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  1. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    That looks great, Paul.
  2. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Interesting, Steve. Very interesting.
  3. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Thank you all for all of the help. It's been very insightful. Hopefully I'll be able to clear up the bench of some projects & get this one started.
  4. New Photobucket style disaster?

    Time will tell, I guess.
  5. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Thank you for the information, Bill. I will have to take a look at that. Tim, I did look at Hobby-world.com for the Zero paint, but it didn't look like it came in spray cans, just bottles.
  6. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    John, Those Zero Paints look nice, but not having an airbrush does present a problem.
  7. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Unfortunately, I do not have an airbrush; so it's rattle can or nothing. Since it's a 2006 GT and not a 1966 GT40 I guess I can get close.
  8. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Thanks for the help, guys. I appreciate it. Yes, Steve, that's the look I'm going for.
  9. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    So I purchased the Polar Lights 2006 Ford GT on a whim today, and I would like to do it in the Gulf colors that are shown on the box. Why? Well, apparently I need more "painting stress" in my life. Anyway, the instructions say to paint the car "light blue". Is there a specific light blue to use, or will just about any light blue work? The kit is actually molded in Baby Blue plastic. Thanks for the help.
  10. Ford LNT 9000

    Looking really nice. Kind of a shame to hide that beautiful engine under the hood.
  11. TAT GMC crackerbox

    Jacobus, Thanks for the information on the trailer nose; but since I don't have FaceBook, I guess I'll have to find another source.
  12. TAT Mack B-61

    It might not be sophisticated, but it works!
  13. TAT GMC crackerbox

    Good information, Pat. What year is that brochure from, do you know?
  14. Clays daycab kw

    Nicely done. With that long frame & the step tanks, you could almost put a flat-deck drom on there.
  15. TAT GMC crackerbox

    Most Crackerboxes had either the Detroit Diesel 6-71 or the 6V71. Not sure about the 8V71, but I suppose it's possible on later models. Where did you get the 1950's style trailer nose, and what's that other cab in the background?