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  1. That's one tough looking Camaro. Well done.
  2. Great looking T-bird. Well done.
  3. Great looking coupe. Well done.
  4. Fantastic job on your Porsche. Incredible detail.
  5. Great job on your Mach 5. Very well done. I remember watching that show when I was a little kid.
  6. Bandai. Interesting. Time will tell if it turns out to be economically feasible or not. It's still a good idea as many municipalities won't (can't) take model plastic in their recycle programs, so it just ends up in the landfill.
  7. Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I was at The Spare Time Shoppe in Marlborough, MA; and the proprietor & a customer were having an interesting conversation concerning the price of model kits. This went on for a few minutes, bringing up the usual suspects of increased model cost (supply chain issues, COVID, price of oil, war in Ukraine, Walmart/Hobby Lobby, etc.); but one thing caught my attention. The customer (who is an armor modeler) said that one model company was asking modelers to send back the sprues after they finished the kit so that they could be recycled into new kits. While it's a good idea, I've never heard of a model company asking for the empty sprues back. Anyone else ever heard of this?
  8. Beautiful car! Very well done.
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