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  1. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Revell, great quality for over 35 years!   

    The Revell '79 Mustangs, because they just slopped a Mustang nose onto the Capri body that has the wider fenders. Worst being the McLaren Mustang (which I'm working on currently to make into something decent) as that appears to be nowhere close to the 1:1
  2. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Dodge 9 Car Transporter   

    Is that Mitsubishi kit you got the trailer from full detail or a dull curbside? Never seen it before and I was just curious.

    BTW, awesome work! Cant wait to show my Dad (who is into trucks BTW).
  3. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic 3 Nürnberg 2015 toy fair photo reports, courtesy of IPMS Germany   

    That blade in the middle would be mighty painful if it fell deep into your leg or foot.
  4. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic some corny jokes   

    Got carried away with dat one... my bad!
  5. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Its been a while...   

    Sorry if it seems silly to post this here, but I figured some people did welcome back stuff when they have absent for a while.

    I plan to upload some WIP and Under Glass stuff soon, so stay tuned.
  6. RickRollerLT1 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Its been a while...
    So what's changed since I last logged on three years ago? Notice the chat tab is gone.

    BTW, what's the attachment thingy on the bottom when I'm making a post for? Can I upload images with it now (I for the life of me do not remember my Photobucket ID and password, so if I can upload them here instead of PB, more the better and less frustration).
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  7. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Foose '68 Firebird   

    After seeing the pic of the 1:1 car and this, I suppose its not too far off unlike if RC2/AMT tackled this in 07. But the only glaring problems are:

    Stock 389 motor? But NO new aftermarket parts for it at least!? - Coulda tooled up an LS1 and/or borrow parts from the '98-02 Camaro/Firebird kits. ITS NOT THAT HARD AND COSTLY TO DO. (Maybe they wanted to fit what they can in the box so the dev money saved could be used for their "fun" shows in Vegas)

    The wheels are OK but a wee undersized; tires are oversized ala '06 mustang 4x4 look.

    No disc brakes - You've done it for the regluar Cali' Wheels kits, why not this one!?

    Biggest one is the price - $26.99 for something a bit "undercooked" and no other build options (aside from the extra drag parts that are now somewhat useless). I'll let this one slide, as I allready did one with an LS1 and properly lowered. The previous issues are still in curculation and can be found FAR cheaper that this new warm-over. With the stock issue, you can have extra parts for other projects and scrounge up your own to make an far accurate version of this Foose masterpiece (that Revell should've SERIOUSLY taken into proper consideration in their marketing meetings).
  8. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Revell 2012 Fall New Releases Announced   

    '99 Stang is nice to have back again... Moar 4.6 and IRS suspension goods to drool over!

    I would explode if they did the '04 SVT Extermator in coupe or convertable form. OR SOMETHING DIFFERENT! But of course, they need to churn out moar rat rod roasters and stale tri-5 coupes for unit sales to make the sales excutives happy.
  9. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic What happened? ...   

    Whats happening is you might be applying too much gloss white to cover the gray. A gloss color is "thinner" than a flat color due to the amount of thinner in the paint mix. Therefore, it could run or cause uneven aeras on the painted surface. What I find works is after the coat of gray primer, spray some flat white so it covers over the gray, then apply the gloss white so it gets an even shine/gloss. By doing this, you won't have to apply much of the glossy color to cover the gray primer because there is a surface that matches the color your applying over it. This works for gloss black over flat black, red over pink, sliver over black, and so on.
  10. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Anyway to save clear plastic that has been painted on?   

    Purple Power works wonders! After stripping application it may leave some flat/non-shiny spots, but a polish with toothpaste then a coat of future, it can bring the clear shine back up!
  11. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I'm now finishing that one as I type! Got it at a car show last fall for $5.
  12. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic How can I save this?   

    What we both said.
  13. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic Rustoleum has Sticky Surface   

    This is because you used it over the Model Master paint, which takes almost a week to dry throughly. I've applied it over other paints, and takes about 4 days to dry fully.
  14. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic How can I save this?   

    Looks like a factory defect, but are commomly called "short shots". I've have had and seen worse, but this dosen't look too hard to fix. I'd say it can be saved with plastic strip, losta bondo/filler, and some scribing around the door lines to match. I had a sealed 70 Challenger kit given to me and the body had the full HALF of the rear end missing! It could not be fixed at all, but luclky I had a spare so things were all good.
  15. RickRollerLT1 added a post in a topic What's under the Hood of this car?   

    All of the reissues including the current Daisy Duke car don't have the RR bird decal. Because it's the Loony Tunes licence, which is a seperate product licence that they must pay for.