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  1. You can try Medals of America: Military Dog Tags | Create Custom U.S. Marines, USAF, Navy, & Army Tags (medalsofamerica.com)
  2. This is good info. I have a Revell Split Window Corvette that is molded in the Dreaded Red. Might have to try this.
  3. Great looking Autocar. Very well done. It looks like nice addition to your fleet.
  4. Great looking old trailer. Very well done. It'll look great behind your K100.
  5. Very nice looking Mack AC, Keith. Very well done. Weathering looks just right. I built this kit a little while ago, and it's a really nice kit.
  6. Ok, thanks. He hauled cars in that?
  7. Looks like the kit sits a tad lower than your truck, Anthony.
  8. But is it really worth the $10 premium for the Rat Fink decals? Not for me, anyway. I agree with Larry that this is probably the wrong type of kit to "Rat Fink" as there are plenty of hot rods that apply.
  9. I actually have that kit, and I planned to use the Rookie Resin GMC V6 conversion for something a little different. So much for that idea.
  10. Because I'd still need to get the rear door on there some how. And to make it completely correct, I need an I-6 as well. I can probably source the rear seat from the 1957 Ford Custom 300. Rock Island Auction sold this car for $46,000 in 2019.
  11. I can see a Budd Wheel Parts Pack. It would be a good marketing idea.
  12. Yes, removing the trim from the Black Widow kit might be the simplest solution. The body will be destroyed, but the plan is to replace it anyway. Might just be the way to go. Does the Black Widow kit have the stock stuff, or is it strictly a race car? Either way, the race car is pretty cool.
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