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  1. Just might consider the W9000. Already have the Blue Mule decals from JBot.
  2. That's a good reference pic, Mike. Those wheels shouldn't be too hard to find as they are in the 1925 Model T kits. Whoever has built the 1925 ad a rod should have the wood wheels as spare. I kind of like the varnished wood wheel look.
  3. No Tommy gun! How can they expect these guys to go bust up a Speak Easy! 🚔
  4. This might be worth while picking up. Should be interesting. Is there a Tommy gun in the kit?
  5. Looks nice. Did you change the stance at all, or is that how it comes out of the kit?
  6. That really looks great. Nice story to go along with the model, too.
  7. Coming along nicely, Tom. You're going to need to build a dirt bike stand now! 😄
  8. Great details. Your chassis & engine plumbing are top notch.
  9. Great looking GTO. Weathering is spot on. Very well done.
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