 more of the barrels done yesterday. 4 to go. Takes me 1 1/2 hours to do each. ugh! Jason, I use for the smaller end mills Kyocera. They have a factory in the U.S.A. I can pick em' up on ebay/amazon and some on-line shops that sell end mills / exclusively. For larger end mills (1/8" and up) I use a firm called Lakeshore Carbide. They're not cheap but they have what I want and they last......also have the "odd-balls" like tapers / corner rounders etc. They're service is top notch too. Hope this helps.
  20. I can envision the finished car already John. That paint job will be stunning. Nice to see you at the bench with some many projects flying around. Cheers, tim
  21. This is so much fun watching this come together Andrew. Thanks too for sharing your techniques. cheers, tim
  22. Hi Francis, did you order they're "blacken-it" solution? Maybe that would give you the finish you're seeking. I've used it on alum. and it works / replicates well. Not sure if it works on brass however. cheers
  23. Curt/John. FANTASTIC!!!! That's all I've got. Love the different designs and approaches and without a doubt these are some of the most unique builds on the forum. Cheers, tim
  24. The scale and accuracy of parts they included in the kit are amazing Chris. She looks fine! cheers, tim
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