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  1. Great looking Tiger. Very well done.
  2. Looks like it'll be molded in white this time instead of the god-awful red like last time.
  3. Those are some nice looking door cranks.
  4. Isn't that similar to the sleeper on Snowman's GMC General in Smokey & the Bandit II:
  5. Nice looking dragger. Well done.
  6. Jim B

    Yenko Nova

    Great looking Nova. Well done.
  7. That's one big Mack. Nice job.
  8. I saw an article last week about the Army accepting the Mack Granite as the new M917A3 HDT. Here's an article from June 11, 2019: https://armyupdate.com/index.php/2019/06/11/army-mack-heavy-dump-trucks/
  9. Nice looking LN8000. Hey, Robbie had to get around some how, right?
  10. Nicely done, Mike. My WIP K100 had a run in with a cat & a mole. Cats: 2; Trucks: 0.
  11. Pierre, that's one of the reasons why people say it's a pain to build, the other is the typical AMT fit quality from that era. Here are some articles on correcting the AMT T600: https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm17_jan_1993_updat/ https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm18_mar_1993_updat/ https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm19_may_1993_updat/ https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm20_july_1993_upda/ https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm21_sept_1993_conv/ https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/model_magazine_articles/car_modeller/cm23_jan_1994_updat/ I have yet to try these as it's a daunting project, and I can barely build box-stock. So you know, Gary Wallace from GW Trucks offers the correct T600 front suspension, and a variety of engines that are appropriate for the T600 (Detroit Diesel Series60, Cummins N14, and a yellow engine).
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