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  1. Hi Josh, I too beleive that a decent plastic full detail kit of these cars would be an instant sucess!!!! I was going to post a link to Fabrizio's wonderfull build of three of the Gunze Coupes and transporter but all the pics are gone. Looking at the MCM #207 cover posted above in this section it made the cover:) Steve, Great build ! Gary, Amazing collection of fine builds you have there, well done Sir ! I have traded away my Scale Motersport and Gunze kits, nothing wrong with them, but I wanted full detail kits. I will post some pics of the MFH kit and the HRM kit and you can see pics of the HRM kit at my store site. HRM kit body The 2 kit bodies, HRM in white.... MFH kit, mostly white metal and photoetch.... Good reference books... The Mills book has a complete listing of models in the back ::) I was going to suggest that you come down I-25 and we will go to the Shelby Museum in Boulder and see #2299 but I don't know that it is still there. Here are some rather poor photos I took when it was there... I do have some HRM kits coming in next week:) Randy
  2. JC's building another Porsche, I'm in !!!! Excellant body work going on here my friend Randy
  3. Hi Mike, really enjoy your work, any progress on this one ? Randy
  4. That paint job is just awesome Eric !!! Randy
  5. As with all your projects, really well thought out and flawless execution!! Randy
  6. RRR, This is really good stuff !!! Love your craftsmanship. Randy
  7. Love to watch you build these big boys Bruce! Course my favorite was your Ferrari P4. Randy
  8. HUMMMMMM.... my newest printer should be able to handle that Randy
  9. Tim, OMG.... 300 parts sitting on top of the manifold!!!!! Can't decide which side I like better, the fuel inlet side or the side showing the cool little covers & clips...ummm This is a craftsman looking at a part and saying I can duplicate that...and then doing it. Randy
  10. As always, really enjoy opening one of your build threads Bernard!!! Nice touch on the door pulls. Randy
  11. That is an great print Sir !!!!! Your skill creating files are awesome Pico. Randy
  12. Trevor, If you see this, did not receive that email. Please send again. And thank you for the comment Randy
  13. Hi Folks, Mike, Hopefully you noticed the reply to Ralph above:) Some progress.... Making up the engine suport/motor carrier parts. I'm using ScaleHardware nuts/bolts so that I can remove the engine if needed. Engine support is nickel stock... Trim with brass stock and Alibion n.s. tubing... thanks for looking in ! Randy
  14. A German modeler has posted his build up of a test shot of the new tool Etype Jag from Revell.... https://m.facebook.com/depe.biedl/albums/2726696407563007/?ref=bookmarks More pics and pics of the sprues are in the link above. Randy
  15. Thank you Brad, really miss seeing you guys! Glad you like it Les. Thank you Francis;) Ralph, Apologies for not answering earlier...that jig is here...https://www.amazon.com/Artistic-Wire-Deluxe-Jig-Kit/dp/B0018GI46M/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=wire+bender&qid=1602104668&sr=8-9 Randy
  16. Hi Folks, Thank you Greg ! Andy, Look forward to your pipes:) Tim, Appreciate the comments my friend !!! Folks, if you have not been to the drag section lately you have to go see Tim's carbs coming to life, simply amazing. Hello Francis, Glad you are following Sir, love to follow your progress in the drag section. Outstanding machine skills on display! Working on finishing the headers. Thought hard about plating them in nickel but in the end went with painting them. Im not quite done with blending in the heat staining/ lightly weathered look but this will give you an idea of where they are going... Thanks for looking in ! Randy
  17. Tim I have seen some pretty amazing stuff in all different scales but these carbs you are building are surpassing everything!!!!!! Can't wait to see them with the covers an clips and linkage and plumbing and.....gotta go stare some more.... Randy
  18. Just beautiful work on the carb Francis !!!!! Always a treat to see what you are up to:) Randy
  19. Andy.... Use these two thingies the most, jewelry section at Hobby lobby or Michaels
  20. Hi Folks, Glad you like it Jim:) Thank you Mike ! As always, thank you for following along Bruce. Andy... copper rod .062 slipped into brass collectors made from thin walled tubing(pic below) weld seams are a p.e. product from Top Studio, the weld marks seemed a bit out of scale so I let the solder fill them a little. I will scrape them after coloring to expose the top of the marks. The fuel lines are .007 ,the camera adds 10 lbs:) Messed up the photos on the last update, meant to show a ref. pic of headers.
  21. Hi Folks, Dave, Thank you ! Francis, Appreciate you following along:) It is JC ! Thank you Ray. Glad you like Jim. Thanks Dann!! Michel, thanks for commenting. In keeping with the "hot rod" theme, i am working on some headers that would look good with that awesome muffler.... Thanks for looking ! Randy
  22. To all those that replied , I thank you very much !!!!!!! This is a special update to me as it shows off a really cool part. After posting this thread I was contacted by a good friend of mine who just happens to be a true master of miniature machining who posts his 1/25th scale work in the Drag section. This gentleman pointed out that one of the pics of the 1/1 showed an aftermarket muffler that appeared to be made of titanium with some cool heat staining. He just happened to have some titanium stock on hand and he asked if I would like him to mill me one to use in this build. I, not being a complete fool, of course agreed to this most generous offer !!!!!! He asked only that I not mention his name here. After some back and forth concerning size and his purchasing tooling needed for this project I received a package from Pennsylvania. He even heat stained it using a small torch. That is all for now, Randy
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