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  1. I agree with you. The wheels look like 10-hole Alcoa aluminum wheels. You could try Mo'luminum: Truck Wheels (3dcartstores.com)
  2. Could this be the beginning of dash decals for the heavy truck kits? Saw those on the Alaskan Hauler decal sheet.
  3. Nice looking Alpha Romeo. Very well done.
  4. Nice looking Nova. Well done.
  5. Yes, it's a little rough. No, haven't built it yet, but it's on the Build Plan! Just don't know when.
  6. Yes. I purchased their 1950 Chevrolet Panel Delivery several years ago. Service was pretty good if I remmeber correctly. Make of it what you will. No idea how to fix this. Civil Defense logos were not part of the kit.
  7. Great looking Mercury. Well done.
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