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  1. I have The General in the stash. I'd be happy with a period correct box car & some more track.
  2. Might just have to pick up the CHP Monaco & the Impala. That Ford Victoria is interesting, too.
  3. I think I actually owned one of these cars in high school. Mine wasn't a Monza though; it was a 1979 or 1080 (I think) Pontiac Sunbird hatchback.
  4. I wouldn't think so. The Dodge L700 is much smaller that the L1000, and has a gasoline engine. I would think that the AMT Chevrolet Titan or GMC Astro would make good doaner kits.
  5. This might help a little: http://www.olddodges.com/lseries.htm
  6. So, Bill, what are the chances that we might see the correct steal wheels & hubcaps for the AMT 1977 Ford Delivery Van? 😁
  7. Jim B


    I'm with you there!
  8. That really looks great. Very well done.
  9. Jim B

    1971 Duster

    That looks awesome, Tom. Very well done.
  10. Nice looking Chevelle. I tried to go to the Drag City Casting Website, but my virus protection blocked it.
  11. Nice looking trailer so far. What about the height? I've always heard that this kit was too short.
  12. Very nice looking Chevelle. Looks like someone went shopping by the boxes in the back seat.
  13. Nice looking Mustang.
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