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  1. Jim B added a post in a topic Mercedes Actros "Schenker" (Italeri 1:24)   

    Nice looking Mercedes.
  2. Jim B added a post in a topic Daf 2800 Ntt Heavy duty trailer (Italeri 1/24 + Revell 1/25)   

    I remember it, too.  Great looking combination, Pavel.  The weathering is very nicely done.
  3. Jim B added a post in a topic 1953 Mack W-71 Integral Sleeper (AITM Cab) & Canvas Top Trailer (Scratch Built)   

    Fantastic job on the old Mack.  It looks perfect.  What did you use for the tarp & tie-downs on the trailer?  It looks so realistic.
  4. Jim B added a post in a topic Space Shuttle Discovery   

    Thanks for the comments, guys.  Sorry to hear about your BIL's problem with his kit, Ray.
    Jonathan, those "flakes" are from glitter hairspray, not the kit.  There was no cutting, filing, or shaving of any of the parts.  I sprayed a black poster board with the hairspray to make it look "spacy".  Pick one up, they're pretty cool.
  5. Jim B added a post in a topic List of big rig truck engines in kits   

    Don Loomis used to make a turbine engine for the Astro, but I do not currently see it on his site: http://my.inbox.com/photos/escort500xl/index.aspx
  6. Jim B added a topic in All the Rest   

    Space Shuttle Discovery
    Several years ago I received the Metal Works Space Shuttle Discovery in my stocking for Christmas.  Well, I finally built it this afternoon.  It wasn't a particularly difficult kit to build, and it sort of looks like the orbiter; so I'm going with it.  
    For those of you who are not familiar with these kits, they are photo-etched stamped stainless steal.  Here are some photos of the completed kit:

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  7. Jim B added a post in a topic Studebaker US-6-U4   

    Great looking Studebaker, Sergey.  Very well done.
  8. Jim B added a post in a topic just wanted to know if any on make or sells them   

    As far as I know, no one makes hood hinges for this kit.  I have not built this kit yet, so I don't know how difficult it would be to scratch something up with brass tubing.
  9. Jim B added a post in a topic question   

    The closest model to a 379 is the Italeri 378.  Just needs to have a couple of minor hood adjustments, and the cab is correct for a 379.
  10. Jim B added a post in a topic What cool trucks (rigs or pick ups) have you seen lately?   

    Ok, so I don't know if this counts as I didn't take a picture of it.  Rules of the internet, you know.  Anyway, I was heading home from New Haven, CT; North on I-91 when I spotted a Freightliner Columbia in the Southbound lane.  Now, while spotting Freightliner Columbias & International ProStars on the highway isn't all that hard (they're everywhere); this one was a little unique.  The driver (I'm assuming that it was the driver) had removed the horizontal bars from the grill area, and replaced them with a Mercedes-Benz emblem.  Looked kind of cool, actually. 
  11. Jim B added a post in a topic Pete 379-119 day cab   

    Very nicely done.  Is this the new Italeri kit?
  12. Jim B added a post in a topic Peterbilt 379 and Timpte Super Hopper   

    Looks great, KJ.
  13. Jim B added a post in a topic KENWORTH W900   

    Well done.  I like it.
  14. Jim B added a post in a topic re; Tha passing of a friend and model builder   

    Very sad news, Gator. Thank you for posting, though. Muleskinner helped me with plans for some builds.