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  1. Nice looking Caravan. I owned one of these as well. 2006 Grand Caravan, I think. And while I liked the van a lot, 5 complete brake jobs in 60000 was a little much. I guess Dodge & New York winters just don't get along.
  2. Just saw this video over on Yarnhub on YouTube, and I thought some people over here might enjoy it: It's a pretty incredible story, plus it's got a cool looking Camaro!
  3. Great looking F-Series, Graham. Very well done.
  4. I'm just thinking that Coca-Cola probably wouldn't have spring for the fancy wheels & the redline tires; but that's an easy fix. I think.
  5. This transaction is completed.
  6. Well, this is an interesting development. Wonder if it'll have Coca-Cola markings? Ok, just kidding! 😄
  7. Nice figures. I think it's kind of interesting that the guy in the blazer looks quite Japanese in one photo, and quite Caucasian in another photo. Different heads in the set? I like the scooter, too.
  8. I do like Coca-Cola, and I usually prefer it in bottles (glass or plastic, I'm not too picky). I'm not a big fan of those touch screen machines, and I've nicked named them "Fruit-Loop Machines" as I don't think anything tastes like it's supposed to as you get the flavor of what was dispensed before you. Oh, well. Nothing is perfect, I guess. I did go the the Coca-Cola store in Las Vegas the last time I was out there, and my family & I sampled some Coca-Cola products from around the world. Some of them were pretty good, others were like "how could anyone drink that!" Different strokes for different folks, I guess. As far as Coca-Cola marketing with AMT, the only Coca-Cola kit I have purchased is the AMT 1977 Ford Econoline Coca-Cola Van. Is it accurate? Probably not, but I liked it; and I am a Coke fan.
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