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  1. Very nice job on that procharger Clayton, kind of looks like a supercharger front plate and possibly a pulley were also used for that.
  2. That turned out really nice, I love all your scratchbuilt stuff.
  3. Krishna you have done it again, beautiful build. This kit is one I have been wanting to buy, I like the wheel's and the color sceme on this kit. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I really like the box art on these Monogram's...I would buy them just for that alone. I was born in '84 and a drag racer so this is a no brainer for me. I think it would be really cool with a snazzy paintjob to look like a nice weekend bracket racer. I would probably update the hood scoop and lose the passenger seat for a more modern look. As for color......bright and wild always work's on racecar's, normally I am subtle ,but racecar's give you a chance to be a bit more crazy and look the part. Good luck
  5. I got the last issue and read it from cover to cover, thank's for the head's up!!!
  6. Those are some really nice looking build's, I think I like the gold one best ,but at this point who cares. Great work.
  7. Here we go again, why can't you just share picture's without "crying" about what ribbon you did or didn't win? Then you put down the tractor for reason's I am still confused about, because it was not a passenger vehicle or was it because the builder had a best friend lol???? I would have chose the tractor also, just based on your attitude, grow up! Were big boy's here on MCM, we mind our manner's and do not put down other's work. Share your build's and how you built them, save the other nonsense for Facebook or Twitter.
  8. I like the look's of this one, curious what kind of engine that is...it is a Ford hehe. You build really fast Ray, where do you display all your finshed kit's.
  9. Wow so I guess you won, I think the foil work look's really nice myself. I like the color and the carpet, very nice model.
  10. I am a little bit confused here, I would apperciate you explaining what this post is all about Tony. Seem's like a rather nice model, I already seen one member say it is better than they can build so your mad and still better at building than many people...no matter what a contest panel say's. Are you mad because you didn't win a trophy???? What are you doing mentioning Darryl????Please tell me you are not talking about the other member on here and his build????? Too bad you couldn't have just posted pictures of your build and left all the other stuff out, now you need to explain yourself.
  11. That paint work is out of this world, which seems fitting for this subject. That drool is very convincing as well, very cool build.
  12. Haha everything you have described is just exactly what I imagine happening in that situation starting with the bag's being opened. Kids are halrious and even though I have none myself I am a Uncle so I have seen what they are capiable of, I am still amazed everytime I babaysit lol. It is neat that you are helping them with project's and possibly getting them into a hobby, hopefully thing's go a bit smoother this time around Jeff.
  13. The Hellcat for a first build.....well that there may have been the problem. A 60$ hellcat is certainly not the Ideal first build....even more so for a kid. Snap tite, pre painted bodies are a great start and much cheaper. I wouldn't really put in my .02 cent's ,but your sister has already decided they can't build model's so seem's like mission not accomplished...nevermind ribbion's or trophies it is a great hobby that stimulate's the brain and imagination. Good luck with the rocket, but after the first disaster I wonder if adding a propelled agent is such a good idea haha.
  14. Those are really cool and small.
  15. Ira you are a sick man....in the best possible way. We are seriously lucky to have you sharing your work on this forum. My favorite's, San Fransisco vs the Flying Saucers and Romulan Raptor because I actually followed your wip on that one. These are truly work's of art that deserve title's. Can't wait to see what this bring's.
  16. Oh Bernard you know we love your history lessons/short stories...haha I sure dig 'em anyway.
  17. Very very cool, I love this sort of stuff and I agree nice detailed picture's for a build. Believe it or not that was debut at my local track Florence speedway in Florence Ky and Robby Hensley(one who test drove it) wen't to high school right down the road..he drives a Late Model on a normal basis. Very cool, wish I would have been there in '08 when it was on display. The North/South got cancelled this year due to rain..I was bummed.
  18. looks good, I like the wheel swap. I am working on the same kit and I noticed prices going up on these myself.
  19. krazyglu

    petty rig

    My Mom lived in Salem NC and went to school with a Petty girl, she said she remembers going over to the girls house and seeing a bunch of guys working on a car and that story has always stuck with me. Turns out it was Richards niece my mother was friends with. Neat addition to your Petty collection.
  20. This is going to be awesome, I love the early altereds. Never heard of pactra hot primer,but the pactra line is being dropped all together from testors so nothing pactra will be around. With any other category bedsides drag racing and Nascar there is a workbench section and underglass so kind of confusing. Look toward to more progress.
  21. Very cool Bernard, I like the color combo on this combined with the wheel color I think it's different and works well. The engine looks very good, as does your see through shot.
  22. Man that thing is cool, you did a great job with the subtle wash. Nice work on that one with the tracks also. Now I want one...thanks guys.
  23. I love how TMNT became popular again, we been showing the young ones the original series from the 90`s and they love it. Very cool model built for you boy.
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